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The Black Angels-Chapter 10



The Black Angels-Chapter 10

Theme: In Love With a Demi god
Rated 18+

By Faith Lucky


        Olivia's Pov:
"No! Please, stop it!!" I cried as the pains hit at me with a full force. 
The knife was still piercing through my skin.

"Mishael, hey that's enough" Gera told him and he came towards me.
I was crying like a baby.

His arm was bleeding at the same spot as mine, but he didn't seem to flinch or look affected by the pains.

"None of us wanted this to happen" he said coldly as he stood very close to me where I stood pinned to the wall.

"You think you're stubborn? Well, guess what? I hate stubborn ladies. Now, trust me, you wouldn't wanna get on my bad side. So, you're gonna do everything I say and want you to do. Am I understood?"

I just whimpered and didn't say a word.

He held the knife and turned it in my skin.

"Arghhh" I yelped in pains, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Is that...understood?" He asked again and I nodded tearfully.

Then, he pulled out the knife and I almost fell on my knees.

I winced in pains and held my arm, still weeping.

Then, he left the room.

Two of the boys left as well and it was just the one that had knocked me down that stayed behind.

I whimpered as he came to where I was.

He took me to the bed to sit and dropped to a crouch in front of me, holding the arm.

"Sorry about that", he sighed and said as he covered his palm on it.

"That's always been Mishael's ugly attitude. He hates being argued with. So, I'd suggest you do everything he says - for the meantime".

I stared at him. What does he mean for the meantime?

He covered his palm on the fresh cut for a while and it made me wonder what he was doing.

He finally uncovered it and..Oh my God! It was completely healed up.
Everything gone!

The pains, the blood, the cut - everything! I couldn't feel a thing anymore.

Oh my God!
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I looked at it, then at him in bewilderment.

"T...Thank you" I said feebly and he stood up without a smile.

"You should get some rest." He said coldly and left the room.

I remained sitting on the bed, feeling so pained.
What have I gotten myself into? 

All these started when this guy had knocked me down and brought me here for treatment. If only I didn't wonder around.

I bent my head and sniffed.

After a while, the door opened again and he walked in.
Oh my God! That same guy!!

I gasped and sprang on my feet immediately.

What's he doing here? Why did he return?

I moved back as he came towards me. I suddenly became scared of him. I didn't want him to repeat what he did to me. It was so painful.

He stopped walking when I also  stopped moving.

He was so handsome yet, had the darkest looks.

"I've been horny since the day you woke me up. And my brothers and I think you're the only one that can satisfy my lust." He spoke calmly, getting me confused.

What is he talking about? What lust?

"Take off your clothes" he said.


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