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The Black Angels-Chapter 9



The Black Angels-Chapter 9

Theme: In Love With a Demi god
Rated 18+

By Faith Lucky


       Olivia's Pov:
I struggled to stand on my feet. I mean, I couldn't remain on the floor while all these was going on.

What is he talking about? Why re they here?

"Who're you?" Christiana asked.

"You really have the nerves to ask me such question, huh?" The most handsome one said and stretched out his hand towards her and she started screaming immediately.

"Arghhhhh" she screamed at the top of her voice and fell on her knees.

"Mum!!!" Andrea cried and ran to her.

"No! Please, stop it. What're you doing?" She cried.

My lips dropped open as I watched in shock and bewilderment.

Suddenly, Andrea was taken back in a full force, just as if a wind had taken over.

She screamed as she flew and fell hard on the floor and collapsed.

I was already hyperventilating. What's going on? What're they doing?

"Please, stop it!" Christiana cried on the floor, her hands over her head.
Blood was coming out of her eyes.

Oh my God!!

"I should kill you" the handsome one said and twisted his neck.

Then, he brought down his hand and Christiana stopped screaming. But her eyes were closed with blood oozing from it 

What has he done?

"I can't see" she whimpered.

"I...I can't see. Andrea? Olivia? I can't see".

I watched fearfully as she moved her hands around the air.
What in the name of heavens?

"Come with us" one of the boys said and I felt my heart leap.

"Don't waste your time talking, Gera" the handsome one said and looked at me.

He snapped his fingers and immediately, I fell on the floor and passed out.
My vision was blur at first.

I was staring at something white and flat and after a while, I discovered it was a ceiling.

I blinked slowly and tried to fix the puzzle in my head.

"I can't see. I can't see!" Christiana's voice resounded in my head.

"She's awake"I heard another voice say and quickly turned to see the four boys sitting on a long couch in front of me.

That was when it deemed on me I was in a room and was lying on a bed.


I gasped and sat up immediately.

"Finally, she decided to wake up" someone else said 

The most handsome one was staring coldly at me. The one who had knocked me down was there as well.

"Who're you? Why did you bring me here?" I asked, trying not to quiver.

"You don't have to panic. If we wanted to kill you, you'd be dead by now" the one beside the handsome one said.
I think his name is Gera.

I still remained sitting on the bed.

"You told me you'd never pester me again once I woke him up" I said, looking at him.

"Well, now you're the one being a problem to us" the most handsome one said.


I stood up from the bed immediately.

"What're you talking about? If I can remember correctly, you were the ones who came to me. So, how am I being a problem?" I demanded.

"Sit" the most handsome one said and I scoffed.

"As a matter of fact, I'm about leaving if you don't tell me what's going on".

"I said...sit" he said again, looking directly into my eyes.

The room became tensed.

"And I said no" I said stubbornly and noticed he flinched.

He stood up as well.

"The compulsion spell didn't work on her" he furrowed his brows and said.
And what's he talking about?

"Why?" One of the boys asked.

"Probably because of the bond" the one who had knocked me down said.
That was the first time I was hearing him speak.

Hold on, did I just hear a bond?

The handsome boy returned to his seat.

"Olivia" Gera called, calmly.
"When you kissed my brother and woke him up,  you became bonded to him. Whatever happens to either of you, happens to the other. When you were stabbed this morning, it affected him as well and that's the reason we traced you to your house"

For a while, I was speechless, finding the whole thing abstruse. It sounded like a joke to me.

I scoffed and placed my hands on my waist.

"You...you're joking, right?" I asked.

"Well, I don't see anyone laughing" one of the boys replied.

I batted my lashes.

"I...I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not bonded to anyone. You can't do this to me". 

"We didn't do it to you. It just happened".

"So what? So, what's gonna happen now? If I die, he dies? And if he dies, I die?"

"What happens to him is not the problem. The problem here is what happens to you. You're a threat to him and we'll have to keep you here with us for the meantime  until we're able to break the bond" Gera replied and I scoffed.

"Is that some sort of joke or something?" I asked with a crumpled look, but none of them replied.

"I'm not spending another hour. I don't even know any of you and I don't believe what you're telling me. I'm not staying here". I said and started towards the door.

"And where do you think you're going?" I heard one ask.

"I'm leaving. I don't belong here" I replied huskily.

"Get back here" the handsome one said.

"You Can't tell me what to do" I replied as I got to the door and wrapped my hand around the hinges. 

Immediately, I felt a shape knife pierce into my arm and I screamed and leaned on the wall.

"Argggh" I cried in pains and held my arm with blood dripping from it.

The handsome boy was on his feet, his hand stretched towards me.
He was controlling the knife and was bleeding as well.

"Simply because I can't tell you what to do doesn't mean you won't do what I say" he said angrily, his eyes glinting.


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