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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 29



My Virgin Maid-Chapter 29

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe

       DAVIS POV 

I drove to Aunt Ruby's place burning in anger, I will so strangle her when I get there. No one messes with John!

I got to her clubhouse soon and got down from my car. I looked for a stick around me and good for me I found one large one.

I dragged it inside the club, people were chatting, laughing, making out and so on. In anger I moved to where the bulbs were and started to hit the stick on them.

They shattered to the ground and I heard the ladies scream. I moved to the stage and also targeted the glass where the strippers were always kept.

I broke all of the mercilessly, they all started running out of the clubhouse. I stopped and walked to Aunt Ruby's office.

I barged in and I saw her walking out too. Immediately she saw me she jumped back in fear, and when she saw the stick in my hand her eyes widened.

"Davis what is going on?" She stammered as I walked close to her frowning😈.

"You asking me!!!?? After plotting with Mr Boston to hurt John!" I yelled grabbing her by the neck.

"What are you talking about." She struggled to say making more furious.

"Don't you dare ask me that!!! You gave Mr Boston our address to come capture Charlotte after John told you he isn't ready to release her." I yelled still holding her neck firmly.

She struggled with my hands but I didn't release it one bit. 

"John is my brother!! He has been there right from when I was very little and you had the guts to work hand-in-hand with Mr Boston to hurt him!" I smacked again.

"I am sorry, he threatened to take my life." She managed to say, and I dropped my hands from her neck.

"Tell me where he lives!" I said pacing in front of her.

"I can't. He will come after me." She said shaking her head.

"Oh really!" I yelled hitting the windows with the stick in my hands.

"Please stop!!" She screamed.

"I will f**king destroy this clubhouse if you don't tell me where is lives!" I smacked and she nodded in tears.

"Speak!" I yelled and she flinched.

"He lives down the street, the only house painted in green." She said admits tears.

"You should have spoken up earlier. Now let me make this clear, if I see you or Mr Boston anywhere close to Charlotte or John, I swear I will not only take your clubhouse, I will take your lives!" I smacked throwing the stick on the floor and walking out.

"You are dead Boston, you have messed with the wrong person." I said hopping into my car and driving back to the hospital.


I sat nervously waiting for Davis to arrive. I wonder what he had gone to do, I pray he doesn't cause any more problems.

I looked at the door and I saw Davis storm in. I stood up and rushed to him.

"Is the doctor out?" He asked looking really sweaty.

"No. What did you do Davis?" I asked staring at him.

"I went to look for information." He said walking to the ward. 
Soon, the doctor came out of the ward.

"Sir how is he?" I asked fearfully.

"He is out of danger." The doctor said and I sighed in relieve. 

"Can we see him?" Davis asked.

"Yes.. But, you have to leave early. He needs to rest." He said and we nodded.

He left and we walked into the ward, I saw John laid on the bed with bandages on his head and leg. My eyes heated up with tears as I saw him.

"Baby I am sorry." I said in tears as I walked up to him.

He opened his eyes to look at him and I saw him smile. He stretched his hand to me weakly and I held it kissing it.

"I am sorry. I made you go through this." I said as my tears dropped on his hands.

"No Charlotte, it is not your fault. I love you and I can't just let him take my happiness away from me. This is worth it." He said smiling and I broke into more tears.

I don't deserve him at all, he is just too perfect for me. 

"Thank you." I said hugging him. I raised up my head and he used his thumb to clean the tears from my face.

"Can't wait till you are fine. Missing you already." Davis said smiling.

"I miss your big head too. How was where you went?" He asked smiling.
He tried sitting up and he winced in pain.

"Don't, the doctor said you need adequate rest." I said placing my hand on his chest.

"The fire was set by someone, the cops gave the report." He said sadly.

"What? Who will do that?" I asked in shock and John nodded in agreement.

"I don't know. But what I am sure of is that the person did it to hurt her, he/she knows she cherishes that studio." He said sighing.

"That is wickedness. Bianca is very nice, she would never hurt anyone." I said sadly and they both nodded.

"I will get that person and I swear I won't spare him/her." I said clenching my jaw.

"You have to be careful Davis. Don't put yourself in troubles." John said looking at him.

"Thank Bro. I know what to do." He said smiling.

He looked at me smiling widely and I couldn't help but blush.

"I thought I would never see your face again." He said touching my cheeks.

"That will never happen, please don't ever think like that again." I said smiling.

"I knew right from the very beginning you are a blessing to me. Thank God I was at the club that day." He said and I smiled widely.

"And thank God I didn't try escaping that day. I would have missed loving you." I said kissing him deeply.

"Hun hun... I am still here!" Davis said coughing fairly making us laugh.

"Charlotte please can you excuse us? I want to talk to Davis, you know, guys to guys talk." He said winking.

"Sure." I said after staring at both of them suspiciously. What does he want to discuss with Davis that he can't say in front of me.

"I will be back." I said taking a look at both of them who were grinning widely before walking out of the ward.


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