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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 2



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 2

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



I was left alone looking so devastated, I just sat down alone in the car, I can't drive the car like this

Who the hell is that girl??

Whoever she is, I must make sure she pay dearly for this

I quickly call my friend to come pick me up, he started asking me questions but I was not in the mood to answer him so I just tell him the location and hang up.


After some minutes of waiting for my friend, he finally showed up and he parked his car beside my car.

He emerged from the car and looked at my car carefully, I also came out

"Hey, what took you so long?? I yelled but he just kept looking at the front glass of my car.

"What really happened?? He asked looking surprised

"I will explain to you later, just let's get out of here before someone gets to know who I am " I said and went inside his car

Mina's POV

"What am I going to do now??" I said with a pout as I looked at my shattered phone, I tried hard not to cry but I can't hold it in any longer as I burst out crying

I recalled all the hot African boys picture I saved on the phone, I recalled all my crush digit I saved on my phone and I cried the more.

I will never ever forget that jerk, if I should see him again, I promise to rip his heart apart.

I decided to go to Eric house maybe he could be of help

When I got to his house, I knock the door but there was no response so I decided to press the door bell

"Coming "

I heard Wei voice, she opened the door and on sighting me, she rolled her eyes and shut the door.

What was that all about??

"Hey, open the door for me " I yelled and the door opened, I was about to knock her on her head thinking it was her but it turns out to be Eric.

"Gosh, your sister is so rude " I said and he chuckled

"Hi Mina, what brings you here?? He said while smiling

"Wait.. I thought she said you're going to Seoul.. Aish, she's a big liar " I said

"Maybe I am " he replied with a shrug and I shot him a glance

"C'mon stop lying, you promise never to leave so what're you trying to say?? I said with a pout

"Uhm.. Mina, this is quite strange " he said while checking me out and I was confused

"What?? I asked "what is strange??

"You're not with your phone?? did something happen?? He asked and I looked at him sadly

"I met a psycho some hours ago and he smashed my phone " I said and I could tell that he was surprised

"A psycho?? He asked and I nodded

"Eric, how about we take a stroll out " I said

"Okay "... "Wei, I will soon be back, I am going out with Mina " He yelled but Wei didn't even bother to answer


"I swear I will kill him next time I set my eyes on him " I said while clenching my fist making Eric laugh

"Err.. Mina, do you know CJ?? He asked me but I shook my head

"I don't know him but I heard in the group that he is a gay and I believe he is an artist " I replied

"Yes, I also want to be popular like him " He said and I shot him a glare

"Huh?? You want to be a gay?? I asked but he laugh out

"Nooo.. Hell noo Mina, I mean I wanna be a popular artist like him too " he replied and I let out a sigh

Eric dream is to become a singer, he do compose a lot of songs and his voice is really beautiful

"My first song will be dedicated to my first love " he said and I just rolled my eyes

"Ptchh.. So your first song will be dedicated to your first love?? That's unfair.. What about me your best friend?? I asked avoiding his face

"Fool.. you don't understand and you fail to even understand " he muttered and I looked at him

"What is it I don't understand?? I yelled " every time you will be telling me about your first love, you've never even mention her name, you always call her lots of beautiful names but you always end up calling me a fool and saying I don't understand " I said and hissed but he just kept smiling

"If only you know who she is then you won't be yelling at me " he said as he tuck his hand in his pocket

"I don't want to know who she is " I yelled and start walking faster

To be sincere, I was really jealous.. I have been his best friend since I was six and I hardly see him talking to any girl but the day he start talking about his first love, i was really angry

He always praise his first love but always insult me and now he is going to be dedicating his first song to her.

I looked back at him and shot him a glare

"To hell with your first love " I yelled

Author's POV

"So because you smashed her phone, she did that?? Min ho asked as he was driving and CJ nodded

"Gawd!! The girl is really really crazy.. I don't even want to talk about her " CJ replied

"Well,.. It's so good to see you.. Look at you, you look thinner than a rake handle, don't they feed you in seoul?? Min hosaid jokingly making CJ to chuckle

"I came here to get fattened up" CJ replied

"Well, if that's the case, this is the right place for you " Min ho said and they both started laughing "I know of a local restaurant, trust me.. The woman's food is one of the best in gwanju "

"No no.. You know I don't eat food like that and besides someone might know me and you should know I also have a lots of fans here " CJ said

"This place is a secret restaurant, she hardly have customers, trust me you're gonna like it " Min honsaid

No matter how hard CJ convinced him not to take him there, he only pay deaf ear and angled him a grin as he made a right hand turn.

After some minutes drive, they got to the restaurant, CJ emerged from the car and they both entered

Inside the restaurant, plastic wreaths decorated fake brick walls, plastic poinsettias in plastic bud vases, Min ho directed CJ to seat and he slid in the opposite side and unsnapped his jacket all in one motion.

A buxom woman with coal black hair came over and thumbed down two thick white saucerless mugs, then splashed them full of coffee "it's a cold one out there this morning " She said leaving the thermal pot "you're gonna need this " She smile broadly "uhm.. What will you like to order?? The woman asked

"Omelette .. Pls " Min ho asked and the woman looked at CJ

"Same " he said and the woman quickly left

"I told you this place is cool " Min ho said picking up his mug for a first drink "so.. Your dad is getting you marry?? " Min ho added

"Yes.. I don't know what to do, nobody believes me and I am looking for a way to prove to them all that I am not gay because it is really affecting me "

"Hey, do you think I also believe that you're not a gay... Like seriously, I hardly see you with a girl " Min ho said

"What!!! CJ exclaimed

"Well, if you want prove, then it is simple " Min ho said and the woman came as he served them their omelette, a delectable concoction filled with three kind of meats, two cheeses, potatoes, onions, green peppers, broccoli and cauliflower

"What prove??

"You just need to look for a girl to act like your bodyguard " Min ho said while looking at the omelette before him

"bodyguard?? that's insane"

"Yes it is insane but What is the job of a bodyguard?? Isn't it too stick next to his boss, if you employ a girl as your bodyguard and she always stick next to you every time, trust me people will take back the rumours " Min Ho said and CJ thought for a second

"Wow, that's a good idea, but it is quite impossible, I need to look for a girl that barely know me, I can't just pick a girl that know me too well"

"Then get yourself a foreign lady "

"You know I can't '

"Ghbmm" The woman cleared her throat and they both looked at her "I am sorry to interrupt but I have a girl which I can sell to you, she's quite illiterate and barely know any one in seoul"

"Wait, have you been eavesdropping?? Anyway I am not willing to buy any lady " CJ said shooking his head

"This is your chance CJ " Min ho said as he started eating "yummm... This is delicious "

"Also she is my daughter " She said and they both glance at her

"What?? You wanna sell your daughter, that is child trafficking "

"I just want to teach her a lesson, she is quite useless to me, all she could do is to eat and press her phone, she never work and she also drop out of school, she is just too lazy.. Pls just take her along with you " The woman pleaded just then someone barged in

"Mooom" Mina yelled "you won't believe what happen today, a stupid psycho smashed my phone and...... "She stopped when she sighted CJ

CJ was also shocked to see her

"You stupid psycho " Mina yelled

"You crazy imbecile " CJ yelled back

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