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Writen by FunMi Layo

It was on Friday evening, my phone suddenly rang it was Biodun:

Biodun: Ifemi (my love)

Christiana: good evening

Biodun: how are u doing Ife

Christy: am fine u

Biodun: am also fine, where are u

Christy: am at home

Biodun: are ur parent at home

Christy: yes they are, do u want to see me

Biodun: yes i wanted seeing u but ur parent are around i dont wanna cause any problem for u we would see some other time

Christy: are u gonna be around by 4

Biodun: not really, i want to run errand for my dad why do u ask

Christy: never mind okay, just go to where ur dad sent u

Biodun: just tell me y u asked, u know that i dont like it when u say NVM just tell me y u asked if am free by 4

Christy: i asked because i wanted escorting my sister to d tailor for her measurement so that u will be able to see me but u said u wont be around no problem maybe next time

Biodun: oh now i understand i ......

Christy mom: Christiana

Christy: Ma..... Please we would talk later my mom is calling me take care

Biodun: bye i love u

Christy: bye (phone cut) i drop my phone and went straight to my mom room. My mom own a shopping mall she was unable to go today because she is unwell

Mom: Christiana

Christy: mom am here

Mom: what have u been doing that took u so long to answer me

Christy: sorry mom i was in my room, how is ur health hope u are feeling okay now

Mom: am quite better, where is Desmond and Lisa

Christy: Desmond went out while Lisa she is sleeping

Mom: is Desmond ur mate that u are calling him by his name

Christy: mom is not here now, u know that respect is reciprocal

Mom: oh is me u are saying that to right

Christy: no mom

Mom: u know what just go and make tea for me with some toast bread am hungry and i need to take my drugs

Christy: okay mom i will be right back

Biodun's POV

It was 3pm i had to rush to where my dad sent me so that i will be able to met up with Christy at d tailor shop.

Dad: Biodun i want u to go to Mr Abel place and collect a briefcase for me make sure u handle d briefcase with care i will give u my car so that u will not be careless with d case

Biodun: okay sir, which of ur car are u giving me

Dad: the BMW and make sure u drive safe i dont want any scratch on d car the way u ruin ur sport car with over speed

Biodun: okay sir...... i was happy that my dad allow me to use his car i will be able to met up with Christy. I drive straight to Mr Abel house i was hoping to met him at home and not to see his annoying daughter Catherine she is always a pest in d neck she always try her best to seduce me whenever she saw me i dont know maybe it by force to date her. I reached d house i horn the gateman open d door and i drove in.

Gman: Biodun good evening

Biodun: evening how are u doing

Gman: am fine, wetin bring u come our side today

Biodun: is my dad o he sent me to ur boss is he around

Gman: oh oga no dey fa, but e no go tey come

Biodun: OMG please since when did he left the house

Gman: a hour ago, he say he won go barb no worry he no go tey come back

Biodun: okay na, who is at home

Catherine:Bobby who just drove in

Biodun: what d heck, why did she have to be around

Gman: na colonel pikin

Catherine: oh Biodun why are u standing outside come in

Biodun: no dont bother am okay here am waiting for ur dad and by the way am in a hurry i need to go somewhere urgent

Catherine: u are always in a hurry to go somewhere whenever i see u, tell me something am i not good enough for u or what am i lacking that u cant date me

Biodun: i cant date u because i have no plan of dating u so please stop being a pest in d neck

Catherine: how am i been a pest in d neck, date me please our parent will give consent my dad and ur dad are blossom friends they is nothing my dad says to ur father that he will not accept so y are u behaving like a nuisance

Biodun: i beg ur pardon, y am i even talking to u sef it of no use and henceforth when u see me dont ever talk to a nuisance like me okay

Catherine: am sorry i didnt mean to call u a nuisance

(car horn)

Biodun: thanked God he is back

Catherine: Biodun am talking to u are u not going to answer me

Biodun: mtcheew..... Good evening sir

Mr Abel: evening biodun, how are u doing

Biodun: am fine and u sir

Mr Abel: am okay how is ur dad

Biodun: he is fine he is d one that sent me here

Mr Abel: oh yeah he told me u will be the one to come collect d briefcase

Catherine: daddy welcome

Mr Abel: my princess why are u outside and y did u not invite Biodun in

Catherine: i did, he insisted on staying outside saying he is in a hurry

Mr Abel: oh is that true Biodun

Biodun: yes sir

Mr Abel: let us go in am damn tired

Biodun: okay sir and we all went in

Mr Abel: princess please go to my room u will see a briefcase bring it for me

Catherine: okay dad

Mr Abel: so how is studies

Biodun: fine sir we are coping

Mr Abel: very soon u will be a graduate

Biodun: yes sir, next year by God grace

Mr Abel: dat good, this question has always be in my mind to ask u hope u dont mind if i ask u

Biodun: no p sir u can ask

Mr Abel: why did u have to convert ur religion to christian when ur dad is a Muslim dont u like d religion or d Muslim name given to u SULEIMAN.

Biodun: (i sigh) sir it a long story, it not that Muslim is not a good religion it is but i choose to be a christian because that the path i choose and my late mom was a christian.

Mr Abel: hope ur dad is not angry with u about ur decision

Biodun: he is but he will calm down soon

Mr Abel: alright dear hope he calm down real soon

Catherine: dad is it this one i saw two briefcase in ur cupboard

Mr Abel: bring it let me take a look at it

Catherine: dad what will u eat let me prepare it for u

Mr Abel: take Biodun it d briefcase handle it with care, princess make me rice

Biodun: okay sir (it was 4:10) i will like to take my leave now

Catherine: are u not going to eat before u go

Biodun: maybe next time i need to go do something urgently

Mr Abel: are u sure it something urgent or u want to go see ur girlfriend

Biodun: smiles i will be on my way now sir

Mr Abel: bye drive safe

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