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The Black Angels-Chapter 15



The Black Angels-Chapter 15

Theme: In Love With a Demi god
Rated 18+

By Faith Lucky



      Olivia's Pov:
I stood on the stairs, abacked at the strange behavior Mishael had displayed. It was shocking and left me speechless.

Why was he so angry at the mention of his mum? Who was she? And...how come she's here on earth?

I couldn't believe his anger shattered the window glasses.


But...if he doesn't want to see his mother, then how will the bond be broken? My own mother is dead.
And he's so mad at his. 

How then will the bond be broken? I wouldn't want to stay this way for the rest of my life - bonded to someone like him.

I turned around and returned to my room since none of the boys said any other thing.

I sat on the bed, feeling so tired and bored.

After a long while, the door opened and Javan walked in, holding a polythene bag.

I adjusted on the bed, surprised at seeing there.

He didn't say anything as he walked towards me and stretched out the bag to me.

"Here;you can make use of this for the meantime. We've ordered for more clothes already" he said and I quietly collected the bag from him.

"Thanks" I muttered.

He sighed and sat next to me on the bed.

"Mishael was intimate with you last night, huh?" He asked and I bit my lips.


What kind of a question is that?

I nodded bashfully and he didn't say any other thing
"Will the bond be broken?" I finally sought for what to say.

He took in a deep breath.

"Well...perhaps. There's no guarantee, tho. I mean, the only way was for one of you to have contact with your mother. But, since your own mother is dead, I don't know" he shrugged.

"But...what about Mishael's mother?" I asked after a brief pause.
"I heard you guys saying something like..."

"Mishael's mum isn't an option" he cut in with a scoff.

"The thing is, we aren't even sure if she's still alive or not. And even if she is, we have no idea where to find her."

"But, why does Mishael strongly think she's dead?" I asked curiously.

"Mishael grew up to hate his mother. And that's because she left him to grow up without her.

"Mishael's a demi god. His father was one of the most powerful angels in Krypton, but he met and fell in love with a human - long story.

"He brought her to Krypton so she could stay with him and during their time together, she got pregnant and gave birth to Mishael.

"Unfortunately, Mishael's father got killed in a conspiracy leaving his 8 years old son with his powerless mother. And that was when it all started. Mishael's mother ran away and dumped him, leaving him all alone in Krypton and running off to earth.

"Mishael had cried and pleaded with her to take him along if she couldn't stay behind with him, but she refused and dumped him, leaving him to grow up in sufferings and agony.

"He was intimated and rejected by all and that's part of the reason he grew up to be dark - hearted. Nobody showed love to him and so, he doesn't know how to show love to anyone either. 

"The only friend he had back then was Gera.

"Gera had a story similar to his - his parents were dead and he had to grow up alone. He met Mishael who was just like him and they grew up together - protecting and fending for each other. They grew up to be not just best friends, but brothers. And that's the reason you see them being so close today".

Oh! I thought.
Now I understand what Gera had meant by "he's my brother; we grew up together" 

"So, that's it" he continued.
"He's not heard from her since then and totally has no idea if she's alive or not. But even if she is, with how much he hates her, I don't think he'd even want to set his eyes on her".

I flickered my lids and took my gaze to the floor.

Wow! That was so...pathetic.

But, how can a mother do that to her son? Her only child? How could she dump him and leave him alone to suffer? That was so heartless.

No wonder he loathes her so much.

"Olivia" he suddenly called and placed his hand on mine.


"There's no way to break the bond. Its almost impossible."
He paused and adjusted to face me properly.

"Come with me...let's elope together".

      Marcia's Pov:
I walked along the empty street, feeling so broken and dejected. Tears were streaming down my eyes.

Javan's words replayed in my head:
*There is no us, Marcia*

*I think you need to go home the same way you came*.

How can he say that to me? I took all these risk for him; lie to my mother just so I could be with him. How can he betray me?

I became weak and found a place to sit on the floor. I couldn't move my legs anymore. 

I rested my head on the fence where I sat and continued weeping. I never thought Javan could break my heart this way. I never thought he could betray me like this. He told me he loved me; swore with his life. How could he do this to me?

I shut my eyes and wept for a long time.

Suddenly, I heard someone's voice.

"Hey miss, are you alright?"

I slowly opened my bleary eyes and found a young pretty woman in front of me, holding a basket of clothes.

My vision was blur as I was becoming weak, but I could tell she was very pretty. 

"Hey, what happened to you?" She asked again and drew closer.

Who's she?

I tried saying something, but couldn't. And I passed out.

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