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The Black Angels-Chapter 14


The Black Angels-Chapter 14

Theme: In Love With a Demi god
Rated 18+

By Faith Lucky


      Olivia's Pov:
The sun rays glinting on the window reflected on my face and forced my eyes open.

I fluttered my heavy lids and finally opened them. It was so bright.

I tossed on the bed and discovered I was the only one in the room. Well, of course.

Mishael had left as soon as he was done with me. I wasn't important to him. All he needed was my body.

I sat up with a sniff, holding the duvet to my chest. I felt so much pains down there -in between my legs. That guy was obviously too hard on me. I just hope he doesn't come back for more.

But the deal...I agreed to give in to him whenever he wants.
The door opened and someone walked in - a young pretty lady who was holding a small tray.

On the tray was a jar, a tea cup and some covered plates.

"Good morning, ma'am." She greeted with a bow.

"I was asked to bring you breakfast" she added and left the room after keeping the tray on the bed in front of me.

I couldn't even say a word to her as I watched her leave.

I looked at the tray and salivated. I've been starving since the previous day. 

Without wasting much time, I drew it closer to myself and uncovered the plates.


They were loaves of bread in one, the other scrambled egg and the other some grapes.

The big jar obviously contained tea.

I shook my head and started devouring them immediately. Was this a dream or what? I couldn't remember the last time I had half of this.

I munched on the bread and eggs, then gulped down large quantity of tea.

Gosh! This was so good!

I licked my hands as I ate with relishment. So, they care about me to give such good foods to me?

Well, I guess I had to enjoy it while I still had the chance.
       Javan's Pov:
We all sat in the sitting room as they awaited me to read from the book. They were all curiously waiting.

"Come on, Javan. Spill it out. What does the book say? What's the only way to break the bond?" Gera asked anxiously.

I took in a deep breath and opened the book, flipping through the pages until I got to the right one.

"Well," I started, reading from the book.
"Like I earlier said, there's only one way to break the bond. 

"One of the people involved will need to have contact with the mother".

I paused and looked into their faces to observe the angst on it.
Then, I focused my eyes on Mishael.

"Either you or Olivia needs to hold your mother. As soon as you do that, the bond will be broken." I said 
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"What?" Phin grumbled.

"Then...I guess we need to ask Olivia about her mother" Gera suggested.

"My mother is dead" we heard someone say and turned to see her climbing down the stairs.
She couldn't even walk properly.

What's she doing here?

Her shirt was torn.

"Your mother's dead?" Gera repeated.

Mishael was just quiet the entire time.

"Yes. She...died few years ago" she replied somberly.

"Um...I just came to ask if I could get some new clothes" she added with a shrug.

"Hold on" Phin suddenly said and turned to Mishael.

"Mishael, your mother...Don't you think we should look for her? What if there's a possibility she's still..."

"I don't have a mother" Mishael spoke for the first time.

Of course, I was expecting that.

His countenance suddenly changed and he stood up immediately and headed for the door.

"Come on, Mishael" Phin persisted.

"You know she's human and she might be here on ea..."

"Didn't you hear what I said? I don't have a mother!!!" He snapped back at us with a roar; his eyes flashing with anger.

The windows came crashing immediately.
Broken glasses shattered the floor.


Everywhere became stunned silent as his anger occupied the room.

"My mother is dead to me" he added belligerently and walked out of the room.

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