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The Black Angels-Chapter 2



The Black Angels-Chapter 2

Theme: In Love With a Demi god
Rated 18+

By Faith Lucky


       Javan's Pov:
I walked into the dazzling room and met both of them there already - Gera and Phin - and a strange lady as well.

They were all standing in front of the transparent coffin.

I joined them and also looked into the coffin. He was still sleeping peacefully.

"Is she the one?" I asked, pointing to the strange lady in the room.

"Yeah. We just wanna give her a try" Gera replied and opened the coffin.
Then, he turned to the lady.

"You know what to do. Go ahead and kiss him" he said and she nodded.

She bent over the coffin and brought her lips close to his. 

And slowly, she kissed him.

We all stood in suspense and waited for the result.

Everything was still normal.

"Come on, Mishael. Please!" Gera groaned and tapped the head of the coffin.

There was still no difference in his body. His face was still cold and his eyes closed.

Immediately, the lady started coughing uncontrollably.

She coughed hard as blood started rushing out of her mouth and nostrils.

Oh, yeah! And now it has been confirmed.
The kiss didn't work.

"Damn it!" Gera yelled and kicked the wall.

The lady was already on the floor, coughing with blood all over.

Well, there was no need to help her because she wasn't going to survive it. She'll be dead in a few seconds.

I turned around and left me room, walking out of the house.

I got to the garage and entered into one of my cars.

I needed to be away from here.
I actually forgot I left a bitch in the room.

I turned on my ignition and drove out of the gate and as I set out on the road, I took in a deep breath.

Thank goodness the kiss didn't work. 
I had been so twitchy.

Just Incase you're wondering, let me do a little introduction.

I am Javan. And Gera and Phin were my close friends. We were more like brothers.

The guy in the coffin is Mishael - the most powerful among the four of us.

We lived in a different planet from here - a place called Krypton. 
Over there, we were called the Black Angels - because we were special.

We were happy and perfect, but not until our own people betrayed.

They said we were too powerful and dangerous. And as a result, they plotted to kill us.

But luckily, we found out in time and decided to run away - far away to another planet - and we chose earth.

But, during the course of leaving, we were attacked and unfortunately, Mishael was hit by the powerful queen.

We still managed to escape with him, but the Queen's powers already had effect on him as he went into a deep sleep - more like a half death.

We made research and discovered only the kiss of one lady could wake him up. But the problem was - we had no idea who the lady was.
Chat Gaby@zero eight one six zero four four two eight seven two for more stories
But she had to be a v*rgin.

We put him in an expensive coffin In a pretty room and day in day out, Gera is always busy, trying to look for that perfect lady.

Well, Gera's closer to him because they're actually brothers - grew up together. So, he's been doing everything in his power to bring his brother back to life.

But if you ask me, I'd say it's best if Mishael remains dead. Or rather, sleeping.

He's too dangerous - too powerful.
He's the main reason we're into all these mess.

He's the most handsome among us, the most powerful. And the most dark - hearted..to me.

His mere anger kills people. He has the power of compulsion - when he speaks, people bows to his will.

He does whatever he wants and makes sure things always goes his way.

He's a demi god - son of an immortal father and mortal mother. And it baffles me how he got to be so powerful.

He's just too dangerous and I want him to remain dead.

I pray they never get to find that lady.
I was so lost in thoughts and didn't realize a young lady running across the road.

I screeched to a halt immediately and she screamed fell on the floor.

Damn it!

I hit her!

I opened the door and hurried out of the car.
She was lying right there - unconscious.

What the hell? How did I run over her? Why was she running in the first place?

She was so pretty, but looked dirty and haggard.
Her face and clothes were wet.
What happened to her?

I carried her up immediately and took her into the car.
I needed to take her home. I'll heal over there. 

I laid her in the backseat and returned to the driver's seat, taking off immediately.


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