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The Black Angels-Chapter 20


The Black Angels-Chapter 20

Theme: In Love With a Demi god

By Faith Lucky

      Olivia's Pov:
The footsteps became clear and Javan ran and hid in the bathroom.

The door opened almost immediately and Mishael walked in. Oh my God! So, he really was the one?

My heart skipped as he closed the door and stood to face me.

Gosh! I used to be so bold before. But, after everything that's happened between both of us, I suddenly became scared of him. He made me scared of him.
"H-hi" I stuttered, a little crack in my voice.

He started walking towards me, looking restless.

He gripped me immediately and kissed me.


I opened my eyes wide in shock as his lips welcomed mine.
What's he doing?

He sent his hand to the arm of my shirt and pulled it down.
Oh, God!

"I need you,Olivia" he broke the kiss and said.

He looked down at my legs, then back to my face.
I was so stunned by the kiss. Was that how desperate he was?

He pulled down the arm of my shirt and pushed me to the bed.

He climbed on top of me afterward. His breath was so hard and rough. Is the urge really that strong?

He reached for my zipper and pulled it down, taking my trouser off immediately. Then, he tore the remaining part of my shirt.

I tried pushing him away, but couldn't.

I shut my eyes and let out a silent cry as he hurriedly took off his clothes.

Oh God! I just hope Javan remains hidden in the bathroom. I can't believe he's going to watch this.

He took off his clothes completely and came in between my legs and I tried not to make a sound.

I felt him tease my clit with his d*ck before pushing it in finally.

"Urgh!" I groaned softly and tightened my grip around him.
Oh goodness!
It was hurting like hell.

He placed his hands on the bed for support as he thrusted deeper into me.

"Oh God! Wait..." I whimpered with my eyes tightly shut, tears threatening to drop.

He made a light groan as his big size finally adjusted into me. Then, he started moving in and out, making me scream out my lungs. I wanted him to stop; I wish I could make him stop.
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But...oh, God! What have I done to deserve this?

The movement became smoother as he was completely inside of me.

"Oh.. Please,

I bemoaned under my breath.

He held my hair and continued moving as fast as the urge moved hjm to.
And my screams filled the room.

     Queen Nessa's Pov:
I sat in front of the king, feeling so nervous.

"You still haven't answered my question, Nessa" he said, giving me a cold stare.

"Where the hell is Marcia? Where's my daughter?"

"My king" I called in an endearing tone.

"I've told you already, right? Marcia is fine; she just left to spend some days with..."

"And for how long will that be?" He cut me off.

"Its been almost a week already and there's been no word from her yet. Do you really expect me to stay comfortable?"

"Fine; I will..."

"Send for her immediately" he cut me off again.
"I want her back by tomorrow!"

I batted my lashes and looked down at the floor.

"Y...Yes,my king" I stuttered, having a rumbling feeling in my tummy.

Oh, saviors! Where the hell could Marcia be? Why hasn't she returned? How do I get to her to return by tomorrow?
       Olivia's Pov:
He finally pulled out of me and I exhaled deeply, trying catch my breath.

Tears came streaming down my cheeks. It was crazily painful.

He left me on the bed and took his trouser from the floor, putting it on.

"I'm sorry" he turned to me and said and took his shirt from the floor.

I stared at him pathetically. Was he really apologizing?

He started towards the door but suddenly paused and turned around again. I sniffed and tried wiping off my tears.
Why did he stop?

Suddenly, he started walking towards the bathroom.

Oh my God!!
What's he doing??

"Mi...Mishael?" I called, abacked.

"There's someone here" he said with scrutiny and opened the door of the bathroom.

This is not good.

I felt my heart beating like a party drum 

"Javan?" I heard him call in surprise.


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