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The Black Angels-Chapter 21



The Black Angels-Chapter 21

Theme: In Love With a Demi god

By Faith Lucky


       Olivia's Pov:
"Javan?" I heard him Call in surprise.

My eyes were almost popping out of it's sockets.

"What're you doing here?" He asked again and Javan stepped out.

I was under the bed sheet and couldn't move because I was n*ked.

My eyes ran into Javan's as he stared at me, then back at Mishael. And tried walking away.

"I asked a question!" Mishael said and held him back by the wrist.

Oh my God!

"It's none of your business, Mishael" he growled.

Immediately, Mishael landed a punch on his face, making him stutter backwards.

"No!" I shrieked in fright.

Javan tried to retaliate by punching him back and I screamed and held my cheek as I felt the effect of the punch.

"You animal!" Mishael rasped and kicked him and he groaned, falling on his knees.

"I should've known, you never meant anything good to this family" he snarled and kicked Javan in the face.

"No!" I winced.

Suddenly, Javan brought out a knife from his pocket and threw it towards me.


It landed straight on my tummy and pierced into my skin.

Oh my God!!

I gasped in shock and fright as blood started oozing out. My eyes dilated in surprise.

Mishael became still as the cut also showed up on his tummy with blood rushing out.

Javan! What is he doing?

He stood on his feet and rushed towards me, bringing out the knife and stabbing me again.

"No!" I cried out.

Mishael tried to move, but fell on his knees, his hand over the wounded part.

My eyes were red and sore already as I felt excruciating pains.

Immediately,Javan Carried me up in his arms and ran out of the room with me.

"I'm sorry, Olivia" he said as he kept running out of the house with me.
My vision was becoming blur already.

"You'll be fine, I promise".

And immediately, I passed out.

   Queen Nessa's Pov:
I walked broodily to the dungeon, my long dark gown sweeping the floor.

"Open the gate" I told the guards as I drew closer and they bowed and opened the gate to the dungeon where the prisoner was chained. 

She flinched the moment she saw me and sprang on her feet.

I walked into the dungeon quietly and stood at a distance where I was sure she wouldn't be able to touch me.

"What do you want from me?" She asked huskily.

"I want to set you free, Mirabella" I replied her.
"I want you to give you your freedom".

She scoffed and looked at the guards behind me, then back at me.

"Why? You had me and my mother locked up for years and all of a sudden, you want to set me free?". She asked with disbelief.

"Yes, it is possible. Although, there's a price to pay." I paused and drew closer.

"I want you to carry out a task for me. And if you're able to accomplish it, I'll set you and your mother free and make you live the life you used to live before" I told her and her eyes beam.

She looked at me in bewilderment.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked and I exhaled.

"I want you to go to earth and find my daughter within two days".

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