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Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode20


Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode20

Theme: He Raped Me

Written by Simrah Saeed


" You can't run away from me forever cupcake " his voice kept ringing in my ears till he was closer to me..
I couldn't move nor try to run away.

I held my stomach protectively, he should do anything but not to have sex with me or hurt my baby ..

Had I know, I could have told Ethan about him. Mario is bent on destroying me.

" Mario please, what did you want?" I asked mentally shaking and praying silently for anyone to just interrupt is but it seems the guards and maids have been locked up. None of them is at sight ..

" Stop asking stupid questions Olivia. I have always wanted to have a taste of you " he said and shrugged like it's nothing ..

" B.. but I'm now your friend's would be wife, can't you let me be? If not for anything, just for my condition and the friendship you shared with Ethan in the past " I said convincingly
He was coming closer that I have to shift back till I was trapped between the wall...

If this guy her touches me, I will die. I can't bear the pain and he might hurt my baby

" You know it's good to be good, Ethan was a very good friend of mine back there in the University. Then, I took him as a friend turned brother. He was my back bone and he won't hesitate to attend to my financial needs "

" He loves me as a brother and gave me everything I wanted. Since he's from a rich family, it was easy for him to get enough money for both of us. He even do pay my fee sometimes just to make sure I stop being a gangster and stealing from people. "

" People refer to him as a snub but not me, he's a angry dude and in that self lies a good heart. That heart changed me, he never abandoned me even when those I called friends left and I'm glad I'm now successful "

He said and took a deep breathe, argh! All over my body. My back hurts and my legs are weak ..

I don't know why he's telling me all this and I can't believe Ethan that I know can change a man. Not anyone but Mario the nutorous leader of a deadly gangster..

" Knowing you are now his pisses me off. I want to see you scream my name in pain for having the guts to hit me, what if I had died ?" He asked and I snorted

" What if you had succeeded in raping me? " I fired back

" Raping and murder case, which lasts in jail?" He asked
I don't even know. How did he expects me to know that?

" Is there a problem ma'am "
Ah! A savior! One of the guards said standing protectively beside me . I think he's Jack, Ethan's personal guard ....

" Not at all "

" Why are you here?" Mario chipped in angrily.. I'm very grateful he came ..

" I'm sorry sir, Mr Ethan asked me to be with ma'am Olivia "
Aww! Ethan! He remembered I was scared, how loving ..

" Really? You can go and come back later as you can see, we are having a discussion "

" I can't sir, Mr Ethan asked me not to leave her for a second. I love my job here  can't disobey my boss " he replied firmly and I gave him a satisfactory smile..

" Thank you Jack " I said eyeing already pissed Mario.... But I thought he said he won't hurt me anymore so why pissed?

" Ma'am Olivia, Mr Ethan asked me to make sure you have a nap before he's back "

" Yeah, I'm going in already " I said and started making my way inside my room as Mario just stared at me and shrugged..
Is this Jack serious? Is he following me inside too...

I turned and gave him a confused look with my hand on my door knob

" Just go in ma'am, I will be by the door. That's what I was asked to do "
I nodded and closed the door ....
Ethan is such a darling. ..


" Untie her "  I instructed John and he did so..
Anna is still here, yeah that's just two days though. It's a minor..
She looks so unkept with eye bags. Her hair was messy and her dress turned brown. She looks slimmer...

I guess she has been crying all day. Who wouldn't when you are been beaten?

As much as I don't love her, she's a friend.

" Are you Okay?" I asked mockingly and she shot me a glare

" Aww, I'm sorry Anna I didn't mean to hurt you but you pushed me " I said factly

" What were you thinking when you faked the pregnancy? How did you plan on doing it ?" I asked inquisitively

" I...I don't know, I was only trying to have a chance with you. I'm sorry for destroying our friendship " she apologized sincerely...
That's like her, not a desperate lady...

" It's okay and I'm sorry for the pain too, we are still friends okay? Your man will come at God's time, he will be a perfect definition of a good husband. I can't be with you and you know it so just wait, he will come at the right time "

" Thank you " she muttered and winced trying to stand up..
She's really bruised ah Jack! Thanks for a job well done...

" Come let's go the the hospital and get you treated " I said and helped her up after several attempts while she nodded..

 She hasn't eaten for this two days she's been here too.  How callus I can be to have forgotten her. We make mistakes and we should be forgiven, she's still my friendship with nothing attached..



" How's my angel doing ?" Ethan asked placing his head on my thigh

" I'm fine just stressed up even without doing any work "

" I understand, I'm sorry for putting you through this " he said

" C'mon Ethan it's not your fault "

" If you say so angel " he replied..

" Uhhmm .. " I trailed off..
I want to tell him about my insecurities with Mario but it's hard..
What if it destroy their friendship they built before they both probably met me?

" You want to say something ?" He asked and I nodded..

" Uhhmm, it's ab...about... uhh... Mario " I stuttered

" Don't worry he told me already captain ayyy! " He said and began laughing..

Mario did? R.. really?
I glared at him and she stopped laughing

" I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, I was scared you both might loose the friendship between you" I said truthfully..
I'm not foolish, I was just been considerate

" I know and I'm not angry but next time, don't endanger your life for any reason. Not even for me " he said and I nodded..
Such an understanding person.

" I can't believe with your innocent face you hit someone with a pistol. You are sure a captain " he said laughing while I nudged his arm

" He tried to rape me " I replied defensively

" I'm going to be a grandma finally " my step mum said and I smiled at her ..
Ethan and I visited them and we are all in the dinning having dinner

" And I'm going to be an Aunt " Emily enthused like a baby and we laughed..

" Stop being dramatic Emily, I will be an Aunt too" Sophia said and she glared at her ..
Dad was just staring at us feeling contented..
I feel so happy too seated with my family talking and laughing, isn't that great?"

" Guess what Api " Sophia said elatedly

" Just spill it already I can't guess "

" Well, I prepared this very dinner " she said clapping her hands..
Wow! Then she's really learning fast ... The food taste so good

" Wow, I will say after my wifey, you are the best cook " Ethan said and she jumped in joy shouting atop of her voice.
God help my ear drum..

" What of me, I can cook better than her " Emily pouted

" I know you can munchkin but you will have to do that for me one of this days " Ethan replied and she smiled widely..
' munchkin ' ...

" Well Ethan, did you have any male friend?" Sophia asked as we sat together in the living room. Mum and dad already left to their rooms..
I guess we will pass a night here. It's getting late

" Yeah, I do. He's like a brother " he said

" Wow! I will like to meet him you know we can connect " she said and my eyes widened..
Is she serious?

" What sis, I want to marry any of Ethan's friend because I believe they will be like him in terms of character and perhaps wealth too " she shrugged..

" That's not a case soph, one of my friend is still single " Ethan said grinning.

" Really? What's his name? Where is he from? Did I know him? Is he a pop star? " She asked without taking a breath Makin Ethan chuckled..

" He's all of that and his name is Mario "
What? Mario really?
He must be kidding me

" Such a lovely name, I'm sure he's very handsome. I can't wait to meet him, please connect us. Be the match maker Ethan " she said.
Ethan nodded in amusement....

Why will he suggest Mario for my sister? Sophia might know him though and might not.
She was that proud baby who doesn't give a fuck about people around her..

" He will be leaving for California tomorrow, he resides there " he said and her face went pale.
Such a drama queen, she's not serious is she?

" Why did he have to go? I want to meet him "

" He came for a board meeting and he has to go back and take care of his company " he replied.
Sophia beamed and Emily shook her head..
She loves her Neo so much and she's just 18

" His company? You mean he has his personal company? He's the boss?" She asked and he nodded

" Oh my God! He's my dream man, Ethan please don't let him leave "

" Stop shouting Sophia, your voice is horrible " Emily said and we laughed..
They are always at each other's neck..

" Shut up go and sleep if you don't want to hear me talk " she snapped and Emily scoffed

" I can do that for you sister in-law, I will make him stay for two more days"

" Yaaaayyyy! Dancing!🕺 dancing! dancing like a little bird singing in a happy tone " she shouted while dancing and I was forced to cover my ear ..

" Sophia stop... "

" What the hell? Are you okay Sophia?" Dad asked coming with mum ..

" I'm very okay dad just heard a good news " she said happily

" Well, it's late already, I think Olivia and Ethan will sleep over " he said and I glanced at Ethan

" You both will stay in your room Olivia "
If not the day we..uhh went into intimacy, we don't sleep together on the same bed ..
Our eyes met and he grinned at me. Stupid!

" You all may go to bed, goodnight " he said and went away with his wife ..

" Goodnight love birds, don't forget I will follow you home tomorrow to meet my night in shinning Amor " Sophia and running off while Emily said her goodnight and left leaving me with Ethan..

He wrapped his hands around my belly hugging me from behind..

" It will be you and I all night angel, don't you think we should make the baby two?" He said smiling devilishly and I snorted..

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