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Just Us Episode 18


Just Us Episode 18

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 


    "Ha-ha very funny" Fynn said with a small smile. 

"I was hoping to practice with you!" Fynn said. 

I turned to him. "You're crazy."

"And why am I crazy about practing to kiss before kissing my actual girlfriend" Fynn ranted. 

"Because its improper and a very stupid idea. You know what? Since you cast spells or whatever magic or gift you call that, before kissing Sophie you can use you gift and make your lips know the word kiss before kissing her. And now can we please stop talking about kissing. " I rushed my words and he laughed. 

I sighed and turned back to the night sky.

  "You were the one who started the kissing stuff, why are you suddenly getting tired of it" Fynn smiled. 

"Probably because you made it awkward." I replied. 

 We both remained silent until Fynn asked… 

"Bella, do you believe in anything?". 

I turned to him. "Anything? I don't understand". 

"Yeah like, You do believe any thing's possible right?" He asked. 

"Yeah, well thanks to you, I didn't think any one could actually fly or could make their eyes glow, I mean it's creepy and all but at the same time creative and also possible because you did it" I said and he let out his breathtaking smile. 

 Honestly he has a fine smile. 

Sophie's lucky 

"Do you believe I can actually get what I want?" he asked. 

 "Why not!" I replied. "You're gifted you probably have everything wrapped under your palm, I believe with your gift, you can do another" I smiled at him. 

 He sadly looks down at his palm. "I don't think I can have this one with Magic." He said.

"What? Really? Okay what is this stuff you want to get so badly." I asked. 

"It's not a stuff" He corrected. 

"Oh sorry, okay then what is this important thing…. You want so badly" i demonstrated with my hand. 

"Well I see it everyday and I want it, Jojo likes it too." Fynn smiled. 

"Oh really, Wow, it must be something really expensive". I said. 

 Fynn shook his head negatively. "It's not a thing. And don't worry I hope I can get it one day". 

"Yeah, sure one day.!" I said and turned my head back to the sky. 

I sighed. "Since one day comes for everyone, I hope it comes for me too." 

"What do you want?" Fynn asked.

"What do you mean?" 

"In life… What do you need or want to achieve, is there a particular thing in that mind of yours?" Fynn asked. 

 I sighed. "Honestly, I don't know.  You know ever since my dad died and I have to live here now, I've just been living like living, cause my dad's little sister doesn't really like me and even though I want to actually do something I don't know if I'd get her support, so I'm just actually living for the sake of living, waking up everyday, going to school, One day I'll graduate and go to college, and maybe after college I'd get married and have kids and then grow old and die. I mean isn't that what goes on.?" 

I explained and fynn laughed. 

"You can't laugh at that, this is not my house I can't just choose what I want. What if I want to do a particular thing and I don't Recieve the support, Fynn in a home like this, you need the permission to dream" I sighed. 

"You're right, but before moving here before your dad died, Have you ever thought of wanting to do or achieve something?" Fynn question. 

"Well." I scratched the top of my nose. "I haven't really thought of anything I want to do, cause normally I've always focused on the present, I don't really have plans, the plans I always have is the one I can do in the next five minutes, I don't have plans, cause plans can actually let you down, not every plan go exactly as planned. So I focus on the present and the present it is. Just live your present and 'take every chances and opportunity that comes next', and that's what my dad always says." 

 Fynn smiled.

"That's nice. So what's your plan in the next five minutes then?" 

I looked at him. "Chase you out of here and go to bed." 

"Wow. You're mean.!" Fynn shook his head. 

"I am not mean." I said. 

 His phone started to ring and he brought it out from his pocket and Sophie's name laid on the screen. 

"Whatever you do, don't mention you're with me." I warned 

Sophie tends to get jealous so quickly and it's annoying. 

"Hey babe." Fynn said into the phone. 

"BABE?" I mouthed silently at him with a teasing smile. 

He shrugged at me and turned back to the phone. 

"Yeah I'm with be…

 I punched him.

"My dog," He quickly corrected and gave me an apologetic smile. 

"Of course I have a dog." Fynn laughed. And his eyes almost glowed but they faded immediately. 

"What?" he laughed.  His laughter filled the air as he pushed his head back and laughed even more. 

What are they talking about that's making them laugh so much. 

 I looked away and turned to the tree. I sighed heavily and breathed in the cool breeze passing around. 

 I opened my eyes and immediately I started to feel sleepy.  My eyes suddenly felt puffy and I felt like screaming and dancing all of a sudden too. 


 Suddenly I start to laugh. 

What the hell is wrong with me. 

  The laughter got loud that I couldn't help but wonder what's so funny and why I couldn't stop laughing. 

"Uh yeah soph… My dog just pooped, I have to go, yeah bye." Fynn said and quickly hanged up and ran up to me. 

"Bella." He called and held my shoulders turning my body to face him. 

"What?" I laughed. 

"Okay this is actually good" he smiled with a smile of relief. 

"What's so good? The fact you have glowing eyes. Oh please I can make my eyes glow anytime I want to. Now make your eyes glow" 

What the hell am I saying. 

"This is one of the side effects."  Fynn smiled. 

"Make your eyes glow or I'll make you glow." I threatened. 

 And I couldn't act more stupid. 

"Okay i can make this stop happening but seeing this side of you is really interesting" Fynn laughed… 

 His eyes started to glow again. In a silver and I gasped. 

"It's glowing" I said wanting to touch his eyes but he moved back immediately. 

"Touch it and leave me blind? No thank you" he smiled. 

"Why are you always smiling huh? I have a pretty smile too. You're not the only one."  I said grumpily making Fynn laugh. 

  "You have a pretty laugh." 

I am fully aware of myself and how crazy I'm acting but I couldn't stop myself from saying or doing anything crazy. 

 "So now Fynn. Let's dance" I said stretching my body. 

"What? Okay now it's time to stop this, I'm not good dancer." Fynn said, as he moved closer to me, 

 He grabbed my hand and placed his other hand over my eyes making me close the two of them. 

 And that was it from that night, that was where I could remember. 



       It sounded like my alarm yelled.

"Get your lazy ass of that bed and get ready for school!!". 

I quickly got up from my bed and got ready for school. 

    I hurried with my morning routine and before I knew it, I was running down the huge house stairs and packing my hair at the same time… 

Which was dangerous, I tripped on my shoelaces which I forgot to tie and fall down flat on my face after missing almost sixteen more flight of stairs. 

  My nose and forehead starts to hurt but I ignored and joined the girls in the car. 

 Jennifer was busy with her makeup at the driver's seat. While Jane sat alone at the backseat thinking about Sean, I guess 

  I got in the car and sat down breathing a sigh of relief, my nose felt a bit light, and I suddenly felt a pain around my ankle. I looked down at my leg to see blood dripping down at my shoe. From the small cut around my ankle. 

 I sighed devastatingly and looked up wondering what to do. 

"Bella." Jane called and I turned to her. 

 "Your… Your nose, your nose is bleeding.!" She said… 


I felt liquid coming out of my nose and when I touched it to reveal it on my finger, it was blood. 

"Who the hell is bleeding." the twins father asked. 

"Bella. Dad we need to get to the hospital" Jane panicked. 

"No. We need to go to school it's just a nosebleed." Jennifer chimed in. 

"Are you crazy, just a nosebleed can actually lead to death." Jane yelled and their dad started the car immediately. 

"Okay now you're all getting loud. Hospital or school?" The twin dad yelled. 


"School!"  Jane and Jennifer yelled at the same time. 

I chimed in. "it's okay we can go to school and I'll visit the school clicnic once we get there. you both can't be late because of me." I said,

"Okay." my Aunt's husband shrugged. 

"Thank you for being less stupid despite being close to some people who actually are." Jennifer said but Jane ignored her and grabbed the tissue paper in front of the car and handed it to me. 

 "Here. Use it to soak and hold up the blood and bend your head a little like it, to prevent it from over flowing, and don't bend your head too much so it won't go back in your head." Jane instructed and I smiled… "Thank you." 


  We got to school and Jane escorted me to the school's clinic before leaving telling me she would have stayed longer but she dared not to miss any class. 

 The nurse walked up to me and I unplugged the tissue sticked in the bleeding nose out, thankfully my nose had stopped bleeding and my head feels fine. 

"So what happened here.." the nurse asked looking at my bloody shirt, which is white and my blood had ruined it. 

"I fell down from a grand staircase" I said with a nervous laugh. 

"And let me guess you fell on your face?" she asked. 

I nodded. "My head had a bump earlier but it's fine now and my nose is fine and I have a small cut around my ankle from the stairs railings.". I said shyly. 

"Oh well, sit down on the bed let's take a look at your ankle since your nose is fine now." the nurse said and after sitting down she bent down in front of me and grabbed my leg. 


The nurse looked up at me. "There's dried blood around your skin and stockings but I can't seem to fine any cut." 

"What?" I looked down at my feet. 

 And clearly there was no cut around my ankle. But earlier in the car I was optimistic I saw a cut and blood gushed out of it. 

"Well I must have been mistaken." I said nervously. 

Did it heal? 

That fast? I was super confused. 

"Then how do you explain the dried blood, cause it looks like it came out from a cut around this part." The nurse said and did exactly the size of the cut around my leg where the cut was before, with her finger.

She laughed. "This is probably the strangest thing I've ever seen." 

She looked up at me and I looked down at her. 

"I don't know what to say." I tell her. 

"Well I know, you're fine, you can go back to class now. And find another shirt to change in, this doesn't look good." she said standing up and immediately the door opened and fynn walked in. 

 I stood up from the bed. 

"Fynn? What are you doing here?" I asked. 

"What happened to you?" he asked looking down at my shirt. 

"How did you know I was here." 

"Can you answer my question first." He sighed. 

"I asked first." I retorted. 

"Well I came here to see you." he replied.

"And how did you find me here?" I folded my hand. 

He signed "I don't know I just had a feeling you'd be here." 

"Now what happened to you?!" he asked again. 

"Nothing, I just fell down from the stairs" I shrugged.

"Nothing??? Look at your shirt it's looks more than nothing." Fynn yelled. 

"Why are you getting all worked up. I said it's nothing." I yelled back. 

"Yeah Fynn, she said it's nothing, why are you getting all worked up." Sophie's voice said from nowhere and then I saw her walk into the clinic angrily. 

T. B. C 

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