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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode11



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode11
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed


I woke up seeing myself tied up. I tried  loosen the chain on body but couldn't.

Julia? How can she do this to me? I trusted her.

Why did she bring me here so? This place looks so unkept.

" You are awake " a voice said from behind.

No doubt it's Julia's 

" What's happening Julia, why did you bring me here and tie me up ?" I asked faintly. 

My body is sure bruised. I feel so tired. 

" Hey girlfriend " 

" I beg of you Julia please let me go, if I have done something wrong to you. Forgive me please " I pleaded with tears threatening to fall .

" I wish I could but I can't Roxanne, I am just doing my job and you are a victim " 

" A victim? " 

" Yes, I was sent to kill you " she said as my jaw dropped. What? Sent to kill me? Who did I offend? Who wants me dead? 

" And y..you are not going to do that are you?" 

" I'm sorry Roxanne, the payment I was given is worth some thousands. Many times bigger than my salary for a year " she said.

Does that mean she's going to kill me because of the money? 

" W..who sent you? " 

" That's not important Roxanne " 

She brought out a gun coming closer to me. 

I became frightened, I am going to die this way without accomplishing Cory and Zoey's dream? 

I can't just believe Julia can kill me, I was living with my enemy as a friend all this while? 

" P..please don't kill me, I promise I will pay you 2times your money just please don't kill me " I pleaded while she began laughing

" Pay me you say? With which money? You must be kidding me Roxanne " she chuckled

" Can you afford a five hundred thousand?" 

I shook my head at her question. I can't have that amount of money even in two years .

" I.. I will pay you definitely please Julia, I know you can't kill me " 

" Suit yourself Roxanne, I will be back by evening " 

She said leaving the room making sure the door was locked.

I just couldn't stop thinking about who wants me dead.

What did I do to him/her? 

Why did they want me dead? 

My mind drifted to Cory and Zoey. How are they doing? They will be worried about my where about.

How long have I been here? 

           Liam's POV  

" What did you mean? She hasn't been home since yesterday?" I asked Cory who looks so worried while Zoey held him tight crying her eyes out.

She didn't show up in the office and I decided to branch and know why.

" No Liam, she hasn't. She sometimes comes back from the office late so we thought she will come back at night but she didn't. Her number isn't connecting" he said ruffling his hair.

Where could she be? Oh Julia! Didn't she drop her off? 

" You should calm down okay? I will find out where she is. I'm sure she's safe, don't panic " I said convincingly

" I hope so, I don't want to loose her " 

" You won't Cory, be strong and take care of Zoey and little Amigo stop crying okay? Your sister is fine " 

I said and she nodded. It's not time for troubles.

I left into my car immediately and headed to Julia's house. It's not that far from here. But she was at the office today. 

This little time I have spent with Roxanne was simply the best. She's a friend everyone will wish to have. She's cool and perfect! 

A very good adviser too 


Gosh! She isn't home! Does it mean she has a hand in Roxanne's sudden disappearance? What do I do? 

I need to do something.

I hope Roxy is safe.


" Chill man she's fine, when did you become this caring?"  Adam said laughing. This isn't funny at all but he makes joke out of everything.

" She wasn't at the office today and she didn't call to tell me she won't come. Roxanne is the type that will inform someone ahead but she didn't, can't you see something is wrong?" I said worriedly. 

I seriously haven't felt this way in a long time now. I feel she's not safe, I don't know 

" Something might come up and she will forget " 

" I don't buy that " I replied shaking my head 

Something seems off,my heart is beating very fast .

" Okay, let's go check up on her if that will ease your mind " 

" Yeah that's a perfect idea " 

" Man you are whipped, you are in love " he said laughing while I glared at him.


We waited for the door to get opened and  in a short while, her brother who almost made me ran mad due to jealousy opened the door. 

He looks so pale and dull with eye bags under his eye. Has he been crying? It's just now I can clearly see his resemblance with Roxanne, then, I was blinded by uneven anger .

" Cory right?" Adam asked while he nodded. He knows him ? 

" Come in " he said faintly paving a way for us. 

Their apartment isn't that bad! 

" Mr Kings " Liam called, what's he doing here? He was seated with a younger Roxanne, she looks so much like her just that she's younger. Maybe her sister.

" Good evening " 

" Yeah evening " I greeted back while sitting beside Adam. I don't want to think he have anything with Roxanne, maybe just friends. I guess 

My eyes ran around looking for her but she was nowhere.. where's she? 

" We actually came to ask after Roxanne, where's she?" I asked .

Everywhere became silent, no one answered expect the girl who was sniffing. 

This isn't going to end well, what's happening? Where's she? 

" Where's she? Why isn't anyone talking?" I asked anxiously. 

" She's fine right?" I asked again. Nothing should happen to her, not now that I can't fight my feelings for her. Not now that I'm ready to ask for her forgiveness and put everything that happened before behind us.

" She's been kidnapped" Liam said.

The word rang loudly in my ear. Kidnapped? How? By who? Why? 

I fell on the floor immediately, that can't be. 

" What did you mean she's been kidnapped? How?" I questioned no one in particular

" We don't know either " Cory replied.

My Roxanne? Kidnapped? 

My world is shattering. Roxanne doesn't have a problem with anyone so why? 

I knew something was wrong, I could feel it. What do I do? I need to find my Foxy. I need to tell her how much I miss us, I need to tell her I love her. I need to tell her I'm sorry. 

" I think we should inform the cops " Adam suggested.

Will they be of help? How's she doing? Is she fine? Has she eaten? Did they touch her? God! 

If I get to know who's behind her kidnap, I will kill him with my bare hands. I don't mind going to jail for murder.

" I don't think that's the best idea for now but, there is a bracelet I gifted her "  our eyes snapped at Liam the moment he said that..

" It has a tracking system on it, we can track her location " ........


My body hurts so much. No one to help! 

Julia is going to kill me, I wish I had knew, I wouldn't have followed her but I thought she was my friend.

She pointed the gun at me without saying anything. Tears welled up my eyes. I'm never going to see my siblings again. Who will take care of them when I get killed here? 

" Is there anything you wish to say ?" She asked. She isn't remorseful. Her face was expressionless.

Has she been killing people like this? 

" Can I at least speak with my siblings please, this is my last wish " 

" Your wish cannot be granted Roxanne" she replied. I wish I was let loosed,I could have escaped through the opened window. I guess she didn't notice it...

" Julia please" 

" I'm sorry Roxanne, if you don't have anything else to say then goodbye " 

She pulled the trigger and I shot my eyes closed. God please take care of Cory and Zoey.

She released the bullet, I heard a gun shot but..... I didn't die, the bullet wasn't shot at me.

My eyes snapped opened and the sight I was seeing was unbelievable. 

How did he come here? He took the bullet meant for me and now lying in the pool of his blood


Who took the bullet now

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