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Only You - Chapter Thirty-one


Only You - Chapter Thirty-one

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"Everything gone...." Haven mummered outloud I breathe roughly with my head bent down. "It's all my fault... " I said in remorse out loud I didn't bother to look up, they couldn't argue with that I shouldn't have contacted the guys but Seth could have died and for some reason I didn't want to loose him. We were all in some old hotel for the time being serving as shelter while the guys thought of what next.
"It is your fault... " Erwin muttered upset, I wasn't surprised he sounds mad and genuinely I wouldn't mind if he was, I should have listened to Seth and done something like drag him out and someone stitch his wounds or help him shoot instead of running away leaving him to sustain much wound, I couldn't do anything except for kill that man and honestly I've never shot anyone or even was promoted to the position to shoot someone except for that day.
Honestly I didn't feel bad or disgusted with myself somehow it felt normal, it was normal I've been pair with senior officers who bloody shot people with a gun when needed but it didn't feel right somehow and I always felt bad having this thinking they shouldn't die no matter what they did, it is naive but that's how I felt but now I expected to be wrapped up in guilt already, I do feel guilty but not as much as expected, maybe the guys are rubbing off on me or it's just another defense mechanism my body built up so I couldn't feel that bad.
"How does Quinn has anything to do with this? " Haven stood up standing up for me, he doesn't have to I'm actually the reason their home got destroyed. "For the past three months since we met her knowingly the Cunningham's have always been after her, she doesn't have a single idea why and we have to hide her for reasons I don't still understand, somehow Shane recognized her and she somehow managed to complete the mission but almost got Seth Killed, why do we still have her? " Erwin yelled, no body gave an answer his eyes burned in anger, Haven didn't know how to reply him and went mute.
"I'm sorry..." that's it that was the only thing I could say, Erwin took a look at me and somehow looked like he immediately regretted saying those words to me but he couldn't take back his words he looked away from me and sighed. "If the Cunningham's wants to play this dirty game then I'm going to play too..." He said staring at Seth. "I'm not going to sit down and watch them strike..." he chorused.
"Erwin..." Seth echoed as all eyes paid attention to him. "Seth don't try to change my mind it's already made up.." Erwin growled.
"I'm coming too.." Seth shockingly announced.
"Seth wait... " Darren got up but Seth had his head bent. "I've had enough playing nice with the Cunningham's blowing up our base with original prints of information and weapons that costs millions draws the line, if we keep quiet and don't show them we're not as soft as they think we are who knows whether they can find and bomb our other bases.. "
My eye widen in realization, they freaking had other bases in other places in case something like this happened ?
How freaking rich are they individually ?
"You know the risk of going up to the Cunningham's after what happened.." Darren said gravely, is there something about the Cunningham's they know I don't know about.
"Well Seth is right if they start now, who knows what next or how much they know about us, our identity isn't safe anymore." Haven said. "I won't be so sure about that, if they already know our gang or our identity if they knew they could have done more than just bomb only our base, something is not right... " Darren said.
"We don't have time to think what's wrong or right Darren, we need to strike back I'll kill every bloody bastard that works for that family." Erwin gritted tightening his fist.
"Darren's right, if they had much information about us they could have done worse but they didn't." Seth said. "Meaning? " Haven arched a brow. "It's either they are waiting to do something much worse or don't have much information on us that much.. " Seth said, I watched him in admiration as he spoke, my cheeks flushed and I had to move my hands up my cheek hoping no one noticed.
"Exactly my thoughts." Darren worded. "Then we have to take advantage of the situation then." Haven said putting his hands behind his head and our eyes clashed for a second, I quickly looked away. Everyone looked at Darren he sighed. "My tablet was destroyed along with everything else but I could get another one in a few hours and restore my data and probably do a bit of finding on the Cunningham.." he said as they all nodded.
"I'm coming too.." I voiced dramatically Erwin scoffed and said. "Of course you're coming, you're the reason they blew up our base don't play the heroine here.." he started. "I'm not playing heroine you dick.." I yelled as a smirk appeared on Erwin's lips for some reason I was mortified I didn't trust that smirk.
He walked up close to me pushing my hair back. "You're lucky the house blew up." he said making me confused. "What? " I asked.
"You were so excited giving Seth his food you didn't notice I put a camera to tape you both while you gave him your own food.." he said while I blinked blanchly, I knew it, he did set me up.
"Whatever you did with Seth was taped and burned along with the everything in the house.." I choked as Erwin chuckled to himself. "So you guys did something." he muttered outloud for the guys to hear.
"Get off my face.." I pushed him away, while he laughed. "Enough teasing Erwin." "Haven, Darren you both know what to do." Seth said as they both nodded heading over to the door.
"Take Quinn with you me and Erwin will catch up.." I was handed over a hoodie and dark shades by Haven and wore them and followed both out.

I was in my hotel going through pictures of Quinn that Shane sent me, as far as I know she has a bounty on her head and somehow who ever has her is hiding her, I heard a knock before Shane came in my room he wore all black if I couldn't control myself I could have been staring at him and he would sure love that attention.
"What are you doing here? " I asked
"You know you could have stayed at one of the family houses instead of a lousy hotel with little security." he mentioned.
I chuckled quietly. "And get to deal with your family again, absolutely not if you stay the fuck away from me and act like you don't know me maybe your enemies won't fucking come after me, especially that bastard brother of yours.." I muttered as he smiled.
"Hilarious.." he rolled his eyes unimpressed with my humor. "My father wants to see you again.." he said while I looked back at him coldly. "He's making me the next acting heir..." my heart dropped for a second.
"What happened? " I asked.
"It's complicated...." he stated as his phone rang. I didn't understand the only reason that could happen is if the the firstborn is dead, he noticed my expression and didn't bother to answer the call. "My brother isn't dead after hiding from his family I met him, the reason for my father's action is unknown." he answered while I nodded. "Then I can't come, I'll be busy looking into investigations but you can tell me how everything went.." I said as he chuckled to himself. "You won't easily forgive me, will you? " he said as I smile and pointed at the door. "Get out I'm working." instead he crawled up to me, his face was close to mine I stared into his eyes trying not to go red successfully. "You're still the same Mandy how long are you going to keep pushing me away? " he trying kissing me but I place the back of my palm over my lips as he kissed my palm, with that I push his face away from mine.
"Don't make me regret taking this decision." I said getting up and retreating to the restroom.

It's been a week after the bombing incident, I followed Darren and Haven to the new base it was in Denver, we had to at first cover our tracks I didn't want to be useless so I helped creating a decoy incase the Cunningham's try to track us again they can't this time.
The house was different and took a long time getting used to it looked simple from the outside and it was in a nice neighborhood no one would expect gangsters to live there, when we got there everything was ready except I didn't have clothes of my own yet so I went shopping with Maria because she stayed in Denver too but wasn't allowed to come near the house for her safety, mingling with us was bad as it is but she didn't care, I noticed she was sparked with excitement whenever the guys wanted something to do with her except for the first day we met.
She always try her best and it might be my own crazy thoughts I think she's jealous I get to do all those crazy things with the guys cause that's all she ever ask or talk to me about.
"I'll give anything to go on a mission with the guys." she muttered unkowningly for the third time today after paying for our bags.
"You didn't have to Maria.." Darren already gave me a black card and told me to go crazy with it, like seriously how rich is he and the rest of the guys.
"You're silly of course I have to besides the cost aren't that much." she said and I let her pay any way. "Then I guess I can pay you back." I insisted.
"You don't have to, I don't mind paying you are important to the guys and anything important to them is important to me, taking care of this is another way of helping the guys even though I can't actually do anything." she said.
"Important ??" I chuckled. "Don't play games with me Quinn you're important to the guys don't you notice ?" she raises her voice.
"Only because they have to it's not anything special it's just like a symbiotic relationship, they protect me and I try to help by filling in for missions." I said as she rolled her eyes and we picked our bags, I was wearing shades and a large sun had to hide my hair, I even wore a turtle neck to hide the necklace.
Maria wore a peach halter dress looking sexy as usual. "That's not true, if they didn't care about you, you'd be dead to be honest the guys are like brothers and you don't know it but those brothers are already attached to you." she pointed at me directly pressing my nose while I tried to process all what she said to me. "Attached ?" I voiced as she hummed.
"I get that the guys are nice and Erwin annoying the shit out of me but I won't call that attached, I can't see it."
How can I see it and conquer it when I don't even know what it is?
"Then see it, open your eyes and conquer what you're afraid of and accept it now before its too late." somehow those words scared me but I didn't know why?
I felt a hand on my hair. "You should really consider dying your hair again I bet the guys will be in awe if you changed it to another color plus if you're being wanted you shouldn't wear a particular color all the time."
Damn this girl should be working with the guys not me she knows her stuff right.
"Which color should I go for? " I asked as she turned to look at me for four seconds.
"We could bleach it... " she noticed how scared I was and just laughed. "I'm joking, let's go with havana brown.." she came prepared bringing out a small box with the color of havana brown written on the box.
"Since we're still in the mall we can still get your hair dyed, come on I know a place that can give you the best hair dye." she said dragging me to the salon.

To be continued

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