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Just Us Episode 17


Just Us Episode 17

THEME: (Do You Believe?) 



 Fynn and I were finally alone, Sophie has taken her route home and now it's just Fynn and I taking our route him. 

Before I'd ask about the goddamned side effect Fynn talked about earlier he started to tell me about it. 

"So about the side effect I was talking about earlier, yeah so I think the cause of your, earlier lost of sight, I think it's from necklace." Fynn explained. 

"No kidding!" I yelled sarcastically. 

"Calm down.," Fynn said. 

"Calm down, no way, okay so the first one is, if I take off this necklace, I choke to death and the second one is side effects and I just became blind an hour ago and what next am I going to be deaf or maybe dumb or maybe paralyzed, how the hell do you expect me to calm down!" my voice echoed through the quiet street. 

And I think this will be the first time I'll be yelling like this. 

Fynn sighed. "I know, I know, I don't expect you to take this all in at once but just breathe and let me explain!" 

 I breathed in and out heavily. "Okay now explain." I said and adjusted my backpack on my back. 

"Okay so, you know I don't really know much about the necklace but I know once it has imprinted on someone, just like how it has done to you, well it starts to give you side effects and no need to worry about them, they only show up like two or three times before the necklace finally gives what it wants to give." fynn explained. 

"Give what it wants to give?" I repeated looking at Fynn. 

"Yeah. Like after this side effects, you're receiving something from the necklace, sometimes people get something bad, while sometimes people get something good. It depends on how worthy you are" Fynn explained and I yelled "What?.!" 

"Okay so what if I recieve something bad at the end. And by something bad what actually do you mean?" I asked. 

"Well…" fynn rubbed his neck nervously. 

"Some people dies or ends up being something worthless" Fynn said and I gasped. 

"No no but don't worry. I think you will take the good source from the necklace." Fynn assured me with his familiar smile

"Well thanks, I hope so. You got me in this mess, if I ever get the bad side because of this, I'll make sure I drag you down with me." I threatened 

But he smiled. "That would be good." 

"Don't think this is a joke" I rolled my eyes. 

 I didn't tell him goodbye when I got to my house, I just scoffed and walked away but he was the one to yell "Goodbye". 

 And I suddenly start to regret, but why should I regret maybe it was one of the side effect. 

 I got to my room and stripped immediately taking a cold bath. 

  I was drying my hair with my towel when the door opened and Jane walked in. 

"Huh, you're home early today!" I said. 

"Yeah, I was already home before school was over, I took an absent, I was feeling a little down." Jane said, her voice was low and sad.

"Well, are you okay now?" I asked . 

"Well I'm okay, I wanted to have dinner and I wanted to check on you first to see if you wish to have dinner with me, or you've already had dinner?" 

"No" I smiled. "And yeah I'd love to have dinner with you. Let me just dry my hair first" I tell her. 

"It's okay, I can help with that," she walked into my room, grabbed my hair dryer and told me to sit in front of my drawer mirror. 

"No it's okay, I can do it myself, I just have to dry it a little bit with my towel." I said wanting to take the dryer from her but she moved back. 

"Bella. I can do it, seriously I want to help and you're being mean about it." she rolled her eyes. 

"Okay fine" I sat down, "I just didn't want to trouble you that's all." I added. 

"it's okay, it's not trouble at all" she smiled and turned it on. 

 Jane helped me dry my hair and before I know it were both downstairs making our dinner. 

 Finally dinner was ready, just as I was about going to the dinning room. Jane stopped me.

"Can we have this in my room please?" 

"Your room?" I repeated. 

 She nodded and I smiled and said "let's go".


 It was my first time in Jane's room and Goodness everything looks so new and expensive and she's been living in the room all her life, it looks untouched and everything was shiny and purple and her bed was big enough to contain eight people, 

 We both sat around a small table for two at the corner of her room and seriously it was the best room ever. 

  So much for having a Rich mom, I wonder why dad never mentioned his baby sister was filthy rich. 

 Like Jane's room could explain it all. 

 The girls never really let me in their rooms before, but somehow I feel Jane's starting to like me, and Goodness I couldn't wish for anything more, at least one member of the family doesn't hate me. 

  We both starts to eat quietly and Jane slowly dropped her spoon. 

"Bella" she called and I looked up. 

"I think I'm broken." she said sadly. 

"What do you mean?" I asked inquisitively. 

"Sean broke up with me." she sniffed. 

"Oh…" I was suddenly speechless. 

I don't know how to react in cases like this. Or what to even say. 

"Like he just walked up to me and said, this isn't working out between us and when I asked what he meant he said we're not meant for each other. He apologized and said we can never work out!" Jane said as tears starts to gather in her eyes. 

 "Whoa… I mean he can't just break the two of you off like that, I mean he must have a reason behind it." I said suddenly feeling sorry for her. 

"I don't know, I tried to talk to him about it but he just cut me off and said I shouldn't force us, that we wouldn't last anyways." Jane cleaned her tears. 

"Sorry." I said dropping my spoon. 

"It's okay… Well it's not okay, but don't apologize. I mean if anybody would wanted to dump anyone, it would have been me dumpling his ass, cause he was the one who kissed my sister and I forgave him for that and now he's dumping me, for what? I did nothing and now he's telling me we're better off separated.!" Jane complained as she tried to fight off the tears from her eyes. 

 So that's why she wanted to have this dinner with me. She had no one to talk to or cry to in cases like that. 

I'm so touched. 

 I stood up from where I was seated, walked up to her, pulled her up and hugged her. 

She quickly hugged me back and cried on my shoulder. 

"Don't cry!" I tell her. 

"Crying makes you look weak and I believe he's happy right now, cause there must be a stupid reason why he broke up with you, but don't cry." I said patting her back. 

"Well I can't help but cry." Jane sniffed as I she let's go of me. 

"Well don't, Wait did you come home early from school because of Sean.?" I asked. 

Jane nodded. 

And I sighed. "You shouldn't, he's probably laughing at you  ofthis, you shouldn't act weak. Sean is stupid for breaking up with you, and tomorrow you have to go to school, be strong and show him you can do better without him. And trust me seeing him shocked about you being better will make him weak" I said and Jane smiled softly. 

  Arranging everything in her head. 

"Okay i will stop crying now" she cleaned her tears. 

"Thanks" I smiled at her. 

"It's okay… Okay!?" I tell her and she nodded. 

 She sighed and with gave a small smile. 

"Well we should finish our dinner first" she said and we both sat down and continued our dinner. 

  I laid on my bed and watched the small ceiling fan on my ceiling, circle around in the slowest motion ever. 

 The day was getting dark and laying on my bed was actually one of my routine in time like this and then I fall asleep. 

 And it was like I could feel it, no just when I thought of Fynn I heard a knock on my balcony door and I knew it was him immediately. 

 I opened the glass doors and he said "Hey." 

"And of course it's you." I sighed. 

"Of course. Who else would climb this tree and knock on the doors of your balcony," Fynn said. 

"Literally no one cause all my friends are sane." I said closing the doors and walking up to the railings. 

"Friends? I'm your only friend." Fynn said. 

"No way." I scoffed. 

"Okay besides Sophie, who else do you hang out with?" Fynn questioned. 

  I sighed when I realised I don't have any friend beside Sophie… And fynn. 

"See?" he smiled when he saw me sigh. 

"So why are you here anyways?" I asked. 

"Cause I want to." he replied. 

 I rolled my eyes. "Okay next time you come knocking I won't even bother opening the door" I tell him. 

"Oh trust me you will." he smiled at me. 

  We both remained quiet and stare at the tree in front of us. 

"So..?" I started. "How are you and Sophie doing? She's really happy". 

"we're doing Fynn, I mean even though I was forced to be in a relationship with her, thanks to you." He said looking at me angrily. 

"You weren't forced and especially not by me, we just made a deal." I said lowly. 

"A deal." Fynn scoffed. 

"If Sophie wasn't fun to be with I'd have not made that deal with you." 

"So she's fun to be with." I smirked at him. "See the two of you are already bonding". 

"Yeah I wouldn't call that bonding" Fynn shook his head. 

"So have you guys had your first kiss.?" I teased playfully and he glared at me. 

"What? It's just a silly little question!" I laughed seeing his face. 

 His face suddenly soften and he smiled. "You have a beautiful laugh."    


"Don't try to change the subject". 

I mean I was flattered but I can't get caught. 

"I am not changing the subject and no we haven't had our first kiss yet… and I don't think we're ever going to" Fynn said. 

"Why not!" I rolled my eyes. 

"Well…" Fynn began. "Since Sophie and I will have to kiss sooner or later, it means I'm doomed". 

 I looked at him. "What do you mean doomed?" 

"I have no idea on how to kiss." 

I scoffed. "You're not kidding.? So you're telling me you don't know how to kiss, haven't you done it before?" 

"I haven't." 

Well I believe him since he used to live in a tree. 

Oh jesus. 

I started "Okay fine. Look kissing is not a problem, if you and Sophie wants to actually kiss, if like you really want to and for example the two of you heads are so close and you're really going for it, if the two of you actually went for it and start kissing, you just go for it and kissing itself would help itself you don't need to know how to kiss to be able to kiss, it's actually there at the tip of our lips waiting for a partner to share it with. "

Wow I can't believe I'm having a conversation like this… I dropped my hands cause I've been using it to elaborate on kissing for Fynn. 

Fynn laughed.

 "I don't think it's at the top of my lips. Maybe I should practice first.". 

"Yeah sure, whatever." I rolled my eyes. "But wait, who are you going to practice with. Jojo? Oh right you're gifted. You can make a plastic doll starts moving and ask for her permission to kiss her." 

"Ha-ha very funny" Fynn said with a small smile. 

"I was hoping to practice with you!" Fynn said. 

I turned to him. "You're crazy." 

T. B. C 

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