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The Black Angels-Chapter 1



The Black Angels-Chapter 1

Theme: In Love With a Demi god
Rated 18+

By Faith Lucky

       Olivia's Pov:
I found myself sitting on a big soft bed with a tray of big spicy chicken in front of me and a big bottle of wine beside the tray.

Oh my God! Is this for real?

I grabbed the chicken immediately and started devouring it. I gulped down the wine as well. I felt like a queen.

Oh, my!
I'm living large!!!

I munched on the full chicken and cracked the bones. It was so tasty - so good. How did this happen?

Suddenly, I felt water pour on me. 

Yes, I mean, someone poured water on me - my hair and face became wet.


I started hearing distant voices and I jerked my eyes open immediately.

Now, I found myself in a different place - that same old ugly house, sitting in front of a big basin of clothes.

Oh, goodness! I was dreaming!

So, the chicken, wine and big bed were not real?

"Have you finally gone mad?" Christiana asked as she stood in front of me with an empty bucket.

She was my ugly step mother and was definitely the one who had poured water on me, waking me up from my sweet dream.

"I gave you these clothes to wash five hours ago, and here you are, sleeping!" She rasped.

"It's not five hours. When did you wake up?" I mumbled as I resumed washing.

"Oh, really? You're asking me that? Do you want me to remind you of the specific time?" 

"I'm washing already, right? There's no need to keep nagging".

"You spoilt brat!" She hit my head and walked away.

I exhaled deeply and leaned my back against the wall.

Gosh! I was so tired. 

Well, this is me for you.

I'm Olivia Blake - 21 years old. Pretty young, right?

My mother is dead. And my father not being able to control his joy stick, brought a witch home and called her his wife.

Life has been like a living hell to me. 

She derives joy in bullying me with her daughter - a child she got for another man before getting married to dad.

I wonder why dad can be so foolish to actually accept another man's child.

Sometimes, I wish there was a way I could just run away from here.

Not long after, the baby witch came - Andrea. Christina's daughter.

She was holding a pile of clothes.

"Hey, why are you so slow?" She asked with a grimace as she got to where I was.

She dropped the clothes on the floor.

"Anyway, I need to wash these as well. Be fast,okay? Stop acting like a snail" she said gruffly and turned around to leave.

"Have you gone nuts? I'm not touching those clothes" I blurted and she turned around to look at me.

"What did you just say?" She scoffed.

"I'm pretty sure I was clear enough. Or, you haven't gone deaf, have you?" I retorted.

Immediately, she slapped me.


"How dare you talk back at me?" She snarled.

I stood up immediately and gripped her by the hair.

"Hey!" She yelled but I ignored it and forced her face down into the basin of soaked clothes.

I made sure her entire face was wet in it.

"Let me go!" She muffled.

Then, I pulled her out and slapped her before pushing her to the floor.

Christiania came rushing out immediately.

'Oh my God! What's going on here?" She gasped as she ran to help Andrea from the floor.

"Mother!" She cried.

I ran away at once, knowing I'll be dead if Christiania sets her eyes on me.

"Olivia! Come back here!!" She screamed my name but I didn't turn Back to look at any of them as I ran far away from the house.
    Javan's Pov 
I moaned in ecstasy as the bitch took my full c*ck into her mouth.

"Yeah...come on" I moaned as she s*cked it like an expert, making it go in and out into her mouth.

Her tongue touching my skin provided me with the pleasure I need.

She got hold of my balls and played with them as she continued taking my d*ck into her mouth.

She was really a bitch.

I felt my cum building up and in one swift groan, I released everything into her mouth before pulling out my d*ck.

She giggled as she played with the cum on her lips and I forced her to swallow it down and she did.

Now, its time for the real fun to begin.

Suddenly, the door opened abruptly and I turned to see Phin.

What the f**k? 

"Come on, man. It's time. She's here" he said and walked out.

Damn! Does it really have to be now?

"Awwn. Do you really have to go? Time for what?" The whore bemoaned and touched my thighs.

I zipped up and stood on my feet.

"I'll be back" I told her and left the room.

As I walked along the quiet passage, I thought angrily. 

Please, don't tell me they've found a way to wake Mishael up.


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