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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 30



My Virgin Maid-Chapter 30

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe

   ... AT JOHN'S MANSION....


Since i left Davis and John in the hospital ward, they have been so secretive. Sometimes I meet both of them talking , and they change the topic instantly smiling widely.

I walked to the living room and I met them discussing, they were looking very serious. Immediately they saw me they started laughing.

"Guys enough of the pretence what is going on guys?" I asked folding my hands under my b**bs.

"It is nothing Charlotte, nevermind." Davis said smiling.

"John..." I said staring at him.

"Charlotte, it is just a boy to boy talk." He said walking to me and hugging me.

"Don't bribe me.." I said pushing him away slightly.

The door bell rang and we all diverted our attention to the door.

"I will get it." Davis said running to the door.

I looked at John rolling my eyes while he pouted his lips like a baby trying to beg me.

"Bianca!" John said hugging her.

"Charlotte." She said walking to me while I opened my arms to hug her.

"Bianca, how are you?" I asked kissing her cheeks.

"Not so fine." She replied kissing John's cheeks too.

"What is wrong?" Davis asked as we all sat on the couch. I was close to John, while Davis sat near Bianca.

"I know who set my studio on fire." She said and we all looked at her nervously.

"Tell who that bastard is!!" Davis roared in anger.

"It is Angelica." She said sadly.

"What!!!" We all chorused at the same time.

"Yes, I was shocked when I knew too." She said sighing.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"She told me herself, saying she did it to punish me because of the day I slapped her because of you." She said sighing.

"That girl is evil." John said angrily.

"Bianca, it is because she is your sister she isn't dead by now. What do we do?" Davis asked trying to calm down.

"Trust me Davis, I made sure I destroyed her face with my spanks. As long has her face is still swallon she can't do any shoot." She said smiling.

"That isn't enough. I will report the case to the MD of her company, I am sure her services won't be needed." Davis said firmly.

"Isn't that too much?" I asked in sympathy.

"She destroyed what I have been building my whole life, I have lost my job. She has to lose hers too." She said and I nodded knowing she was right.

"That aside. How is Mr Boston's issue?" She asked smiling.

"I was really shocked with Davis action on that issue." John said smiling.

"Davis went to that mans house after getting information from Aunt Ruby. He beat him to a pulp before handing him over to the cops." I said smiling.

"Really? You did that?" Bianca asked him smiling.

"Yes, no one messes with my love ones. I showed him the stuff I am made off." He said proudly and she kissed him shyly.

"Awwwn." John and I said grinning stupidly.

        🍧 JOHN'S POV 🍧

"Guys I think this calls for celebration, how enemies have been dearly punished for their crimes." I said.

"Yes, so we are going out!" Davis said jumping up.

"Really? Can't we just do it here?" Charlotte asked rolling her eyes. I know she still wants to know what Davis and I have been discussing.

She will know very very soon.

"Charlotte it will be fun." Bianca said happily.

"Hmm okay, I will go change." She said standing up.

"We will be waiting love." I said chuckling and she shoot me a deadly look making me laugh.

Davis ran to me whispering something in my ear.

"We are going to a restaurant. The one we planned." He said and I nodded smiling.

"What is going on with you two? I have been noticing you for some days now." Bianca said narrowing her eyes.

"Not you again." Davis said sighing.

"Am set!" Charlotte said walking to us.

Oh God she was looking so stunning.

"Stop drooling and let's move." She said walking away from my front.

"You look beautiful." Bianca said smiling.

"Thanks dearie. Let's move out." She said as they both walked out of the house.

"This will be so shocking!!" Davis yelled happily and I jumped up happily.

We walked out of the house moving to the car. I sat at the front to drive and Charlotte also sat beside me in front.

John and Bianca sat close to each other at the back of the car.

"So where are we heading to?" Bianca asked anxiously.

"You will be shocked!" Davis said chuckling.

"I pray." Charlotte said sighing.


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