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Only You - Chapter Thirty-Three


Only You - Chapter Thirty-Three

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"After all the pain he caused me, I don't fucking care anymore I rather die in the explosion with all of you than let all you bastards live and keep ruining lives.. "
"What's she going to do, bomb the place the bitch won't dare..."
"Then let's die together..."
I was listening to the recordings Darren retrieve from Quinn's ear piece before she press the button for the bomb, her voice sounded terrified and for her to actually push that button without minding she'll die with them means the man in the background is somehow responsible for hurting her and what makes it worse it's that he's a Cunningham.
"What do we do now? " Haven mutter out loud.
Quinn did press the button but Darren disabled some of the bombs so she didn't get that hurt possibly the only problem was she, Shane and the other man heard in that background were missing, probably the Cunningham's first son.
It's been a week now neither Quinn or the Cunningham's have been heard after the explosion.
"We go to the Cunningham's and demand for Quinn and if they don't cough her up we kill every damn shit of a person connected to that family, they must have her." Erwin snarled lowly his arms folded.
"Erwin...." I started off. "We'll be looking for trouble if we attack, we don't even know why they want Quinn or if they actually took her, we'll be starting a war we're not like that anymore." Darren complete and he calmed down a bit.
"We can't just sit down and look at each other, what if she's dead... "
"She's not dead." I yelled pissed as all eyes glued on me. "We are all worried about Quinn, she's the only woman I've seen put up with all the shits the we've dragged her into and adjusted pretty well, she's the only person who quickly adjusted to a sister, mother and friend when she needed to even though she's naive she still did, she can't die.." I said as they all nodded. "Besides what do we even gain if we go after the Cunningham's they aren't worth our time all we can do is just wait..." I said as Erwin puts his hand down in his pockets.
"You guys can wait, I'm not going to sit down and look at all your faces..." Erwin said exiting the room and leaving us three. "I'll go with to make sure he doesn't start another gang war all by himself." I nodded as a reply, he went the same way Erwin did, I looked back at Darren he looked down at his tablet. "I'll try to see if I can track Quinn but it would be much helpful If you gave her a call." I knew who he was talking about. "Hell no..." I snarled.
"She's the best tracker you know and I know you can contact her just bury your ego and call her already it's been five years for God sake..." Darren argue. "I'm not calling Erica..." I muttered.
"Seth?? "
"That's a part of my past I don't want to invite and if we find Quinn I hope they never cross paths." I muttered recalling everything about Erica.
"If you can't track Quinn then we'll go with Erwin's plan, we'll blow up every warehouse they own till they bring her out."

My eyes slowly opened a bit the bright shimmer force my eyes shut as bit, my body was numb and slowly my eyes widened to see clearly, my body was stiff but slowly I regained consciousness of my leg and arms and was able to move, my head hurt and I hissed, I looked around sitting up to see myself in a room.
"Where am I? " I whispered, I felt a pressure at my left hand I looked down to see a needle peirce through my skin connected to a white bag with a liquid as clear as water, I looked down at myself and back at the room, I place my palm on my forehead but hissed in pain and took back my hand until I slowly felt a bandage at the top of my head, I quickly touched my face to make sure I didn't get a plastic surgery or something but I guess it seems normal.
The door clicked open as two of the nurses gasped. "Go get the doctor." the nurse whispered to her fellow as she obeyed and walked over to me with a smile. "Hello sweetie." she whispered adjusting the fluid bag, I just nodded shyly. "Do you remember who you are? " she asked as I nodded.
"What happened, what am I doing in a hospital, where is Seth and the guys are they okay? Did they get hurt during the explosion too? Can I see them? " I bombarded her with questions, from the looks of things she couldn't even understand what I was saying with how fast I rushed them.
"Quinn.." I saw Mandy at the door, she wore a pink dress with a sun hat and red clogs as shoes she quickly runs up to me pulling me in an inconvenient hug but I hugged her back anyways, we stayed like that till the doctor separated us from each other and gave me a check up, Mandy was answering all the professional questions since I normally made her give me a check up instead of goimg to a hospital. "You've been in a coma for a week now." The doctor tells me. "Luckily it's not serious but what's the last thing you remember? " he asked I looked back at Mandy I couldn't say I was with gangsters I could get the guys in trouble and eventually the authorities will get involved.
"eh... " I thought. "Quinn you don't have to be uncomfortable I'm here." she whispered and I nodded. "Well the last thing I remember was getting ready for Noemies wedding, everything from there is a blur.." Mandy gasped eventually as the doctor shot her a worried look. "Is there anything wrong? " I asked as he shakes his head.
"Nothing is wrong." he turned to Mandy. "She'll be taking a brain scan and a memory evaluation test (MET) we'll know what to do from there but we'll leave you too to catch up till then." he said as she nodded as both the nurse and the doctor left, Mandy sat on the bed next to me. "So what is the last thing you recall from getting ready from Noemies wedding? " she asked sternly. "Well the bachelorette party and Calvin..." I trailed off in my thoughts.
"Quinn.." Mandy nudge me slightly bringing me back to reality. "What are you thinking about, tell me about it? " she said eager to listen. "Nah, I don't want to recall Noemie being a bitch, how's Calvin and where is he ?" I asked hoping hearing some good news when I was gone, her phone rang her pupils dilated that only happens when she's hiding something or being secretive.
I pretended I didn't notice and laid back as she let the phone ring we were both silent she slowly picked up her phone but didn't answer the call. "It's Keila.. " she moans frustrated.
"Shouldn't you answer her calls? She's your sister after all. " she nodded and taps on her phone nervously. "Yes Kiela." she said smiling at me, I smiled at her too trying to make out who she was talking probably I could find out but I didn't even hear a voice but she kept talking.
Did the bomb incident destroy my hearing ?
Or was she actually faking it?
If she is faking it ? Then why?
Mandy quickly gets up moving slightly away from me. "Yes she's here and she's fine." she continued. "No you can't talk to her." she said assumingly hanging up.
"Mandy?? " I called her she paid full attention to me. "What happened? Why are you here? How did I end up in a hospital is everything okay? " I asked I needed to know for sure I didn't stay in more than a week coma or I was dreaming, if I'm alive how did I end up in a hospital with Mandy by my side and not with the guys, what happened to Seth, Haven, Erwin and Darren, I can't even say anything about them because I don't know if I could get them into trouble, the last thing I remember was clicking on the bomb and from there everything was a blur, Were the guys there during the explosion.
My stomach dropped when I imagined the worse what if they were hurt or they died.
"Quinn are you okay? " I didn't reply Mandy, I was deep in thought about what happened to the guys. "You need to rest." she told me tucking me back on the bed, did she even hear anything I said. "Mandy..." she placed her palm on my head stopping me from pushing my head back up. "Just rest okay I'm here for you I'll go get a form for your MET so you can take the exams and I'll tell you everything." she said the last part seriously, I nodded and placed my head back on my bed as she smiled and left my room a few minutes later the nurse injected me with something and from there I dozed off to sleep.

A few days past it's been the same, Mandy has been keeping quiet and I took the memory test or whatever, I limited little detail about what last I remembered and after getting a brain scan, they said they found nothing wrong with me, my brain or any internal injuries injuries and tested me again and still found nothing and concluded that probably what ever led to my coma must have forced my brain to erase some of my memories undetected, not knowing I completed lied to them to protect the guys.
Mandy has been visiting me and been pestering me to take therapy to probably remember what happened, the only thing she told me was that I went missing and after that she and everyone tried to find me even mom and when I wanted to get detailed why she was acting suspicious she brushed it off, I didn't even know what hospital I was in exactly.
We were both having ice cream at the hospital cafeteria recalling our high school days then it came to me, why haven't Calvin and mom visited me and why is it anytime I talk about the station she brushes me off.
"Ice cream is supposed to go on your mouth not your clothes." she giggled taking a napkin and helping me clean myself up. "Miss Filler, patient 2b7 granted you permission to see him now." Mandy quickly gets up and takes the clipboard and looks back at me.
"You work here? " I asked confused.
"No...eat your ice cream, I'll be back." she said to me like I was a kid, I just nodded and waited for her to leave. "Patient 2b7 ? Who the hell could that be? And why does Mandy want to see him? " I thought to myself getting up, I'm tired of being confused, I need to know what's happening, what happened after the bombing and why is Mandy so secretive.
I got up and followed behind without her suspecting, she didn't even look worried or suspicious someone was following her, she took an elevator to the 2b floor, I decided to take the stairs to catch up and was completely exhausted but got to the floor anyways, I hid at the edge of the stairs she looked back to see if she was followed and entered.
"This is it, whatever is behind that door could answer all my questions." I tiptoed to the door and pushed my head against the door.
"Shane is in a coma and Quinn is dead... " I heard her spit out in disgust, why would she lie that I was dead? "What do you take me for Mandy Filler ? For some fool? " Quinn isn't dead you think I'll believe that shit ?" I heard Terry's voice mummered.
"I don't care if you believe it or not Terry, just be glad I didn't let you and your brother die with that being done you both have nothing on me you fucking bastard." she said.
"Asshole, bastard, dickhead, you seem to never run out of words, that's why I liked you I still like you but your heart beats for Shane." He said as Mandy didn't answer from the looks she went mute.
"You seem calm" Terry added. "So? " Mandy scoffed. "And you expect me to believe that shit Quinn is dead, bullshit." he said as my heart dropped.
Why was she talking to Terry? Did Mandy know Shane?
"The only person that gets to swim in her blood and watch her go pale till her last breath is me, she still belongs to me and nothing can change that." my neck starts itching and I recalled everything he did to me.
"You sick bastard.. " I heard Mandy yell and suddenly the door open revealing her, she was shocked to see me, I looked over to see Terry as our eyes met, he smirked and slowly I backed away. "Why don't you come over Quinn.." he smirked as I took to my heels, Mandy called but I didn't listen I ran straight towards the elevator with so many things in my head, I pressed the button and suddenly it opens, before it could close Mandy got in with me and stopped the elevator.
"Get out, Get out, Get out..." I yelled at the top of my voice. Mandy slowly approached me with tears strolling down her cheeks. "Sweetie listen to me." she said calmly trying to reach out to me.
"Don't touch me, don't touch me please..." I sobbed. "Quinn I can explain, it's not what it looks like." she started off.
"Who's Shane? Who's Shane to you? " I asked
"It's just a guy..." she started off. "Mandy don't you dare open your mouth and lie to me, I'm not a fool, who's Shane to you? How did you know him and why is Terry here? Why is that bastard alive after all the shits he put me through, why did you say I died, what's happening? Who are you? Are you really my Mandy?? Or just an imposter are you my best friend or just a stranger." I said breathlessly breaking down pressing my back against the end of the elevator, I slowly sat down on the floor running my fingers through my hair confused.
She walked up to me and sat down next to me not saying a word. "I guess I can't lie to you anymore, so I'll explain." she said, I turned to look at her. "Remember when we were 17 and I was skipping school and started acting crap and shit and a rumor about me having a sugar daddy trended and I was name called and you actually stood up for me, don't ask me how I know Calvin told me and I just stopped talking to you for few months until I dragged my ass to your porch and begged for your forgiveness and thank God you did." my brows furrowed, how does it in anyway has to do with Shane?
"Yeah.." I said slightly smiling remembering how we fought. "What does any of it have to do with... "
"I dated Shane.. " I looked at her in shock as she quickly said. "It was a fling I was 17 he was 23..."
"Jesus Christ, Mandy... " I yelled at the top of my voice. "Okay don't go crazy now you haven't even heard the entire story." she said and I was scared right now. "What story? " I asked as she tapped me to calm down and I did.
"Everything happened like in the movies, I met Shane at a party in New York during that field trip, you and Calvin didn't come because your mom wouldn't let you go anywhere that time, he was the sponsorer and he invited few girls to have fun and he invited me, you weren't there and I was stupid and ended up having a one night stand with him, after that I just wanted more and started hanging out with Shane, he even came to Portland sometimes and you guys met you just didn't see us as dating, I even knew Terry but he wasn't an asshole then." she explained that explains why I somehow recognized him apart from him sharing a resemblance with Terry.
"The night when we fought about me going wild, before summer break commenced Shane invited me to a party to see his father and know about his business, not even hell prepared me for happened next, on my way there I got fender bendered and the car tires were shot, the driver was killed on spot and I was almost kidnapped because I was Shane's girl, that night I found out everything, Shane explained and apologized but all I could think of was I almost died and left my family, my friends and my best friend..... " she looked traumatized like she could never get over it.
"I broke up with Shane after and everything was fine until you started seeing Terry I didn't want whatever happened to me to happen to you and I tried stopping you disapproving of your relationship, but you acted the same way I did when I was with Shane, the shits they put on us to turn us into fools." she said while I understood everything now but that didn't explain why Cunningham's are after me.
"It's all my fault if I protected you harder you would not have passed through shit Quinn it's all my fucking fault." She sobbed as I hugged her trying to calm her down. "No it's not.."
"Yes it is if you never met Terry he wouldn't have sold you to his parents...." she said as I pulled away and I wore a confused look.
"Sold? " I gasped.
"When you got pregnant Terry sold your unborn child to his parents as a token for his freedom." my eyes widened in shock as she told me. "You had a miscarriage and the deal was jeopardize so they settled for you instead."

To be continued

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