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Morenikeji-Episode 4



Morenikeji-Episode 4

Written By Amah's Heart

I tried to keep awake as he drove on silently.

My eyes began closing again.

He said something but I didn't hear him and did not even want to.

He tapped me awake and I was angry.

"Listen to me young man, you are not up to the kind of men i move with. You aren't my type and can never ever be. Drop me off like you were asked to and be on your way to give back the car to the rightful owner. Rubbish...!

He smiled and said.

"I don't blame you, I blame Chike who begged me to drop you. Where is your house Ms adult...? Where do you live...?

I ignored him as I shot my eyes to sleep two second sleep.

He was saying something and even tapped my hand but angrily tried to slap off his hand but ended up slapping myself.

I shot my eyes again and only awaken when he pulled into a compound and hit me hard on my hand.

I looked around and realized that I was in a very strange place.

It wasn't my house. The whole drink cleared from my eyes as I began looking all around.

It was a big compound with a fine structure. Even in darkeness the building still sparks.

Did he brought me to a hotel?

He must be out of his mind to think I'm a cheap lady like his ten Naira girlfriends.

"Are you out of your mind...? Why did you bring me to a hotel? Listen to me... even if they dash you to me you are still not worthy to be my houseboy. Why didn't you take me to my place... I'm not getting down from this car...

He turned off the ignition and said.

"Then suit yourself madam. If you have opened your mouth and told me where you live, we won't be having this conversation. This is almost 12am. I'm not going anywhere again till morning. I asked you severally about where you live but you were drunkly asleep...I couldn't get any reasonable word from you. And for your information this isn't a hotel...is my family house. If you want to sleep in this car till morning...is fine by me. If you wish to come down I will take you to the guest quarters where you will stay till morning before you find your way or you can...

I interrupted him with a long laugh before saying.

"Who dash monkey banana... hahahaha. Wonders shall never end. Continue claiming what is not yours. First it was the car and now this fine house belong to your family...liar! Is your type that will perish in hell because of claiming what is not yours. You are nothing but a golddigger...I don't even know why Chike didn't drop me off by himself. I have been with many guys but I have never come across one that lies so much. You want to tag along with the likes of Chike so that you feel among...

I was still talking when somebody spoke from the tall building.

I looked up and with the help of the light I can see an elderly woman in a thick wrapped American pajamas.

Is probably Phil's madam.

"Philip... Philip, is that you? I heard when you drove in...

Phil stepped down from the car and walked closer to the building.

He lifted his head up and said.

"Is me Mum...I will be up in no time.

I shake my head pathetically when i heard him mention Mum.

How can he be addressing his madam as mum.

This boy tries so hard to feel belong.

Wait a second, what if is his sugar mummy?

This guy is indeed shameless.

The woman was saying something else, so I listened.

"I heard you talking...I almost thought you drove in with somebody. Your father is reading in his library. I have been up waiting for your return... There's vegetables chicken sauce on the dinning for you. is there someone in your car?

Philip was quiet for a second before replying.

"Mum, is nobody important. She will sleep in the guest room and will be gone by morning. I'm coming up right away...

"Oh is a lady right...? Ever since Amara left for her masters degree I haven't seen you with a woman. Your sister called earlier, she wanted to speak to you but you weren't available. She said she will call your personal number. Did she later called you?

Philip was moving back to the car while responding to the elderly woman.

"No mum, she didn't call but I will call her tomorrow. I'm coming up...we will talk more when I'm up...

The woman turned to go back inside but suddenly paused and said.

"Son, won't your friend be needing some food... maybe you should ask her if she will like to have something to eat...

"She's not my friend. Got to know her through a mutual friend.... she have had enough to drink and eat already. I don't think she will be needing more. Mum... enough of the questions...I said I'm coming upstairs...

The woman turned and walked back inside.

It just dawned on me that Philip is probably saying the truth.

Could it be that this fine car belongs to him and this is truly his family house and the elderly woman up there is his mother and not sugar mummy like I presumed?

"Please, get down let me show you where you will be passing the night.

Obediently, like a good child I came down and stood beside the car while still looking around and waiting for my next instruction.

He asked me to follow him and I quickly did without a word.

He took me to a well furnished quarters and showed me where I will be spending the night.

I nodded obediently with thanks.

Before he left, he turned and looked at me strangely.

He must have been confused over my sudden change of attitude.

After he left, I walked round the exquisite room.

If the visitors quarters is beautiful and well equipped like this how will the main house looks like.

This was far more than my two bedroom apartment.

I freshened up and lay on the bed, fantasizing over Philip.

It wasn't Chike anymore that was occupying my head but Philip

I finally slept off and was awaken the next morning with a knock.

"That must be Philip" I thought.

I quickly readjusted my cloth, pull up my cleavage, so that small breast could be seen. Used my hand to straighten my hair and pat my face gently before going to answer the door.

I know I messed up by overreacting to Philip, I'm willing and ready to make it up if he will give me a chance.

I'm obviously loving everything I'm seeing in this house.

Immediately I opened the door, I frowned and quickly covered up immediately.

It was a young lady with apron tired around her waist.

She brought something in a tray for me.

She was beautiful and her skin was dark golden.

"Good morning ma'am. My boss asked me to bring breakfast to you...

I wanted to ask who was her boss before she said.

"...He said he will be leaving by 9am. That you should be ready before then.

I switched to my "good girl" side and thanked the lady as I stepped away from the door to let her come inside and drop the tray.

I saw new tooth brush and paste in the bathroom and quickly brushed, freshened up before coming to devour the delicious breakfast.

I wanted to remain a little just for them to know that I'm equally classic and not taken by anything.

But as I opened the food, all my stomach opened up.

I was really hungry and ate up the whole food, drank the cup of tea which I made by myself with the beverage that was included in the breakfast tray.

It wasn't okay for me. I needed more food but since is only breakfast I can't possibly go and start requesting for more before they will tag me a glutton.

I got ready and waited and within few minutes there was another knock on the door.

I smiled, that must be Philip.

I will finally have the opportunity to apologise for my outburst yesterday and for belittling him.

As I answered the door, it was a man in white shirt and black trouser.

"Good morning ma'am, my name is Kachi, I'm the driver. My boss asked me to take you home. He also said I should ask you if giving you money to take a cab will be preferable for you. But if not then let's leave now please...

I stood there with a frown not knowing how to respond.

" What of your boss, can I please see him?

I asked politely while forcing a smile.

"I'm not quiet sure if he wants to see you which explains why he asked me to drop you off or offer you money.

I stood without moving, I don't really know what I was waiting for.

I heard the sound of car driving out of the gate.

"...That's my boss driving out with his parents. Today is Sunday... they're going to church...

The driver said. I almost asked where their Church was located but cautioned myself.

I nooded to the man before asking him to excuse me.

I retuned back inside and didn't know what to do next.

Does it means that I won't be able to see or speak to Philip again.

Does it mean I have missed this great opportunity with my bad mouth and ill attitude.

I remember him saying to his mother that I'm not his friend. I'm a nobody to him only helping a mutual friend which is Chike by agreeing to drop me.

I bit my lips as I thought of that.

Time was going and the driver was waiting for me outside.

An idea came to me.

I opened my small hand bag and took out my national ID card.

I throw it under the bed before walking to the door.

In doing so, I will have a reason to come back again and will probably see Philip.

I will just pretend that I lost my ID card and my guess is that it must have fallen in the guest room where I slept.

I hope and pray the whole plan works out for my good.

I could have asked for the money because I really needed it but they may see me as cheap.

I don't want to give Philip reasons to dislike me again.

Enough of the negatives aspect of me.

Is time to right my wrongs.

I later left with the driver as he went to drop me off.

I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask the friendly man but all I did was to stay quiet and continuesly blaming myself for misbehaving towards Philip.

I got home and thanked Kachi for his kindness.

He turned and drove off while I walked into my gate.

The following day, I planned going over to see Philip while pretending like I forgot my ID but Dammi called.

"Hello Keji, Can I come over to your place or do you mind coming down to mine...I need somebody to talk to.

Dammi said with a disturbing voice.

My heart started beating with the way she sound.

What could have been the problem?

I Hope Chike did not get involve in an accident

God forbids it!

or is Dammi pregnant? Which is a good news. She doesn't have to sound so worried but jubilate if it happen to be so.

I started persuading her to tell me what could be the problem before I start coming over.

"I think... Chike is seeing another woman. He's cheating on me Keji. The other day i called him severally upto seven or even eight times but he didn't answer my call and later when he came to pick me he had this strange perfume smell on him and the worst part is that I noticed that there was a lip stick stain on his cloth. I'm yet to confront him but he's acting like nothing happened. deep down I know something is fishing, my conscience can't be lying to me. Please, come over because I really don't know how to deal with this whole thing when our wedding is coming up next month...

I told her that I was coming right away despite I needed to go over to Philips house but Dammi needs a friend.

Her almighty Chike is cheating on her.

I'm so disappointed in him. With the way he was praising Dammi I thought he will be faithful to the core.

A lady's lipstick stain and perfume smell on him.

Whoever the lady is she will be very unfortunate if Dammi and I descend on her.

I know Dammi can be stringy and annoying but since I have forgiven her and turned a new leaf because of Philip I will help her save her relationship from the unfortunate woman.

The foolish lady that stained Chike with lipstick supposed to know that shoes has different size and Chike is not her size.

I got dressed and left to see my friend, Dammi.

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