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Just Us Episode 22


Just Us Episode 22

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



 After having lunch with Fynn we both went back to class and bumped into Sophie. 

Like seriously. 

   She rolled her eyes and walked passed us. 

"Don't acknowledge that." I reminded Fynn. He's pretty soft.

  Well that's how it was with Sophie around us for the whole day and I didn't have a problem hanging out with Fynn, he was being pretty funny. 

 Sophie is old news now. 

We can be friends again anytime she stops being a bitch, I don't mind.

  School was over and before I knew it, Fynn and I were waiting at the bus stop, I don't know if it's because of us but Sophie didn't take the bus. Or maybe she will and doesn't want to show up yet. 

 The bus finally came and as we got in the bus, I suddenly start to hear my name from afar and outside the bus…


The bus had start to move and I saw Jane, running and trying to catch up with the bus. 

 I quickly hurried over to the driver… "Can you please stop the bus, please.  You have a new passenger." I said and the driver stopped the bus and the door to the bus open. 

 Jane caught up with the bus breathing heavily and I helped her get on the bus. 

She thanked me and paid for her seat before walking with me to the back of the bus. Where Fynn was. 

The back seats are always the best. 

  Jane sat in between Fynn and I and breathed a sigh of relief or should I say a tired sigh. 

"Hey Fynn." she smiled at Fynn. 

"HI" Fynn smiled back. 

"looks like you're just running for the first time in sixteen years, are you okay?" I asked cause she was still breathing rapidly. 

"Yeah… I'm fine." she nodded dragging her water bottle from her backpack and gulping the whole liquid down. 


My cousin is pretty lazy. 

"So… where's Sophie I thought she always hangs out with the two of you." Jane said. 

"Well… She's suddenly thinks we're both annoying and doesn't want to hang out with us anymore." Fynn explained. 

"Wh..what? You're not annoying, none of you are." Jane protested. 

"Thank you for seeing that" I smiled at her. 

"Since she thinks we're annoying we just did what has to be done. We stayed away from her. Anyways why are you taking the bus today?" I asked changing the subject. 

"Remember… Sean and I aren't together anymore and even though you tell me to still be friends with him and his friends it's still pretty awkward around us and we both keep pretending we're fine. But we're not, he shouldn't pretend, cause I mean he started this whole thing, he should not be fine and also should be fine at the same time, he wants me back I can see it but why did he break up with me in the first place." Jane questioned looking at her fingernails.

"I don't know, we'll never understand boys" I said.

"No boys are pretty easy to understand, not all boys actually, but Sean is easy to read, and I hope what I'm suspecting is not the reason he broke up with me" Jane sighed. 

I didn't want to ask but I asked anyways "What are you suspecting?" 

 Jane looked at me, she wanted to say something but she shook her head. "it's nothing, I just don't hope it's what I'm thinking". 

Fine. She doesn't want to tell me.

 The three of us became quiet until Fynn started..  "I don't think boys are hard to understand. I think girls are the ones hard to understand". 

"You think so." Jane laughed.

"Yeah, Cause Bella's pretty hard to read." Fynn blurted. 

 I looked at him…

"Why would you want to read or understand Bella." Jane smiled.

"Because she's always so quiet and gets mad so easily you don't know what's going on in her head." Fynn expound.

 "I don't get mad easily." I defended. 

"You sure do. Cause every little thing I do, I get scolded by you, and then you end up asking me if I'm crazy."  Fynn half yelled. 

 And Jane wouldn't stop laughing. 

"That's because you do crazy things." I yelled back. 

"Okay okay can you two stop yelling at each other" Jane laughed "You're both annoying the few people in the bus". She added and we both calm down… 

Jane swallowed her laughs and turned to Fynn.

"You can't blame Bella Fynn, she's an introvert and that's what they do" 

"So you're taking her side because… 

"I'm taking no sides, I don't know what you did for you to be scolded but you can never understand Bella. She keeps her problems, and feelings in box inside her head she won't open." Jane said demonstrating with her hands.

"A box?" Fynn repeated.

"What box? What the hell Jane. I don't have a box" I rolled my eyes. 

Jane sighed with a smile. "You may not know. But you have a box and maybe somebody you'll finally let the people around you know what you're thinking, quietness isn't always the answer, show how you feel, feel free to voice out whatever you want, even though you're getting a good or bad consequence never forget to always say it, open the box or even break the box" Jane elucidated. 

"Okay mom." I teased and she laughed. 

 Finally the bus stopped and we all came down..

 The road was empty and quiet as alway and the three of us walked home happily. 

 We didn't say much but we mostly talked about birds cause a bird suddenly came flying around our heads and our subject suddenly switched to birds. 

   Jane and I said goodbye to Fynn as we got home and he waved back before we both disappeared into the house. 

  Jane head to her room after saying she'll be back that we should both prepare dinner together… I really like how she is now towards me. Cause all I ever wanted In this house is to be recognised, cause no one wants to experience being invisible, you also act like you don't care but deep down you care and also want to be seen by others. 

 I went to my room and stripped, throwing my backpack on my bed, I made it to the bathroom and took a very cold shower that matched with my skin which had bathed under the hot sun for too long. 

 I changed into one of my comfortable dress and made it downstairs to see Jane in the living room and on her phone. 

She hanged up and turned to me. "Oh you're ready. So what should we have for dinner, and shouldn't be that hard to prepare." Jane grinned. 

I smiled. "Lately, I've been craving for lasagna, should we have that." 

"Lasagna sounds great," Jane replied rubbing her tummy in a funny way. 

  We both got to  cooking, both of us wearing an apron, cause Jane said we should and both of our hairs up and in a bun.

  Finally food was ready and we both sat the beginning of the dining table to enjoy our dinner. 

  We both ate quietly until Jane said. 

 "I think Fynn likes you." 

 I looked up at her and she smiled.

"I mean, I saw it today, in the bus, even when we made it out of the bus, he had to say everything that was connected to you somehow, and why did he say you're hard to understand, why would he want to be able to understand and read you if he doesn't likes you. Don't you see?" Jane stated. 

Wow, she can really expiate some things. 

"I… I… don't even know what to say." I said what came to my mind. 

Jane smiled. "You don't have to say anything just know. I'm pretty good at observing things." 

"Then why didn't you clearly observe your relationship." Jennifer's voice said from the door of the dinning room and Jane and I our heads snapped at the door together to see Jennifer walking in. 

"Just because Fynn told you he wanted to understand and read Bella doesn't mean he likes her." Jennifer said. 

 "of course like that explains it all, so get lost" Jane said and continued eating. 

"So you guys are having dinner without me, ouch. Anyways Bella don't feel too high and mighty Fynn likes you for now cause I can take any boy I want to, just like how I did with Sea--. 

 Jennifer quickly stopped talking but she already got bursted. 

"What did you just say?" Jane asked slowly dropping her fork and standing up. "Did you just say Sean? Like that was how you did with Sean. My Sean?" Jane was fuming. 

"Oops looks like I said that out loud by mistake." Jennifer giggle. 

 I didn't know when the fork Jane had dropped went flying over the table and landing on Jennifer's face. 

"Jane" I quickly stood up, that would have gotten into her eyes and would get really bad. 

But Jennifer is just so… ugh I don't even know what to call her. How can she do this to her sister. Making Sean break up with Jane. 

"I can't believe you, you disgust me." Jane held back the tears that was about to fall. 

I thought Jane was going to go fight but she walked out of the room leaving her sister to rub her head. Now that's what we call maturity. 

 My whole night was spent consoling Jane and she really didn't want to cry, she held It all in as she explained to me how she had been susoevtibg Jennifer and ever since she kissed Sean, she said she promised herself not to cry for two irresponsibles. 

 I'm glad she's strong enough…


 I head back to my room that night and made it on my bed. And just like I expected, Fynn knocked on my balcony door, it's like I can tell whenever he's Here isn't that strange. 

 I opened the doors and walked out of my room and into the balcony closing the doors behind us 

"You're here again tonight." I sighed resting my hands on the railings of the balcony. 

"Like I said I can't miss a night without coming here." he smiled making me glance at him. 

I scoff. 

"What a weird routine you have." 

 I suddenly remembered Jane telling me how Fynn likes me and I gulped. 

Is that true? I asked myself as I looked at Fynn. 

"What?" he asked as he caught me looking at him. 

   "Nothing." I looked away. 

Why did I have to look at him… That way. 

"You like me don't you?" Fynn asked teasingly. 

"What are you talking about." I rolled my eyes. I was supposed to ask that. 

"Then why were you looking at me like that." he questioned.

"looking at you, I looked at you, so what, looking at someone doesn't explain whether or not you like that person." I explained.

"It doesn't but some looks do." Fynn smirked. 

"And how long have you observe the type of look on people and actually knows the one that yells. 'I like you!'..." I said and he laughed.

"You may not know, but I do know Bella. But there's one look I am actually curious about." He said and pursed his lips into the thinnest line ever. 

"Okay and what look is that?" I asked..

"The type of look where someone gets smitten by just a kiss." He stated. 

And I didn't know why. Why my stupid heart skipped a beat. 

I forced a laugh. "What the hell are you talking about all of a sudd--

His lips on mine suddenly stopped me from talking. 

T. B. C 

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