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Just Us Episode 23


Just Us Episode 23

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



But there's one look I am actually curious about." Fynn said and pursed his lips into the thinnest line ever. 

"Okay and what look is that?" I asked..

"The type of look where someone gets smitten by just a kiss." He stated. 

And I didn't know why. Why my stupid heart skipped a beat. 

I forced a laugh. "What the hell are you talking about all of a sudd--

His lips on mine suddenly stopped me from talking. 


 I didn't know how to act, should I walk away. Or should reciprocate. I was lost. 

My first kiss. I mean, I didn't even know when my hand slid across his face and I slightly opened my mouth to let his bottom lip slid in. 

 It was my first kiss, the way my blood ignited and the way some strange sparks went up my body, made me want to kiss even more, it was strange, Unfamiliar but yet your lips just goes with the flow. And you never really want to end the journey.  It was breath seizing but yet enjoyable, my hand slid around his neck pressing him down into me even more. Wow I didn't even know I could do this or even kiss someone. 

 Fynn's hand slid around my waist and he pulled me closer to his body, we were loosing our breaths we were also loosing our minds but we never wished to stop. 

It was more than magical, I used to think healing faster than normal was magical, but this was more magical, the warmth that followed our lips, it was nerve-racking at the same time excitement and pleasure was dancing along. 

 We were both out of breath and slowly entangled our lips from each other's, breathing heavily in our faces, fynn's nose rested against mine and after catching a breath or two we continued, the never ending journey. 

"Sorry to interrupt!" we suddenly heard, and the excitement, the nervousness, the pleasure, everything that was following minutes ago, suddenly died down hearing that familiar. 

 We both turned and it was Jane, walking towards the balcony. 

   I let go of fynn's neck but he didn't let go of my waist, I had to remove his hand. 

 "Ja..ne what are you doing here?" I laughed nervously. 

"Sorry to interrupt though" Jane apologized once again, her eyes were puffy and I think she had been crying. 

Oh poor Jane. 

"No you didn't interrupt anything." I quickly said. 

"Anyways mom wants to talk to us all and she wants you to come downstairs" Jane said. 

"Oh." I said walking up to her, I paused and turned to Fynn and looking at him, my face heat up. 

I couldn't believe what just happened. 

"Uhm… Fynn, goodnight, looks like I have to go now." I said and he nodded and waved me goodbye. I quickly head out of the balcony and closed him giving Fynn one last look before heading out of my room with Jane. 

   We both came down the stairs and walked into the living room, to see Jennifer with her phone in her hand.   Her mom and dad in front of her sitting on one of the couch and looking serious. 

  I greeted politely and my aunt told me to seat beside Jennifer. I did so and Jane sat beside me. 


"Okay so, we called you all here to tell you-

" About the business trip you'd be attending we get it" Jennifer interrupted getting a glare from her mom. 

" just shut up and listen" Jane added giving Jennifer another death glare… 

Jennifer rolled her eyes and rested her back against the couch angrily. 

"Okay so frank and I will be going on a business trip and won't be coming back until seven days, and now these are the rules I want you girls to follow."  my aunt said and began stating the rules.

"No staying up late, no friends over, unless, you all have to study, no going at other friend's place. No fighting, cook and eat, do not order food from outside,  no junk food and once again no fighting, Bella you're in charge." My aunt stated and I nodded. 

"Bella's Incharge seriously?  Jennifer rolled her eyes. 

Jane sighed "Of course Bella is the oldest and besides Bella and I you're the least smartest, you're dumb and I'm older than you, so do not complain". 

"Older than me with four minutes, stop acting like you're way Older." Jennifer retorted. 

"Two seconds, just a second I'm still Older." Jane said angrily, I know she's still pretty mad about that Sean stuff with Jennifer but doesn't want to show it not knowing she's showing it already. 

"For once can you both not fight." their tired looking dad yelled and they both stopped talking. 

"Good" my aunt smiled., "Now remember the rules your dad and I made and Bella is in charge, you listen to her now, we'll be taking the early flight tomorrow. If you girls run out of anything, call me immediately. Don't go a day without eating, don't skip your meals and especially don't sleep late. It's bad for your health. "  Their mother explained and they both nodded simultaneously. 

 What a mom, it's just seven days not a whole year or even a month. I remembered when my dad went on business trips like this, I was always home alone. I order and eat pizza like almost every day, I didn't stay up late, and even when I ran out of food I didn't bother my dad. And he went on that trip for three weeks. 

My aunt stood up. "Okay we've said what needs to be said, now time to get enough rest and prepare for the journey ahead." My aunt said before descending to her room with her husband. 

 The idea of being in charge made my heart melt a little bit, I mean they've finally see that I'm here and that's  enough. 

 "Hey wait! Mom, I have something to talk about with you." Jennifer yelled as she hurried to her mom's room. 

 Jane sighed and stood up. "Okay then, goodnight. We should probably get ready to go to bed." 

"Yeah" I agreed standing up too. 

 "You should get some sleep to, like go to sleep, don't kiss" she teased and my heart skipped a beat.

 "Well goodnight" I quickly said and head to my room. 

 I closed the door to my room and the heavy sighed that followed made me roll my eyes, why am I overreacting. 

 I walked to the doors of my balcony and from the glass doors I could see the balcony was now empty. Fynn was gone. 

Thank goodness. 

 I tired on my bed and watched the ceiling. 

 I didn't know when I started to smile. 

 That night I slept thinking about… you know. 

 The next morning, my alarm woke me up, and immediately I opened my eyes, I felt some kind of uneasiness around my stomach. 

   While taking my bath, I almost lost it by puking two times. 

 What's wrong with me. 


 I put on my clothes and brushed my hair, I tucked both side of my hair behind my ears before opening the door to my room and walking out. 

   I came downstairs and when I walked outside to the garage, I saw the twins, complaining about something in front of the car. 

"What's wrong?" I asked the both of them. 

"Oh, just that, dad used to be the one to drive us to school and now he's gone and none of can drive a car." Jane explained. 

"Why didn't mom think of that and now we have to walk to school, or at least she could have rented a driver for us." Jennifer complained. 

 "Well are you with the car keys.?" I asked looking at the two of them. 

"Yeah, I've got them, why?" Jennifer asked. 

"Give it to me." I said stretching out my hands. 

"What? Can you can drive a car?" she rolled her eyes. 

 "Why would I be asking for the car keys if I don't know how to drive a car, I used to drive my dad's truck. So this is nothing big" I said and Jennifer let go of the keys in my palm. 

  They both got in the car, Jennifer at the backseat, Jane at the passenger's seat and me sitting at the driver's seat. 

 I started the car and before they knew it, we were on the road… 

And She was doubting my driving skills, I learned how to drive a car at fourteen and was allowed to actually drive alone at sixteen. My dad had fun teaching me. And I had fun learning from him… 

 I reduced the car speed to that on the one the roads want and continued driving. 

 Suddenly that uneasiness came again. 

 What is wrong with me! 

  Everything in front of my eyes starts to get double and I groaned… 

"Are you okay!?" Jane asked.

"Yeah… I'm.. 

I suddenly saw Fynn in front of my eyes and it came like a flash. I closed  my eyes and opened them again,  and my sight cleared.

 What the hell. 

This shouldn't happen now whatever's happening to me. Shouldn't happen now I'm driving. 

   I shook my head and focused on the road…

 Thankfully nothing happened again till we finally got to school. 

 The girls went inside the school while I parked the car. 

  I got to class and head to my seat, Fynn was seated there already and he smiled seeing me. 

 "Hey good morning". 

"Morning." I said and sat down. My head was now heavy and it feels like I'm carrying the whole world on my head. 

 I laid my head on my desk and sighed heavily. 

This isn't from the necklace is it?. 

 "Bella.?" I heard Fynn called. 

"Are you okay?" he asked…

"Yes I'm… No I'm not" I lowly said. He's the only person I can talk to about this, cause what if it's from the necklace… 

 "Well okay can you raise your head up?" Fynn asked and I slowly turned to his side to look at him, but I couldn't raise my head up, it was so heavy. 

"I can't." I said to him. "What's wrong with me?" I asked him. 

 He slowly bent his head towards mine and brought his face closer to mine. He made his forehead touched mine and he closed his eyes… Anybody would think we were kissing, what the hell is he doing. 

 All of a sudden I was myself again. No uneasiness No heaviness from my head. I sad totally fine.

 Fynn slowly raised his head up closing one of his eyes. He looked like he was now in pain. 

"Fynn. Are you okay!?" I asked anxiously. 

"Wow. Is this what you're feeling, this is definitely from the necklace." Fynn said holding his head. 

"What?" I was lost. 

 He turned to me with pain. "it's okay, you're fine now."  he tried to smile. 

"What? What happened?" I was worried. Why is he suddenly in pain and why I am I not. 

"It's okay, I transferred the pain in you, to me, this way I can… 

He suddenly passed out. 

"Fynn." I called and shook him but he wouldn't wake up. I was about to call out for help when he slowly opened his eyes. 

"Oh My God." I breathed a sigh of relief…

"The necklace, is wearing off." Fynn said… "And don't worry I'm fine now.". 

"What do you mean wearing off." I said as I glanced down at the necklace. 

"if the necklace is wearing off then it means, your blood that has been imprinted on it, is wearing off and it's losing its life with yours, and the moments it wears off permanently, you'll… Well it's bad, and you shouldn't let that happen." Fynn said.

"What? I don't understand." I said. I was completely lost. Isn't it a good thing if the necklace is not imprinted to my life. Why would it be bad if it wears off permanently. 

T. B. C 

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