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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 28



My Virgin Maid-Chapter 28

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


I was died scared as I stood behind John staring at Mr Boston.

"Don't leave my back." John said holding the lamp stand firmly. I nodded fearfully still looking at Mr Boston who couldn't take his gaze off me.

The guys walked to us holding hockey sticks and John faced them with great bravery.

They all attacked him at the same time and he started hitting them with the lamp stand before they even got to him.

The fight grew intense and the guys were starting to beat John. Mr Boston stood up and started walking up to me smirking wickedly.

I moved back slowly looking back to find something I could hit on his head. And fortunately I was close to the wooden sculpture at the corner of the living room.

"Come to me baby." He said stretching his hands to me. I shook my head still moving back until I got to where the sculpture was, and I held it firmly not letting him notice.

"Don't make it hard Charlotte, I will take care of you." He said as he got very close to me. I closed my eyed and aggressively I lifted up the sculpture and hit it on his head.

Everyone looked at us in shock and I saw Mr Boston go down. While the guys were still looking at him, I passed the Sculpture to John and he started hitting them hard with it.

In no time, they were all on the floor groaning in pain. Blood kept dripping from John's body and I felt great sympathy for him.

"All of you get out now, or I end your lives here." John yelled, and they quickly ran out of the house carrying Mr Boston with them.

I saw John fall to the ground weakly and I rushed to him in tears. 

"John." I called carrying his head up in my hands. He blinked his eyes weakly and I could see he was really hit on the head.

"Charlotte." I called weakly.

"I am here love." I said in tears.

"I am in pains, I may not survive it." He said tiredly.

"John please don't say that. You are not going to die." I said shaking my head as nose began to run.

"Take care of yourself. I love you." He said ad his eyes closed and his head fell backwards.

"John!!! Please no, please don't!!! I will die if you go." I said in tears. 

I quickly stood up to my feet hanging his hand across my neck.

"You will be fine, please be brave! I will take you to the hospital now okay? Please wait." I said walking to the door crying profusely. I couldn't even see the wat clearly because of my tears.

         DAVIS POV 

I drove home thinking about Bianca's studio. It was reported by the cops that the fire was set and wasn't an accident.

Who could have dons this cruel act? I was so hurt when I saw Bianca broken down in tears. I swear I will catch that person and kill him with my own hands.

I got home and drove into the compound to see Charlotte walking out of the house with John. His head was dropped facing the floor.

What is going on? I stopped my car very fast and ran to her. I got closer to see John dripping blood and Charlotte was in tears.

"Jesus Christ!!! What happened!" I yelled holding John.

"Please let's take him to the hospital first. I will explain everything." Charlotte stammered. We moved him to the car quickly and I jumped into the car with Charlotte driving to the closet hospital.

I wasn't myself anymore. Why in one day! Bianca's studio got burnt, and now John heavily wounded! What is going on.

Charlotte kept weeping throughout the drive. He drove roughly into the hospital compound and jumped down and carried John out of the car.

Charlotte ran to into the hospital calling on the nurses and they met me at the door with a stretcher.

They placed him on it and pushed him to a ward very fast. Charlotte ran after then crying and I did the same too.

"Charlotte he will be fine, but please tell me what happened." I said to her.

"Not long after you left, Some guys barged into the house saying John should release me to them. Mr Boston was the !mastermind of the plan. He came out and ordered the guys to beat John and get me." She mumbled.

"Mr Boston? The same one you guys talked about?" I asked in fury.

"Yes. John fought back but they overpowered him, they were to many for him. Mr Boston walked up to me to get me but I defended myself by hitting him on the head with the wooden sculpture." She added.

"OMG!!!! I will so kill that man!" I yelled kicking the wall.

"He fell to the ground and I passed John the sculpture which he used to beat them to a pulp. They ran away and I saw John go down weakly." She said bursting into another fresh tears.

"I need to go somewhere, please wait here for me." I said fuming in anger.

"Where are you going?" She asked looking at me with her teary face and that even vexed me the more.

"To Aunt Ruby, Surely she will know about this and I am going to teach her a lesson." I said walking away not wanting to here her reply.

I swear I will kill her if she doesn't tell me where that bastard is. I will add all pains of today together and strangle her real good.

I hopped into my car and started it, zooming off to Aunt's Ruby's clubhouse.

         BIANCA'S POV 

I sat in my room still down in tears. I built that studio with my sweat, no one ever helped me build it. Now someone destroyed it all in one night.

My door opened and Angelica walked in grinning evilly.

"How was it?" She smirked.

"How was what?" I asked cleaning my teary face.

"I noticed you look more beautiful when you cry. So I thought of doing something to make you cry." She said giggling.

"Angelica what are you insinuating? Are you behind what happened to my studio!" I smacked jumping up from my bed.

"You know when you slapped me I thought, what can I do to make you know I will always be your elder sister. So i thought playing with some fuel and matches near your studio." She said laughing wickedly.

"How dare you!!!" I yelled walking close to her.

"You can't do anything to me Bianca, next time you will learn to respect me." She said turning to walk out.

I rushed to her and dragged her to me by her hair and she yelled in pain.

"I can't do anything hun? I will show you the stuff I am made off." I smacked hitting her hard continuously.

She cried out and that even angered me the more. I pushed her to the floor and sat on her still hitting her angrily.

Her face turned red as I kept doing it and I saw her lips burst. She screamed louder and mother quickly rushed into the room.

"Bianca!! Are you insane? How dare you hit your sister!" She yelled rescuing her from me.

"Ask her what she did!" I yelled looking at her. Her face was swollen already due to the hitting I gave her.

"No matter what she did, you shouldn't hit her like this!" Mother said angrily.

"Oh really? Even when she burnt down my studio!!!" I yelled and I saw shock on Mother's face.

"Why don't you train her well!! I built that studio with my own earned money, and because she was suffering for her wrong she burnt it down.!" I added breathing very hard.

"Angelica is this true?" Mother asked her and she couldn't talk. Mother sighed heavily looking at me with a sorry face.

"I am sorry Bianca." She said walking to me. 

"Mother don't come close. You made her like this, if you told her the truth always all this wouldn't have happened." I said angrily.

"Thank your star mother came to save you, I will have kept biting you till you lose your miserable life! Now get out!!" I yelled angrily. 

She and mother rushed out of the room and I slammed the door behind them in full fury.

Lets see how she would continue her modeling career.


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