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The Black Angels-Chapter 19


The Black Angels-Chapter 19

Theme: In Love With a Demi god

By Faith Lucky

       Gera's Pov:
I scoffed and looked at him.

"What?" I asked with a crinkly.

"You heard me,Gera. I need to go look for Mishael's mum" he repeated.

"Phin" I paused and looked around, then back at him.

"Are you serious about this? I mean, Mishael has warned us to stay clear of his mother. You know how crazy he acts. He loathes that woman and doesn't want to have anything to do with her. He might just kill her the moment he sets his eyes on her" I enthused, making sure my voice was low enough.

"I know Phin, but it isn't like we have any other option. That's the only way to break the bond. Or, are you willing to let your brother stay bonded to a mere human for life?" 

I scoffed again and bent my head. F**k!

For a moment, I was silent.

"Fine!" I said.
"So, how do you intend doing it? We don't even know what corner of the world she is. We don't even know if she's alive or not".

"Yeah, but we just have to try. I can use my tracking powers to locate her".

"Your tracking powers?" I asked, confused.
"But, I thought it works with someone you've seen and smelt?"

"Yeah. And since I've never seen Mishael's mum, I'll need some other sort of connection".
He paused and clicked his tongue.

"I'll need Mishael's blood" he said.

"What??" I flinched.
"What the heck are you talking about??"

"She's his mother, Gera! And they're related. Her blood flows through his veins. If I can have a little drop of his blood in a bottle or something, I can use it to trace her. I'll try" he replied.

"This is crazy. How on earth do we get Mishael's blood?? How do you intend we do it??"

"I don't know, Gera. But that's the only option right now. We need a little drop of his blood."

I scoffed and looked away.

"Mishael will never agree to give us his blood- at least, not until he knows what we need it for".

He remained silent, obviously running out of words.

"We'll look for a way" he suddenly said, placing his hand on my mine 

I shook my head and stood up.

"I think I need someone to cool me off" I said huskily.

"Same here", he also said and stood up with me .

We left the table and even before we could get to the stage, all the ladies came hovering around us.

"Hey handsome" they called as the spread their hands all over our chest.

"My brother and I needs four ladies" I said and pointed at the four who looked qualified to me.

"The rest, back of" I rasped and left with Phin and the four ladies who were giggling.

We got into an empty room with just one bed and the ladies probably couldn't wait for my brother and I to be seated.

I sat on one end while Phin sat on the other end, creating a distance.
He smiled at me.

Two ladies knelt in front of me, while two in front of him and immediately, they set to work.
They zipped down my trouser and teased my c**k before bringing it out.

"Oh my! He's so big" they giggled to themselves, making me huff.

The first lady fixed it into her mouth immediately, while the second played with my balls.

I groaned as she started moving it in and out of her mouth, like an expert that she was - a real slut.

She placed her both hands on my thighs and continued sucking it, giving me the outmost pleasure I needed.

Perhaps, this was what I really need - something to clear the negative thoughts off my mind.

I mean, how do we get out of this mess? Mishael can't stay bonded to that lady for life. And the only way to break the bond is for him to have contact with his mother. And the only way to find his mother is to get a drop of his blood -which is almost going to be impossible. So, how the hell do we do it?

The lady had already made me reach my climax and I cum in her mouth immediately, having this feeling of paradise.

I pulled the d*ck outta her mouth when I was done and she chuckled and shared the spe*m in her mouth with the second lady.

Bitches indeed.

I stood up and pulled the second lady roughly by the hair, pushing her to the bed.

Its time to get down to business.
     Mishael's Pov:
I stood, facing the window, having so much thoughts - most of which tore me apart. 

I hate the fact that I'm bonded to a weak human. And it's crazy to know that bitch that gave birth to me is the only way to break it.

I boiled as I recalled everything she did - how she left me to suffer - left me to die.

She never loved me. Not even for once. She dumped me without looking back. 

She must think I'm dead. And to me, she's dead as well..

I just hope I don't ever get to set my eyes on her; cause if I do, our saviors knows I'll kill her.

I took in a deep breath, trying to swallow down the anger. Just thinking about it makes me mad.

Maybe I needed something else. The urge was driving me insane.

I needed Olivia.

I left the window and set out to her room.
      Olivia's Pov:
I was sitting quietly on the bed when the door opened and Javan walked in.

I stood up immediately.

"Hey", he called, sounding like he was whispering.

I puzzled over it - why he was in my room, looking so strange.


"Listen to me, Olivia" he cut me off, holding my hands.

"I don't have much time. But I'm here to give you one last option. Come with me; let's leave this place together".

I furrowed my brows at him. Is he really bringing up this same issue?

I scoffed and looked down at his hand holding mine.

"Javan..." I called helplessly, running out of words.

"Come on Olivia. We don't have much time. Come on".

Immediately, we heard some approaching footsteps.
Someone was coming.

Javan's eyes gleamed as well.

Oh my God!

What if its Mishael???

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