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Only You - Chapter Thirty-Two


Only You - Chapter Thirty-Two

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"Did your hair get an inch longer? " Maria asked in awe as the salonist got me another towel and placed it in front of me.
She and Maria stared at me in admiration.
"Why don't we add bangs? " I shook my head at Maria's suggestion, I'm not going back to that horror, I hate bangs it makes me look like a doll my mom forced me to go with the look until I was technically 18, everyone made fun of me the only person that thought I looked cute with it was Calvin and Mikey. Mikey was a french transfer student back in middle school he told me I looked cute in french when I got him to sign a petition I was working on and I never spoke to him again of course he was really cute back then and I was a dweeb.
"I'm done with the dye can we go now? " I asked as the salonist pushed my head under a blowdryer, I said stayed for a few minutes with the impression of an uncomfortable oven roasting my head. The salonist took off the blow dryer applied a few bobbin pins to push a few of my hair back and the other shading a bit of my eye, I pushed the strands away as Maria bit her lip with her brows furrowed.
"Is there anything wrong ?" I asked she looked shocked but managed to keep her cool and laugh. "Nope I'm just jealous you look way prettier than me, I think I should also get a dye, maybe blonde or Haven's favorite color." she giggled. "Haven's favorite color? " I asked with a brow curved. "I'm kidding Haven will never pay attention to me he sees me as his little sister and I look up to him." she said then I recalled her and Haven speaking one language when we first met.
"Look up to him? " I sneered at her as she blushed hard. "Yeah, don't you look up to the guys as role model..." she was still red.
"Role model huh ?" I teased, now I know why Erwin likes teasing me it's fun. "This shampoo is expensive." Maria yelled at the top of our lungs trying to avoid our conversation.
"Yeah expensive.." I teased continuously.
After getting my hair done I put back on my shades but I couldn't put on the sun hat even though my hair was dry Maria didn't want me damaging the sun hat. Instead she told me to change into a lemon drop waist mini dress, it revealed my thigh to the extent I tried pushing it down and go with it a pair of heeled clogs for shoes, I could barely walk in them.
I struggled carrying my bags while walking since we were done shopping, my ankle twisted several times and Maria kept laughing at me until I got a hand on how to walk in the shoes and started showing off like I was some rich celebrity I went ahead of Maria, she whistle and claps while I cat walked towards the exit I turned to give her a bow and bumped into someone.
"I'm sorry... " I quickly apologize dropping my bags and quickly looking back at the person I bumped into. The person was wearing a face mask and a baseball cap. "Seth.. " I whispered as he stared at me oddly, Maria came up to the both of us helping me pick up my bags.
"Seth?? " she asked oddly too though he was masked from the public what could he possibly do here, the guys said it was okay if stayed with Maria in case any thing it got late.
"I'm here to pick you up.." he said, I looked back at Maria she was just as confused as me. "What happened? " I asked.
"Nothing, Darren and Haven went out to get something and Erwin said he was too lazy to come pick you up, so I'm here." he said looking into my eyes, for a second I forgot I was in a shopping mall and was lost in his eyes. "Quinn..." Maria whispered bringing me back to reality I nodded and blinked twice before taking my bags from Maria.
"Thanks Maria.." I said as she chuckled. "Do you want a ride? " Seth asked her but she immediately declined. "No.. I need to attend to more shopping see you later Quinn.." she winked at me and left me with Seth who helped carried my bags to the back of his car, we were both silent for what seemed like two minutes I tried dragging my dress down nervously.
What do I talk about? I should say something but what ? Maybe I should ask him about his past with Manfred and why he wanted to kill him? How do I do that even?
"Are you hungry? " he asked I bit my lip hard trying not to recall what happened when we were both hungry. "Yes.." that was my answer and it sucked he didn't say anything from there, why the hell am I nervous?
"Haven said something about a dinner around here we could check it out." oh thank goodness he was talking about food.
"Yes let's check it out.." I rushed my words he didn't seem bothered and started the car, the ride to the dinner was silent, then I thought about it, he didn't say anything about my hair, does he hate it ? Does he like it or he just doesn't care and why do I care about what he thinks anyways.
"I like your hair.. " he comments I looked at him strangely, is he reading my mind. "What? " he asked noticing my puzzled look I shook my head slouched back on my seat not saying a word till we got to the dinner, we sat next to each other at the end of the dinner since we took of our disguises, ordering our food and not saying a word to each other.
I fondled with my fingers thinking of what to say or how to start a conversation with him, he kept staring at a particular direction I was too nervous to care, the waitress came over and handed us our food. "You look nervous sweetie, first date? " she said for the both of us to hear, I wanted to say we're not dating.
"Actually we've been together for six months, she still gets nervous around me." Seth said pushing his face close to mine, I turned red when eyes darted at my lips. "What a cute couple." she smiled and left while I slowly got away from Seth trying to cool down.
When I was sure she left I muttered. "You didn't have to say we were dating? " I feigned annoyance. "You could have denied it either way." he said.
"If I denied it she wouldn't have believed me? " I argued. "Why? " that question made my heart skip a beat. "I don't know, if you weren't that close to me and made me blush and look convincing that we are in a relationship she would have believed me." I said starting to eat my food.
"Convincing?? " he arched a brow pushing a palm up his chin as his elbow support him.
"Yes, if you excuse me I'll like to eat my food." he took me by my hand holding it up his reach and pulling me close to him. "What are you doing? " I whispered blushing again, as he smiled. "Should we date? " he asked in the most raspy voice I've ever heard with a subtle look on his face I didn't know if he was kidding or he was actually serious.
I shake my head blinking twice trying to jerk away from him. "No..." his grip on me loosen when I gave out my answer, we both went back to the stage of not looking at each other I was still processing if this was actually a joke or did he just ask me out and I said no.
"Were you joking or were you being serious? " I echoed the question. "Does it matter? " he didn't sound mad, he sound a bit nervous.
"No, I don't really want to be in a relationship again." I said, I didn't know how to explain my relationship with Terry, I couldn't keep pushing Seth away if he wanted to touch me if I agreed but then again he did almost come close when we were locked in the restroom in New York.
"Then let's forget it." he quickly stated slowly eating I nodded and we both went silent eating our food, I looked over at the window to see a tattoo shop at the other side of the street. "Free Tattoo.." I muttered under my breath l took a look at Seth who didn't pay attention to me while he ate his food.
We were done eating Seth tipped the waitress after we finished up, I waited for him outside with my shades while he was still in until he came out with a lady formed her hand into a 'call me' sign, she wore a red tank top and maroon colored capri pants, her hair was smoothly gelled down into a wave and had brown eyes, Seth quickly put on his mask and shades, the lady left with a flirtatious grin as Seth walks up to me.
"Do you know her ?" I asked.
"No.." he answered. "And she told you to call her? " I said while he arched a brow. "She isn't the first girl to do this, does it bother you? " he asked reading my expression.
"No..." I turned to look at the tattoo shop.
"I want to get a tattoo." I said walking past him without getting a reply he followed anyways while I skipped to the tattoo shop got in perceiving the slight smell of ink it felt new.
"Ah customers.." a short man happily walked up to us. "You guys are giving out free tattoo? " Seth asked, the man focused his eyes on Seth. "What style would you prefer? " the man asked Seth he just shook his head. "I don't want one today, she does..." he pointed at me as the man studied my expression.
"Have you ever gotten a tattoo before? " he asked and I shook my head. "No, but I like to get one." I said as he nodded.
He disappeared into the back leaving me and Seth out together, Seth went round the shop checking out the drawings and designs of different tattoo, the man came back out later with different designs for me to choose from which I had a hard time choosing, I didn't like anyone.
"What about this one? " he pushed forward another one and again a bluntly refused it, I started checking the remaining designs until Seth came with a design and handed it over to the man. "This one at her nape.." The man wore a bewildered look. "She can't do this one." the man argued while I snatched it away from him, it was a rose interpreting a clock.
"She doesn't even like it.. " I heard the man argue. "I like it.." I said holding up the design.
"I like it, I want this one except I want the 'time is beautiful' to be written in Arabic.." I said as the man didn't have any other words to say, it was my choice.
"I can't do it for you it requires a lot of symmetry, my twin brother can but he's out with his daughter celebrating her fourth birthday I'm sorry..." he said and I understand.
"I'll do it, I used to tattoo, this is very easy to do." Seth took the paper away from me and look up his phone and held It in front of me showing me an Arabic word. "Time is beautiful." he said to me while I nodded, he already looked it up.
We both looked at the man as he nodded and went back to get the tattoo gun and other equipment, I stood there in my thoughts thinking how hard it was to get a tattoo it's just drawing on a skin.

A few hours later the man was giving me instructions on how to take care of my tattoo after Seth was done, it freaking hurt and felt like a thousand needles were attacking the back of my neck, the man placed a tape to protect it so I wouldn't get any infection and gave it to us for free of course, I thanked the man and left I'm sorry glad I didn't request for a giant tattoo, hell knows I would have fought with Seth and walked out with it incomplete.
We got back to the car and drove back home, when we walked in the guys were in the living room they all paid attention to us mostly me who felt my neck was about fall off.
"Quinn are you okay? " Darren asked I just nodded and head to my room and collapsed on the bed exhausted and muttered out loud to myself. "My freaking neck.." I yelled turning over on the bed, I didn't even sleep much that night, I crawled to one of my shopping bags and took out pills I brought, I wasn't able to sleep well so I bought the pill when Maria didn't notice, I took a bottle of water on my desk drawer and opened it, I took it with the pill and went straight to my bed in a few seconds I was knocked out.
Three days after the incident I was dressed in black Halter dress, I wore a jacket since I was cold I would take it off when I got to the Cunningham's place in the evening, Darren dug up something's and found out about a private upscale party in Los Angeles, the guys all dressed in suits downstairs while I tried to wear heels I heard a knock on the door before Darren came in with his tablet.
He was wearing his suit while I jumped writing to tie my heels. "Oh my God you guys are ready? " I gasped feeling uneasy I was the one making them late, Darren shut the door behind me oddly and look back at me eerily.
"We need to talk.." he mentioned gravely as much as I was scared of the tone he used to say it I still wanted to hear it I nodded walking up to him with one shoe on. "What about? " I asked.
"Remember when I said I was going to find about any sales on you? " he recalled and I nodded. "Did you find anything? " I asked as he shakes his head. "I didn't find anything, I hacked their data it took weeks but I did it and find nothing." he said like he was scared, if he couldn't find anything about me linking to them it has to be a good thing.
"This is a good thing maybe they made a mistake for the wrong Quinn Fields..." I said but he shared me a pitiful look. "What happened ?" I asked.
"They didn't make a mistake Quinn, if your name didn't appear online then someone close to the Cunningham's sold you." he said while I wore a confused look. "I don't understand." I mummered.
"The person close to the Cunningham's must have been close to you." he finally dropped the bomb. "I don't get it what's the difference ? What if I was sold offline or online" I asked.
"There's no difference they are the same it's just if possibly you were sold offline it's of great importance to the Cunningham's it was a private sale done so a few people won't know their purpose for the sale or what you actually mean to them, if they sold you for that reason then whatever they want you for may be bigger than we thought." Darren explain while I slowly took in the information.
"Who could have sold me and what could I have been sold for? " I muttered looking back at Darren. "We'll figure this out, right now we have a mission in our hands, I hope I didn't worry you, I just wanted to inform you before I forgot again." he said and I nodded at his reply.
"Nope thanks for telling me I'll keep my head in the game." I smiled as Darren nodded and left, I sat down on my bed thinking of what to do.
Ignore everything like I've always did or look for answers, these were my option I'm tired of being kept in the dark and being chased, I needed answers and I'm gonna get them.
I traced my hand to my nape and slowly peeled the tape off the tattoo since it's already due, I tried to look at it using a mirror but gave up after get neck cramps.
I pushed my havana brown hair over my nape, I applied a little bit make up and took my other heel and wore it and strut downstairs to meet the guys. "Let's go we'll review the mission in the van." Seth said taking one last look at me said and walked out as I followed.

It was 09:04pm already, the only luck I had was at the party we could wear masks, I was the only one that went in through the back to plant a few explosives around the house, the guys snuck in later, I wasn't paid much attention to as the people here were few and they chuckled snobbishly to each other, I was communicating with the guys and finished planting my own explosives until I got contacted by Darren. "Quinn, Erwin accidentally dropped the button to activate the bombs upstairs when he almost got caught planting them, it's upstairs... "
"I'll get it... " I whispered and cut him off and went upstairs and I immediately regret it because I don't know which part upstairs it was big and moving with servants from door to door, there was only one door in the middle I tried calling Darren to ask for directions but it was fruitless, I tried my luck and went in anyway shutting the door behind me.
The place was bigger than downstairs and it was empty only a couch cushion at one side of the room and a telephone on top of a glass stool, there were also purple drape curtains covering all four huge glass windows.
I went to the telephone trying to recall Manfred phone number, I could call him and he couldn't contact me at least he has to be in this building anyway but strangely I haven't seen him. I dailed it at first but it was incorrect the first eight times I dropped the telephone since I couldn't recall the number.
I hissed looking round the room and saw the button to activate the bomb oddly shaped under a curtain I took it and smirk, "I'm so going to get Erwin after this.." I put that button in my coat jacket and hesitated to leave and tried calling the number again but instead use a different number at the end and it dialed.
"Hello.. " I heard Manfred voice. I didn't know what to say, what could I possibly ask him?
"This was a bad idea." I voiced and hang up, the moment I did I heard the door shut, I didn't turn around I was scared. "You are oddly mysterious, you disappear and appear with a different look, if you want to hide from me you should quit always meeting me Quinn..." I heard Shane's voice, I don't know how he knew it was me even though I held up my mask to my face and slowly turned around.
"I wouldn't be here if you didn't bomb our home in Detroit." Shane expression was shocking he looked liked he seen a ghost.
"Our home? Detroit? What are you talking about? " he asked. "You somehow found the guys hideout and I've come to return the favor." I said bringing out the button. "I'm going to press this button right now and everything will explode, you're going to get what you did to us in a hundred folds." I bluffed, I wasn't actually going to do it while I'm still inside.
"Quinn let's communicate, I didn't bomb or know about any bombing of houses in Detroit, neither did my father I would have known about it...." he said.
"And I should believe you, you are the bad person here, you shot Seth and somehow sent Manfred to kill Seth but somehow he tracked us and gave you our location." I yelled as Shane stared at me in horror. "It can't be.." he whispered as he went white.
"When did it happen? " he asked disturbed.
"Why are you asking me, you're supposed to know about this unless you didn't have anything to do with it... " I muttered slowly.
"I didn't do anything and I wouldn't kill you even if I found you, they finally know about you even after we kept your sale a secret..." he whispered, what the hell was he talking about ?
"What are you saying? Who are after me? I thought your family is the only one? " I asked.
"The Giovanni's, the second most powerful mafia family in the country... " he said.
"And I should believe you? " I asked not understanding anything, the door opened as Shane turned, my stomach dropped and my heart raced, tears welled up my eyes I tried to move but I was frozen in fear, the mask I was holding up to hide my face fell from my grasp.
"Terry...." I mouthed in horror as he gawked at me, what was he doing here?
He walked up to me and walked round me to check me out he slaps my ass and I staggered forward a bit feeling chained to the floor, I finally came to my senses I don't care what's he's doing here, he can't have control over me.
I wanted to run but he quickly gripped on to my hand and pulled me close to him, his jaw nozzles down my shoulders I heard my speaker echo with Darren's voice and quickly Terry took it off and tosses it to the other side of the room. "So you were the bitch that kneed me into the balls, I should have known after you wore that necklace." he said as I sobbed.
"Where is your necklace anyway? " he asked while I struggled to quit from his grip.
"Shane please do something he's insane." I yelled but Shane shared me a pitiful look.
"If you'll never hurt me don't let him touch me." I yelled as Terry laugh. "Terry.." Shane stared.
"Don't start yet with your bullshit yet, you've not been made Heir yet so till then I'm still the Heir...." he said as my eyes widened in shock, I looked back at Terry in shock whose remorseful look confirmed my shock.
The violence, the drugs, the abuse, the fucking resemblance between the two except Terry was blonde and more muscular, the pain, the clues my mind couldn't peice it all together until now, Terry even mention he studied business administration and never talked about his family.
He was the fucking Heir of the Cunningham's.
But how did I come into the picture?
I struggled from Terry's grip but his grip on me was horrifically familiar. "Leave me alone." I cried struggling holding on to the button but he did not let me go. "You've been a bad girl Quinn, what did you think? You'll run away and I'll let you go easily? " he whispered into my ears.
"You don't own me..." I kicked him in the shin as he stutters back a but still grabs me, struggling to dominate me until he tackled me to the floor the scence was familiar as tears rolled down my cheeks and I couldn't handle it anymore, I kneed him at where the sun shines as he staggered back a bit hissing in pain, I place my palms on the floor crawling back a bit and using the chair to support me up holding up the button. "Quinn... Don't..you'll die." Shane said. "I don't care.. " I said with tears rolling down my cheeks.
"After all the pain he caused me, I don't fucking care anymore I rather die in the explosion with all of you than let all you bastards live and keep ruining lives.. " I yelled.
Terry got up in pain but hissed. "What's she going to do, bomb the place the bitch won't dare..."
"Then let's die together..." I pressed the button.

To be continued

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