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Morenikeji-Episode 3



Morenikeji-Episode 3

Written By Amah's Heart

"... then I asked her what type she wanted, did you know her answer?

I chuckled before replying.

"A big and beautiful wedding, with a top notch decoration and breathtaking well designed cake, a long flora kinda wedding gown with veil and a beautiful line of bridesmaids... the list goes on…..???

He gulped down a shot and said.

"Wrong.... wrong... wrong. Your friend wanted something simple with few family members and friends. She said all this things you mentioned are extravagant, unnecessary spending. she said there's life after wedding and she doesn't want me pouring in money into our wedding just to please her when we still have a future. My wife to be said she understand what it feels like to be broke and poor and she doesn't want to ever go back there...

"Is she insane....?

I said with anger forming on my chest.

Chike looked at me surprised.

"....I mean, how can she chose something simple for a whole wedding. Doesn't she realize that wedding is a lifetime thing? Once in a lifetime... except she want to do it twice...

I quickly retract my words.

"...Well, God forbids it. But I expected Dammi to want more than what you just mentioned. Those are poverty mentality and she need to let go of such mindset that has clouded her...

I said more calmly as I also drank from my cup of wine that Chike specially ordered for me after asking me my brand.

"Is her choice Nik. I respect my woman and every choice she's makes. your friend is very loving and understanding too. One of the few qualities I admire in a woman. That's why I call her "Damiluv" she completes me and doesn't care if I have or I don't. She sometime uses her own money without waiting for me to do stuff that supposed to be my responsibility and when I want to pay her back she will refuse...

I was already sick and tired of the whole

"good girl" talk about Dammi. I wanted a change of topic.

Maybe he should also talk about me. He should at least admire my bag, my cloth, shoe and even makeup.

I didn't dress up in vain. I want showers of praises and many more too.

If Dammi was all what he said she was what is he doing here all by himself.

Could it be he is cheating on Dammi, his down to earth good wife to be?

Hehehehe...I will have a good long laugh if it happens to be true.

Who does he even think he is? Pestering my innocent ears with his "Damiluv"

I know no matter how good a lady is to a man, they will still find reason to cheat.

"So... what are you doing here Nik... alone?

He finally asked.

There is a way he calls me that makes me feel good within myself.

"Just came to chill out. I love this arena, it appeals to me and I enjoy chilling out in a place like this especially weekends. Or can't a lady take herself out? Chike, maybe you don't know me enough but the truth is that my happiness does not centre around men. I sometimes give myself a treat and buy gifts for myself. Anything that makes me happy...I do it. Is called self worth... or whatever you may want to call it. So... what are you also doing here... alone without Dammi? Don't tell me that you sneak out of the house to chill here and admire other fine ladies...?

He laughed out hard before saying.

"As matter of fact I'm not alone. My friends are over at one corner. When I sighted you I excused myself and came over. Since you are Dammi's friend it also makes you my friend. Dammi is not living with me. She will move in fully after we're married. She is over at her elder brother's place helping his wife with their new born. I called her before leaving and she was okay with it. If she wasn't I could have stayed back. That's by the way. will you like to meet my friends?

I don't want to sound enthusiastic even though all I wanted to do was to jump at the offer.

Maybe I will get to meet a well to do guy who won't stop admiring me and wanting to die for me.

Chike was boring me with his Dammi talk.


He paid for the drink before standing to his feet.

He was all gentle man like as he took my hands into his and led me over to a table where two guys and a lady were sitting.

"Hey guys... this is Nike. Dammi's friend.

I flashed them a catchy smile as I sat beside Chike and a lone guy.

One of the guys sitting very close to the lady was okay appearance wise but his attention was more on the lady than on me.

The lady was looking all natural except for the red lipstick and a neatly carved eyebrow.

Despite her simple look she was still beautiful.

The guy gentle caressed her shoulder in a very loving way.

I felt bad inwardly because I suppose to be the centre of attraction.

The second guy was all cool and quiet. He was drinking a fruity Chapman.

He was good looking but he seems distracted and wasn't giving me enough admiration like I expected.

How can he be taking a fruity drink in a place like this. Who does that?

He must be one of those friend that try to tag along. They want to feel belong and are mostly found in the means of the rich and famous.

They don't have anything to boast off except their rich friends.

He looks very ordinary and I don't want such kind of man admiring me before he will start begging me for a pocket money.

"Nike meet my friends. This is Kwame, he's a Ghanaian but he's fiance is a Nigerian from the North. Her name is Mariam. And this is Philip...we call him Phil.

After exchanging pleasantry, I settled in immediately.

I drank whatever they offer and ate whatever is on the table.

I'm not the shy type, I can't even remember the last time I was shy in front of a guy.

I'm easy going and a happy soul.

My brain was still intact as I try not to over do it or mess up myself because I see free drinks and small chops.

I started feeling tipsy, my head was swinging and my eyes were still at alert. My head felt heavy.

Chike raised a general topic, Kwame and his girlfriend were very interactive except for that odd guy that they call Phil.

He doesn't talk much

He smiles when necessary and refocused.

He will drop one or two line of sentences and go mute.

This type of man is a "joy killer".

I pity his girlfriend, if he even have one.

The evening was going on fine before Chike checked his phone and screamed in shock.

"7 missed calls. I don't know that my phone was ringing all this while. My woman have been calling. She must be worried sick. Guys I need to head home now... Nike how will you go? Do you care to join me or you want to take an Uber home..?

I gulped down the last drink in front of me and poured the remaining one into my cup.

I drank deeply before setting it down.

"I think you have had enough!

The voice wasn't Chike's voice. It was that weirdo that was trying to control what I do with my life.

"The last time I checked, is none of your damn business. Focus on your stupid fruit juice and leave me the hell alone...

I said all this without blinking.

My breath smells like alcohol.

Deep down I know I have had too much to drink already but I don't need him or anyone reminding me of what I already know.

"Nik... Nike... easy please. I don't think Phil meant any harm with his words. He is only looking out for you like a friend will do.

"He's not my friend and secondly I'm an adult Chike, I Know the level of liquor I can take and get intoxicated. I don't need him nor anyone to remind me about that. Beside, I'm not his problem. Since he feels comfortable with juicy drink why is he putting eyes in my alcohol? Is his sister or girlfriend if he even have one that he can order around not somebody like me...

I retorted in defence.

I thought the young man was going to feel humiliated and leave me alone but it seems I just reawaken him.

"Adult... wait a sec so you know that you an adult yet behaving like a child? Psssstty! give me a break with those long unintelligent lectures of yours. you are obviously embarrassing yourself...

I dropped the remaining drink I was having and focus on him.

Just when I was about to return back the insult Chike and his Ghana friend spoilt the show.

Chike gently pulled me away and I almost fell down at the process because my legs were shaking and couldn't stand still.

I have had too much to drink quiet alright but I don't want anybody telling me, most especially not Phil or whatever is his name.

As I staggered a little Chike caught me up. My makeup and lipstick cleaned in his white shirt.

He didn't really pay attention to the stains as he led me outside.

"Nike, you have had too much to drink. I can't possibly leave you like this. Dammi sent a message that I should come over to her brother's place and pick her. I thought I was going straight home, I could have drop you off Nik. Let me check on my guys if anyone is going your direction.

I quickly became humble but I can feel my eyes closing and opening.

I felt like lying down there and dozing off.

I don't even mind if anyone was staring or not.

I saw a very comfortable fine car beside Chike's own and relaxed on it's bonnet while waiting for Chike.

This is not how I planned my evening to go.

I was hoping if Chike drops me he may even find small money for me but all my plans are scattered.

Everything is ruined.

I relaxed back, my eyes were closing gradually.

I can see Chike arguing with his wide mouth, juice drinker of a friend. Phil was shaking his head and saying no to whatever Chike was asking of him before my eyes finally closed up.

Somebody tapped me gently.

I sat up and there he was.

"Miss adult, get off from my car before you damage something. Chike begged me to drop you off. He's off to pick his woman. As much as I hate this but I will do it for the sake of Chike. Come... let's go, is already late...so stop wasting time "Ms adult..."

What an insult to my personality.

I tried to act like a lady as I went into the car.

He didn't even bother to hold the car door for me.

At this point, even if the devil offered to drop me off I will accept.

I don't have much choice and this broke looking guy doesn't have anything to offer me.

Why did I even drank so much?

If not for the alcohol and the way I feel I will never have accepted any help from a church rat like Philip.

I wanted Chike or somebody as rich as Chike not this broke small boy.

He is even a common driver or Uber rider. Using another person's car to cruise.

I wish it was Chike.

All my whole packaging couldn't even attract a reasonable guy that will take me home. I ended up with a loser like Phil.

"A common driver, aah...Morenikeji, you have suffered"

I said to myself silently.

All hope is not lost. Let me keep my fingers crossed as I looked forward to a well to do man like Chike not somebody like Phil who is probably an errand boy trying to feel among and even claiming this fine expensive porch car as his.

I will relax back like a Queen and give him direction to my house, after all he's just a common driver.

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