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Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode16


Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode16

Theme: He Raped Me

Written by Simrah Saeed


Fuck! Can she be really pregnant for me? But the result says it all. I can't doubt a doctor can I ?
God! How do I handle this mess?
I stared back at Anna who doesn't seems to care about this whole thing then running after Olivia.. She over heard our discussions and I know it will hurt her

I never wanted this to happen ...

" Olivia Please open up I can explain " I said bagging her door but she wouldn't say a word nor did she open the door.

What do I do? Allow Anna stay in this house? It will cause more trouble but where will she stay ?
If the result is true then I can't deny the pregnancy, she's really pregnant for me ....

" Olivia please, I'm sorry " I said inaudibly. Tears was beginning to form in my eyes ..
She's gone through a lot and I'm adding to it..
She was crying because I can hear her sniff

Her sisters are still here, it will be worse if they get to know about this ..

How do I explain this to mum and dad? They will be very mad at me ..

I think I know what to do..
She has to leave , Anna has to leave ..

I stood up heading back to the sitting room..

" I know you will come back so I was waiting" she said as she sighted me

" Anna... " I called and paused

" Yes baby " she replied dramatically while I sighed

" Please I want you out of my life, I'm engaged and I can't accept this pregnancy.. I will pay you any amount you want, just leave please " I pleaded and she scuffed

" What are you saying? You think you can send me away with money? Then you must wake up from that dream because it's not happening. Even if you give me this whole universe, It's you I want " she replied
This isn't helping...

" I'm engaged Anna "

" And you should be ready to engage me too, I can't give birth to a bastard "

" You must be crazy Anna, that's never happening. " I yelled angrily..
She just created a riff between Olivia and I and she wants me to marry her before she gives birth?  Impossible ..

" Maybe that will happen in your grave " we heard a voice behind us and I froze


Sophia's POV

" maybe that will happen in your grave " I spat angrily
Well we heard their noice from the kitchen and we actually eavesdrop on their conversation

" Yes because we are going to kill you, you can't just come from nowhere and claim our sister's position " Emily added and the Anna lady became frightened .
And Olivia? Where is she? I thought she said she was coming here or did she over heard them too?

We pounced on her before Ethan can intervene. The pregnancy must abort with full force ..
I can't let my sister go into any more pain .
" Ouch.. my stomach, my baby , ouch! Ethan you are allowing them to hurt our baby " she said and I slapped her as Emily sat on her ..
Ethan didn't say anything but watch in amazement.. seriously? He was trying hard not to laugh

I don't believe the baby is for Ethan, I have this bad feeling about her ...

We continue hitting her till he stopped us ..

" Awwn Anna wants me but she can't fight for herself, look who's bleeding. I wish you have a miscarriage, I don't want a baby from a slut "

" You both should leave her before she dies here, I will handle it " he said and we released her .
She looks badly wounded and was about to cry ..
I'm happy Ethan doesn't want the baby also ...

I think it's time to find our sister, this lady have to leave

( A story by Simrah Saeed, no piracy🤬 )



" Open up Api it's us " I heard Emily's voice. I quickly wiped my tears away, I don't want them to have any idea of what's going on. I believe I can solve it myself...
I hope they aren't with Ethan, he's the least person I wish to see right now .

I stood up and let the door opened giving them space to come in

" You don't look fine Api " Emily said and I faked a smile

" I'm fine baby sis, just have a slight headache " I lied and they both shook their head

" When will you stop trying to be all strong to take in whatever comes your way sis? " Sophia asked and I narrowed my eyes at her .
What's she saying?

" We know you are not happy and that idiot is the cause but trust me she won't go away with it "
I snapped my head at her ...

" H...how .."

" We eavesdrop on them " Emily cut me off ..

" Don't worry sis, Ethan isn't doesn't like her even with the pregnancy so she will shush "

" You believe so ? " I asked skeptically

" Yes I know so , don't be angry with Ethan, mistakes do happen "

I pray things turn out good , the thought of that lady never crossed my mind till she showed up ...

Is she his girlfriend? What if he chose her over me?
The pregnancy is his that means I have rare chance of being with Ethan ..
I'm not the only one with pregnant for the billionaire ..

How will it look when the media gets to know of this ?
Sighing, I let the thought off my mind before lying on the bed


" And she is?" Mum asked staring at Anna  irritatingly ...
I wonder why she has to come unannounced when I have a big problem at hand

" Uhmm mum , she uhhmm .."

" Can't you talk Ethan and you, what are you doing in my son's house ?" She asked pushing me to see Anna clearly.
She has no manners at all

" Oh Mrs Edmund, I'm Adrianna but you can call me Anna for s..."

" Cut the crap! Don't you have respect? Introducing your unwanted self without greeting? " Mum said angrily cutting her off ..

" Sorry my bad "

" I don't need , what are you doing here?"

" Well I'm pregnant for your son "
Mum's bag fell off her hand as she stared widely at me ..
I looked down nervously not knowing what to say

" Ethan, is she saying the truth ? " She asked half yelling  while I shook my head in embarrassment..
I know this will happen sooner or later

" Uhhmm mum, it's uhh complicated " I said scratching my head

" What's complicated? How sure are you that she's carrying your baby? She looks like a slut who've slept with different men. The baby might not be for you, I can't have a grandchild from her " she stated clearly and I realized that the baby might not be for me truly..
How can I be so foolish?

" The baby is for him and he knows it " Anna chirped

I need to take her to the hospital myself.

" I think you have a point mum, Anna you have to come with me my hospital so we can conduct another test " I said and her face went pale ..

" Y..you w ..want me to run..another..test ?" She ask stammering..
If she's sure why will she stammer?

" I want this lady out of this house before I'm back down here, if you might excuse me, I need to see my daughter In law and trust me Ethan, you won't like I what will happen if I finds out this issue made her sad " she said and walk to the stairs

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