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Writen by FunMi Layo

It was past 4 i was just hoping if i will be able to see Christiana. Luckily for me when i get to the tailor shop i saw her sister outside

Biodun: Lisa

Lisa: brother in law (i hugged him)

Biodun: how are u doing

Lisa: am fine u

Biodun: am good, where is your sister

Lisa: she is inside, she is talking to d woman i dont know what sha

Biodun: smiles are u done with your measurement

Lisa: yes am hungry sef

Biodun: let your sister come out i will take u to an eatery to eat

Lisa: awwn u're d best

Christiana: where is this girl for cry out loud Lisa Lisa Lisa

Lisa: kia sis am outside

Christiana: okay, shey i asked u to seat down inside why did u come out

Lisa: i was feeling heat that why, sis i have a surprise for u

Christy: a surprise

Lisa: yeah a surprise

Biodun: Ifemi

Christy: (looking so surprise) Sunshine what are u doing here

Biodun: enough with the question come give me a hug i miss u

Christy: smile (i hug him) but seriously u didnt tell me that u will actually come

Biodun: yeah i wanted telling u when we were talking but ur mom called u and u have to cut d call.... So i decide to make it a surprise visit

Christy: yeah it indeed a surprise visit but what about the errand u are to go for your dad

Biodun: have already done that before i got here

Christy: oh okay, oyana let me be on my way

Biodun: come on babe, mom knows that she is with u and u can take good care of her so she wont be worried, spend some time with me it been awhile

Christy: you know it getting late if we didn't get home now it will be hard to get a cab back home

Biodun: u and this ur excuses dont worry just 30 minutes of ur time and i will take u two home

Christy: how will u take us home

Biodun: don't worry about that just trust me

Lisa: i trust you let go am hungry

Biodun: funny girl, so madam your sister is hungry so it a yes from u

Christy: smiles okay where are we going precisely

Biodun: dont worry leave it to me, let go

Christy: okay

Biodun: hop in

Christy: who has this car

Biodun: it mine i just lunched this one

Christy: hmm Mr man tell me the truth

Biodun: young lady hmm okay u get me it one of my dad car he gave me

Christy: now u are talking

Biodun: silly girl, can u get in now

Christy: where is Lisa

Biodun: she is in the car already, so hop in madam i open the door for her and she got in and i drove off. We arrived at Jolly Jolly eatery and i asked them to make their order. Lisa what do u want to eat

Lisa: rice and chicken with hollandia

Biodun: is that all

Lisa: yes

Biodun: madam what about u

Christy: anything that u want to order

Biodun: really

Christy: yes really

Biodun: okay waitress please serve us rice and chicken with hollandia for three

Waitress: alright sir

We were done eating and i drove them back home

Lisa: thank you brother in law

Biodun: u are welcome dear

Lisa: i pecked him and ran inside

Christy: thank u

Biodun: thank u for what

Christy: for everything, i appreciate

Biodun: Ife stop thanking me thanked God okay, u are my happiness anything that i do for u i do it for us

Christy: i kissed him (my first kiss tho)

Biodun: i wanted returning the kiss but i didn't kiss her back

Christy: i stop, i know that u are surprise i kissed u yeah that my way of saying thank u

Biodun: smiles am sorry for not returning the kiss back

Christy: it not too late in returning it

Biodun: really? can i

Christy: you don't have to asked

Biodun: immediately my lips was on hers, i have been waiting patiently to have a taste of her lips and finally my luck shine today. Her lips was sweet and soft i kiss her as if my life depend on it lol. After 2mins of kissing her she released herself from me, smile at me and run inside. I smile and stare at her till i see no traces of her and i drove off

Christy: i entered i greeted my mom and run straight to my room smiling, did i actually had my first kiss with him i cant believe this well he is my boyfriend it feel good

Desmond: what feel good

Christy: Bro.... Nothing i feel good

Desmond: really are u sure

Christy: yes i am

Desmond: alright lend me your phone i need to researched something for my project in school my phone is off

Christy: what about ur system

Desmond: is off, the charger got burnt so mummy will sort that one out. Are u giving me your phone or not

Christy: hmm i will, cant i asked question again

Desmond: whatever just give me the phone please

Christy: take don't waste my battery oh

Desmond: what if i waste it, what will u do?

Christy: Bro stop o please don't use all of my battery

Desmond: i wont madam and i left her side and went to my room

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