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Only You - Chapter Twenty-Seven


Only You - Chapter Twenty-Seven

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

My eyes slowly open to a blur, they felt heavy and my body felt numb, slowly I was able to move my arm and my leg but I was exhausted as hell even trying, I blinked a few good seconds before everything cleared out, my vision slowly cleared out and I was stunned, I was cuddled up next to Seth on bed. "You're awake." a weak but audible Seth sighs sighs but he looked relieved, I suddenly gained control of body and crawled a bit back, Seth sat up running his hands through his hair, he was shirtless obviously, I looked down at myself I was wearing a dress shirt a million things ran through my mind at that time and the only thing I could think of was who the hell changed me I went red thinking about it, Seth noticed and got off the bed. "You were freezing on that godamn dress you had on, my shirt was already dried so that was pretty much the only option." he answered that didn't ease me at all. "You didn't have to change me. " I yelled. "You were soaked and could have wet the bed anyways." he fired back, I didn't have time to argue all I could think now was what happened.
The room I was in has a bed in the middle with a crooked old fan slowly that barely cooled the room but somehow it was still cold probably an effect from jumping out of a yatch. Then I remembered the gun shot I didn't feel any pain so I missed I looked back at Seth his scar his hand clasp against it trying to hold the pain, I saw blood stains on the sheets I stared at the scar feeling guilty it was my fault. "You're bleeding." I uttered scared he only nodded, I felt more bad when I thought of how he took a bullet and still managed to somehow bring us both here, I didn't even get shot but I already lost consciousness.
"You need to go to a hospital." I stated worried.
"I can't, Shane is out there looking for us and we'll be asking for trouble if I checked in a hospital right now, his men could easily track us we need to lay low for now." he said. "You can't just sit down and bleed you'll die." I yelled nervous and worried, I was scared and honestly I don't know why, maybe it has something to do with him getting shot, it triggered something.
"You're scared of loosing me? " he snickered at me, I rolled my eyes at him not giving him the desired attention. "I'm not going to sit down here and watch you bleed it's either you get to a hospital or at least repatch the scar." I pouted looking away, I could hear him chuckle, he grunted getting off the bed.
"There's a pharmacy two blocks from here maybe I can get a stitch." he insisted.
"A pharmacy? " I arched a brow. "I'm not going to a hospital it's either that or we sit here and look at each other." he said I just nodded it was better than the second option, he stride to the end of the room and picked up a bag and tosses it over to me. "Change." he didn't have to tell me twice, I went into the restroom and changed into a top and jeans, I let my hair down and hid my necklace tucked under my shirt for some reason this necklace has some importance and almost got me killed but I can't get rid of it it's the only thing left from my dad. I got out of the restroom to see Seth already dressed up, he had some things stored in a bag he shared me a glance and handed me a baseball cap.
"I didn't bring any back up mask wear this for now." I nodded and wore the cap, after a few minutes he zipped the bag swinging it over his shoulders his shoulders he wore his own baseball cap, he ripped the hand out of his shirt and wrapped it like a bandage around his stomach, for now he stopped bleeding but the cloth was getting soaked in his own blood, I panicked having a second thought of staying behind and treating his wound first, I kept quiet as his rolled his shirt down he caught me staring immediately I averted my eyes to the other side of the room.
"Let's go." he said as I nodded and followed behind him.

"What do you mean you can't find them? " I raised my voice at my men. "Somehow they were able to escape and get away we apologize sir but it was out of our reach, we are all aware of what he is capable of."
"That's not excuse I want them found now, bring Quinn alive and if possible Kill him." I yelled as a few of them left, after all these years that bastard decides to show up, I should expect their easy escape it's impossible to catch him but somehow he has to do something with Quinn.
No matter I'll kill him eventually.
I got up from my chair furious and left the room.

We both checked out of the hotel hiding from the stares of others, my hair was tucked under the baseball cap and I had my head bent most of the time, we walked side by side it was ten or eleven in the morning I guess we both walked a few blocks to the pharmacy, when we got there I immediately got in first there was a girl who looked bored or uninterested as we both came in.
"Welcome to Joyce pharmacy take the fuck whatever you want and stay away from the restroom and shit..." she groaned putting on her headphones caring less about us or what we wanted. "Can we get thread? " I asked but she had her head bent, I didn't hear music coming out from the headphones it's either those were quality headphones or she's purposely ignoring me.
I didn't get myself bothered me and Seth agreed to split anyways to get the thread and needle, I found nothing but methylated spirit and some cotton, I took a basket and took the spirit and the cotton like two of the cotton, I also got a plaster and some energy drink for Seth, I stopped for a moment thinking of all the things I just packed, I reminded myself of my mom when I got a tiny cut she was scared to death, I smiled knowing where I get it from.
My eyes glanced over at the end of the store, next to the door which led to the restroom was a stand of needle and thread, excitedly I rushed to snatch it and put it in my basket, I turned to alert Seth that I found the needles and the thread immediately he opened the door leading to the restroom, yanks me in and shut the door behind us quietly as forced his weight on it, I looked at him my eyes trailed to his shirt it was stained with his blood but he wasn't even worried about that, he had his ear against the door he places his finger on his lips telling me to be quiet, I nodded and had a look around the restroom there was a only a toilet in the middle and a bathroom sink, it wasn't that big or neither that small, I stood in the middle of the room as Seth still had his ear pressed against the door.
"What happened? " I asked in a whisper but then I heard it a voice. "They couldn't have gone far..." the next thing I heard were footsteps leaving, Seth still waited till he was sure they left. My eyes were focused on his wound. "They're gone." He turned to face me I wore a worried look. "I'm fine.." he lied through the pain. "You need a stitch now.." I yelled.
"We need to get out.." he gripped on to the door knob trying to open the door but to our dismay the door didn't open.
He tried a few times to force the door open but somehow it was jammed. "Shit.." Seth cursed I put the basket down pushing him out of the way to try but it was actually stuck.
"Help..." I yelled. "We're stuck, anyone there." I yelled but got no reply my mind flash back to the cashier of earlier who had her headphones it's either she was actually playing her music or she actually doesn't care about us. I tried forcing the door open but in the process broke the door knob.
"Oh my God..." I whispered dropping the door knob realising I just trapped both of us in a restroom. I didn't look Seth in the eye I just stared at the door slamming my fist against it.
"Help, there are two people stuck here." Seth let out a laugh I turned and frowned at him. "The hell, why are you laughing we're stuck." I yelled. "I know you're saying it like it's a bad thing." my back leaned against the door and slowly I sat down thinking of how long we're going to be stuck before the cashier realizes there are two people stuck in the restroom.
All I thought was how Seth was going to bleed if he didn't get a stitch now, I looked back at him our eyes met. "Your scar.." I muttered he nodded as his only reply, he stumbled on his knees tired and sit down on the floor.
"I'll be fine.." he lied. "No you won't, you need to get a stitch maybe I can get the cashier.." he gripped on to my hand. "Can you do the stitch ?." my stomach churned when he uttered that request. "You will stitch it right now I don't know how much blood I've lost." he pestered. "But.."
"It's our only choice you have to, I trust you." he smiled painfully, I nodded shaking making my way to the basket, I took out the black like thread and the needle and thread it, I picked up the needle recalling Mandy stitching once and exactly what she said while doing it, I dropped it then.
First took off the cloth which was an stained with blood, I used the part that didn't bleed and clean the splattered parts I got the cotton and the spirit and cleaned it up carefully, Seth hissed in pain while I brushed stains of blood finally I nervously picked up the needle again and pierced it through his skin and carefully stitching up the wound, Seth didn't make any noise but the lifeless look in his eyes explained his pain. "I'm sorry." I whispered stitching the end, carefully since I didn't have scissors I held one end of the thread and the other not to forced the stitch and snapped it with my teeth, I cleaned it again and finally put up a plaster, the stitch wasn't that good but he wasn't bleeding anymore.
I picked up the energy drink I picked out earlier and gave him to drink, he looked pale as a ghost but his tattoos glowed on his skin, I looked away and help him lean against the door as he slowly drank from the energy drink.
"Can't we get the guys to come get us? " I asked.
"We'll be risking them too if we eventually get caught it's not worth it." he weakly muttered but it was enough to ease my worries. "Guess we are on our own." I stated as everything went quiet between us, he slowly drank the energy drink.
I started feeling hot and about to break into a sweat, I looked over to Seth he was still pale but he looked hot still, we are both took off our baseball cap due to the heat.
"Are you sure you didn't take some nursing training? " Seth asked while I nodded. "My best friend is a senior matron we hanged out a lot at work even though I worked as a police, I picked up a few things." I muttered and he laughed it make me feel all jelly inside.
"What's funny? " I asked we both side glance each other and our eyes met. "You don't look like a police officer to be honest you're fit to be a nurse instead." he replied and looked away drinking his last drop from his energy drink. "Excuse me what's that supposed to mean? " I weakly punched him. "It's just an observation." he chuckled.
"Your observation sucks." I mouthed.
He laughs at my reply. "You'd make a hot nurse.." my cheeks went red I averted my gaze away from him. My mind then thought about Shane, he knows Seth somehow, I thought no one is supposed to know their identity.
I sat down puzzled trying to piece everything together. "I'm hungry.." Seth says I look back at him, there were two other bottles of energy drinks in the basket we both took it and drank it up, I tossed the bottle away. "That didn't help." I mummered.
"It's an energy drink it supposed to makes us more hungry." I widened my eyes after Seth read the instructions.
"Oh my God.." I groaned hungry, I'll eat anything right now, I took the empty bottle and filled it with water from the sink and slowly drank it with Seth to limit my hunger.
Seth took off his backpack searching for probably food while I started thinking how long we've been here I didn't know when I started talking out loud. "Maybe we can chew or suck on our lip ?" I muttered out loud unknown to me.
"What? " Seth asked I then realized I spoke out loud. "I saw this thing online about a survival shit the guy was stuck in a room with no food for three days I think he said something about chewing or sucking on your lip can help reduce your thoughts on hunger." Seth looked at me strangely. "Seriously? " he asked.
"I don't know it's some research made if chewing gum makes you less hungry same with your lips I guess. I don't remember I'm freaking hungry I'll try anything right now." I said as Seth chuckled to himself and stares at me for a long time. I was biting on my lip already and licking it. "Since we're both hungry why don't we try each other." I was short of words. "You don't have to if you don't want.. "
"It's okay..." I muttered leaning closer to him, my cheeks flushed as crimson color as we breathe against each other, I don't know if it's the hunger that made me agree to this or something else, Seth smiled cupping both my cheeks pulling his face closer to mine my eyes went shut we slowly crashed our lips into each other after a few seconds, Seth teeths my lower lip gently gnawing on it, I let out a quiet moan sucking on his upper lip, I tilt my head down a bit clenching on to his shirt I climbed on top of him and sat down on his thigh sliding my tongue in he granted me access as our tongue vehement for dominance, a moan escaped from my lips and I was greedy for more, we both pulled away from the kiss staring intently at each other I leaned in to kiss him again but the door was struggling to open.
"How's this stuck.." I quickly got up away from Seth and picked up my baseball cap so did he.
"I got it.. " we heard a voice from the other side as we both got ourselves together, suddenly the door kicked down revealing the cashier and an old man.
I waved nervously. "Oh my goodness I didn't know people were here, Indrea how could you let this happen? " he looked like the manager.
"I told them the restroom was out of order it's not my fault." she scoffed and walked away, the man pleaded with us. "I'm sorry Indrea is my niece please everything you purchased is free as a compensation." he pleads.
"It doesn't matter." before I could thank the old man Seth took hold of my hand and yanked me out of the pharmacy and I tried not to think about what happened between us convincing myself I was just hungry.
"Oh God.." I sighed thinking about how perverted I was agreeing to do that in the first place.

To be continued

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