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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode10



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode10
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed


I watched as he entered into his car and left angrily. Not again ! Why was he here? 

" What did you tell him captain?" I asked Cory and he shrugged.

I don't understand what he meant by my boyfriend. Cory isn't my brother and he didn't even wait to hear my explanations. That's the only problem he has .

He judge too quickly.

" The moment I saw him, I knew he was the Rex you told me about and I decided to play a mind game with him " 

" I told him I was your boyfriend sis, you needed to have seen the look on his face. He was so jealous, if looks could kill, I'd be dead with the glares his was sending my ways " he said chuckling. 


" God! Why did you say that Cory?" 

" I wanted to see his reactions and I think he still love you " he replied and I blinked unbelievably. What makes him think so? 

" What are you saying? Look what you've caused, I'm sure he's mad at me again " 

This brother of mine has a retentive memory. He's never seen Rex before except on pictures and he identified him so quickly.

" I like it that I made him mad at least I know he still has feelings for you and guess what sis " 

" What?" 

" I think I like him with his jealous attitude" he said and left 

Is this guy crazy? How can he say Rex still loves me? Is that possible?  

And now he's messed up everything again. Cory needs to reset his brain seriously. 

How do I face Rex tomorrow? What is he thinking of me? That I am the whore he predicted?  Goodness! 

What baffles me most is what he was doing here. Did he came to see me ?or query me on not coming to office even while I was sick on Friday? 

Many thoughts ran through my mind as I brushed it off entering into the house...

Seriously tired of this whole thing....


" I'm being serious here and you are laughing your ass out" I said to Adam with a glare

" Serious about what exactly? You saw her boyfriend in the house? Are you kidding me?" 

" Of course not, the guy told me himself and I heard her calling him captain " I said elongating the last part 

" You are jealous Rex , admit it " 

Am I really jealous? 

" Did you confirm it from her? " He asked and I shook my head..

" That's where you are wrong " 

" I wouldn't agree to this Adam, that guy can't possibly lie to me. For what?" 

" It's okay! I will confirm it myself " he said while I stared at him.

When has he become close with Roxanne? 



I just can't believe Roxanne can just move on like that. 

What do I expect? For her to stay single forever ? 

But she could have waited for me a little. 

Meaning I can't have her anymore? Of course she's someone else's.

" Are you okay son?" Dad called staring at me

" Yes, I'm fine Dad " 

" You don't look fine to me , is something bothering you? You seemed confused " he said.

I don't know but Dad always knows my mood.  He reads me like an open book .

" N...no Dad everything is fine " 

" If you say so. How's the business going?" 

" Well, it's going fine and I enjoy working alot " 

"I'm glad you are doing well and how about your brother? When last did you spoke with him?" 

Hmm! Marcus! Since the incident 7years ago, we aren't in good terms and we don't normally speak with each other even when he tried to, I shunned him .

" Uhhmm, it's been a while " 

" Why Rex? He's your brother remember? Even if you have issues with him, it shouldn't stop you from talking to him. He told me he called you but didn't pick up why?" .

" Oh! He did?" 

" Yes " 

" I didn't see the Missed calls Dad " 

" Anyways, you should call to hear from him regularly." 

" Okay Dad, where's mum?" I said diverting the topic

" In the kitchen " 

" See you later Dad " ....


I nervously knocked on his door as I heard a faint come in.

" Good morning Mr Kings " I greeted.

He took a quick glance at me then back to his work.... 

He's really mad at me today. I hope he won't give me any punishment for being a minute late 

" Your coffee sir" 

I dropped it and without any word, I left for the door bit stopped when a thought niggled at me ..

" Uhh Mr Kings " I called nervously. I just hope this shouldn't rise his anger

" Uhmm, about yesterday ....." 

" What about it? That I saw you with your boyfriend or what? Did you want me to clap for you ? " He snapped angrily while I sighed .

" Sir..." This is problem, he won't listen

" Get out of my office Miss Williams and don't bother me with your boyfriend " 

" Excuse me Mr Kings, he's not my boyfriend " I snapped back 

" What?" 

" Yes! That was my brother, he was just messing with you and you couldn't even wait to listen to me. That's just the problem with you, you judge too quickly " I said and left his office angrily leaving him confused and embarrassed

I'm very glad he didn't call me all sorts of names today 




It's true I jump into conclusions without listening to her.

Now I'm the one being embarrassed. 

But why did her brother have to do that? He's caused this shit gosh! 

I seriously need to work on myself.

Maybe I should look for another opportunity again, I can't go back to Adam. He will give me the insults of my life seriously .

I'm such a fool. 


" Hey baby girl " Liam said coming with Bella. Oh that lady. 

I totally forgot about her ..

" Hello pretty" she beamed and kissed my cheeks .

Liam shook his head at her behaviour while I stood frozen on the same spot.

Is she abnormal? 

" Evening " 

" How are you Roxy" 

" Can't you see she's fine Liam? What's the question?" Bella interrupted.

" Can you keep shut for a while Bella? You are such a pain in the ass " he groaned as I watched the drama.

Who's she to him? 

" Don't mind this silly lady here baby girl" 

" I'm not silly " she fired and Liam pushed her away...

" That's my sister, she behaves so childish when she likes you " he explained and my mouth formed an ' o '

" It's nothing " 

" Anyways where are you heading to? Home I guess " 

" Yeah " 

" We can drop you off if you don't mind " 

" O...." 

" You don't have to worry Liam, we are going to my house to do some girl's cruising" Julia interrupted.

Cruising? We didn't plan on that but I'm cool with it though. 

She's my only female friend and we haven't catched up lately.

" Oh! It's okay then see you tomorrow " he said 

" Alright pretty bye " Bella yelled and I chuckled. She's really a character

" Shall we?" Julia said

" We shall" 


" You didn't tell me about this Julia " I said as she ignited her engine. 

" Yeah, I wanted to surprise you and guess what?" She grimaced

" What?" 

" It's a surprise, I won't tell you " she replied and I sighed.

" Tell me please " I pleaded

" No girlfriend, till we reach our destination " she replied and focussed on the road .

After a long drive, we still haven't reached where she leaves. 

Maybe it's miles away from the office.

" Is it still far?" I asked

" Nope, we are almost there" she replied. There's something that changed in her voice. It sounds cold and her eyes were blazing..

She took another route. What? 

" We're are we going Julia? This isn't the way to your house " I asked fearfully.

She stopped the car and faced me. I was becoming afraid.

Her expression was unreadable. She doesn't look like the Julia I know.

My body tensed up as she brought a substance close to me. What is she doing?

" W.......What are you doing?"  

" Roxanne darling, I'm sorry I am going to betray you. I'm just doing my job and this is the surprise " she said and blew the substance on my face.

I Couldn't say or do anything. It was becoming blurry. I struggled to stay awake but my eyes were betraying me. Julia? 

My eyes began closing and slowly, I passed out...

So it's Julia.

I never suspected her😞.

What is going to happen to our Roxanne now? 

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