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Only You - Chapter Twenty-Six


Only You - Chapter Twenty-Six

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"Since when did you know ?" I asked wearing a subtle look. He sneers at me "Why don't you drink? " he insisted, I held my hand out of the yatch and poured the champagne out in the sea with our eyes locked, his sneer widened to a smile he blows off a quiet chuckle. "Guess you don't like to drink... " he chugged down his glass in delight, I let go of the glass also, I had my head bent.

"What do you want from me? " I asked straight to the point, I don't want to play these games anymore I'm tired of being confused and lost I need to know why all of a sudden this family is interested in me. "Nothing." he answered without any facial expression, he was swirling his champagne in his glass. "I could care less about your existence to be honest but unfortunately you are of certain importance to my family, seeing they put a bounty on you and here you are playing dress up in a yatch.. Impressive." he grinned.

"Why do your family want me? " I glared at him looking him straight in his black eyes, they looked so familiar but somehow my mind doesn't want to reveal who. "It would be easy If I just told you everything, it will be too easy why don't you take a guess? " he said sipping from his glass. "I don't have time to play games." I warned. "Too bad, I was hoping we could just have a bottle of champagne and talk and know each other." my brows furrowed at his offer. "I remember when your brows look exactly just like now, you were 16 or 17 back then." I gasped, do I have a memory of the Cunningham's I don't know about??

Maybe I do that's why they are after me.

He noticed how pale I looked and just chuckled. "You really don't know me that's a shocker." he sipped from his drink I back up a bit. "I don't understand.." I muttered.

"Here's the deal, if you want to know come with me I'll tell you everything you need to know."

"I'm not interested in you or anything that has to do with your family I'll pass." I replied bluntly. "She's right you are stubborn." he commented which caught me off guard, what did he mean by she? "Excuse me? " I raised suspiciously.

"I won't hurt you Quinn, I have no intention to hurt you but I won't hesitate to use force to convince you, in other words I'm not leaving this place without you." he said coming off as a threat this is bad but with confident look I spat. "I'm not going anywhere with you."

"I don't care." he said turning his back at me. "You have two hours to make up your mind, my men are all over the place so they'll be keeping an eye on you take your time." he said like anything thing he said made me feel at ease. He took a few steps but stopped and turned again. "You should really consider not wearing that necklace everywhere you go like its some special treasure it's going to get you killed eventually." he stated again giving weird sentence that doesn't make sense. "How is a necklace connected to my situation? " I yelled.

"You don't still know? " he said looking me straight in the eye and laughed. "At this rate they'll come back for what rightfully theirs? " he said gibberish. He shrugged. "You have two hours.." he said and left leaving me torn in between my emotions and confusion.

'My men are all over the place so I'll be keeping an eye on you.' I pulled my head back up looking around, different men and women in black kept their eyes on me, I didn't know if they were normal rich snobs or Shane's men they didn't give them self out, I walked down the to the other end, everywhere I stepped foot they all mummered I knew it was me but I wasn't interested I was thinking hard.

Did Terry mess me up so much I forgot something important and decided not to remember it, the more I think of it the more it sounded stupid if I wanted to forget something I would have forgotten about the shit he did to me not the memory of how I became relevant to the Cunningham's.

I stepped into a different room I didn't know where it was all I could hear was my steps, I didn't know where I was heading just walking without having a single direction was just satisfying at the time.

My body bumped into a figure, I shook my head afraid to look up, it could be one of Shane's men who was keeping an eye on me and found me, I slowly looked up to see a man in mask, I gasped taking a step back but he gripped on to my hand so he couldn't let me escape. "It's me.." I heard Seth's voice he takes off his mask which put me at ease, he wore a mask only hiding the upper part of his face, he puts on his mask back.

"I saw you with Shane.... "

"He knows my identity." I spilled he looked surprised. "How ?" he asked.

"I don't know, he said he will explain everything if I go with him." I said. "You're not going anywhere." he quickly stated my heart skipped a beat when he mentioned that with authority. "He gave me two hours, he has men everywhere." I whispered as we both looked around but to our luck we were alone. "We need to get out of here." he grunted.

"What about the mission ?"

"Fuck the mission, Shane can't take you I'll kill him before he tries.." he yelled his eyes grew wide in worry, I just stepped back a bit glancing round checking if our luck of being alone hasn't run out yet. "I won't go but he won't let me go that easily." I whispered softly under my breath we were both quiet now.

"Neither will I..." he whispered and I almost choked. "We'll carry out with the mission if Shane tries shit I'll be there where's your ear piece? " he asked and I didn't know how to break the news to him. "I... Ummm... The thing is I left it at the hotel... "

"You what? " he raises his voice at me.

"Maria was getting me ready and prepared I forgot it I'm sorry.." I bowed he groaned clearly upset he couldn't express it since we both heard steps coming our way. "You're a hand full how could you forget your ear piece? " he whispered looking back to check for who was coming. "Be careful.." he takes out his ear piece and plug it to my ear for me and walks away leaving me alone as the steps got louder.

A woman walked over to my direction she kept her eyes on me, she wore a black dress it was so short it went up her thigh, the top of her dress was hugging her cleavage which popped out giving a desired view, the lipstick she had on was dark red, she put her long black hair in a low ponytail, she glared at me walking past me. "Amateur." I muttered without caring if she was still passing bye, suddenly I heard her heel stop. I started walking but I heard her speak up. "I like your Tiara.." I turned to face her already blushing. "Thanks." I muttered she clenched her teeth wearing a wicked smile. "Keep your head safe you don't know who wishes for your neck to snap and break." a snarl crawl up the end of her lips as she proposed her supposed comment, she walks away not giving a damn that she just indirectly theathened me, I quickly hastened my steps out of the room I was in to another room but there were people, I could hear the ear piece cracking for a signal.

"Seth, I can't reach Quinn.." I heard Darren panic. "Darren? " I breathe it felt so nice to hear his voice especially now when I'm freaking out. "Quinn?? Are you okay ? what happened to your ear piece? Where's Seth? " he murdered me with questions all at once.

"I'm fine, I left my ear piece back at the hotel, Seth gave me his I'm sorry for letting you worry but we may have a problem, how are you guys doing? " I asked.

"Is that Dory? " I heard Erwin from over the line, somehow I felt relived to hear his voice.

"We'll talk later right now we're at the mansion, if we find anything I'll let you know." Darren's voice drowns as the signal went down, I nodded knowing they were okay, besides Shane doesn't know anything about the guys being here or about the actual mission, I'm not letting some threat mess this up.

I confidently stride down back to the room filled with a lot of guest only one thing came to my mind as they all quietly talked to each other while I stood a distance watching everyone, they remind me when I was forced to go to all of my uncle's shitty event, their rich fake smiles and stuck up status.

A few mummered debating whether to approach me since I was with Diego but I could care less. "Ambree Tenn." a young woman probably my age but she was caked with makeup handed me a drink, she had shiny beautiful blonde hair which were curled and wore bright red jumpers, I took the drink from her, she smiled holding up her glass.

"Is that a rare emblem tiara? " she gasped, I rolled my eyes when she wasn't looking she actually walked up and talk to me because of a stupid tiara that I wore. "Yes, Diego got it for me." I kept up the same act as hers.

"Oh my God, all my fiance could get me was this stupid 5 million dollars neck chain." I almost choked on the champagne when she mentioned the price. "Jesus.." I muttered, she looked back at me in awe. "The champagne taste like poverty." I put my glass away blaming the champagne, she looked anxious thinking I was disgusted by her because she owned a neck chain that is worth that much.

"Umm, me and my girls were talking we want to know more about you and probably know how you got Diego." she grinned at me, I felt disgusted trailing my eyes across the room, I went stunned when I saw him.

"Is that a yes? " she pestered on but my eyes were stuck on a single person, it was Manfred. What the hell is he doing here?

I recalled his last words, it made sense now Manfred was the eldest Cunningham but I thought he was hiding, what is he doing here?

I walked away from the woman and squeeze through the crowd trying to reach out to him, a few people bumped into me the second I thought I was getting closer to him the more I felt he was out of my reach until I could clearly see him talking on his phone and suddenly I bumped into someone, a loud shriek came from the figure I bumped into it was the same woman that threatened me because of a tiara, her eyes were red she was burning with anger.

"How dare you ?" she put up her hand about to slap me but someone has his back turned and pushed her out of my way, I looked back to see Manfred was gone, I looked round lost running up to the place he stood, left and right I searched but to my horror he was gone.

"Was it all an illusion? " I mummered to myself I walked out of the room to check if I could catch up with him, striding down the narrow hall I called out to Manfred hoping he would recognize my voice and talk to me.

Seemingly out of luck I concluded to opening few of the doors they were shut except for one, the room was dark and my head came up with enough reasons not to be here, I turned to head out but the lights switch on revealing Diego, I went stiff at first until I heard Darren's voice from the ear piece.

"Quinn whatever you do don't stay alone with Diego, Quinn are you there, Quinn.." my heart skipped a beat when I got the information, I didn't know what to say over the ear piece without getting Diego's attention.

"You look beautiful.." he stride towards my direction with a crooked smile, the room we were in had a huge bed close to it's side harboring one quarter of it, I backed up in the only small path leading to a dead end.

"You look down? " he asked.

"I'm not feeling too well, I need to... "

"Stay.. " he brushed off my excuse heading closer to me. "Why don't we have a little fun tonight." his words made me freeze, his shirt was loosened and his neatly tucked shirt was flyed, then it came to me the moment his eyes found it hard focus on me.

"You're drunk..." he stagger over to me. "How can you say that? " he chuckled trapping me against the wall breathing his terrible breath that made me naesous I was already getting sick to my stomach. I pushed him away but he quickly gripped hold of my hand and yanked me over to his bed, he quickly crawled up to me I punched him in the face to get him to stagger back but he was persistent, he used both his elbows to hit me at my stomach twice.

I groaned in pain and felt blood was begging to crawl out of my lips, none came but the unimaginable pain I was in.

His hands trailed up my calves to my thigh and up to the hand of my dress, I tried kneeing him but it had no effect since I kneed him at his stomach weakly.

"Please.... " I begged in pain but he didn't listen and again the scenario of Terry played in my head. His lips pressed against the side of my neck and his hands massage my breast, the door kicked down revealing Seth, Diego stopped so he could see who was at the door. "Get away from her." he fired a bullet, Diego's arm was bleeding but he couldn't care less. "You think a gun shot can stop me, girls like her have kicked me and fight me and I always have my way with them, she's no..." before he could finish his sentence Seth shot him twice and he slumped to the floor bleeding, we could hear the sound of footsteps thumping about.

"We need to leave." Seth warned taking me by my hand as we left a lifeless Diego, as we ran we heard everyone panic probably after hearing a gun shot, suddenly I heard Darren's voice through the ear piece. "Quinn are you there? "

"I'm here, I came in contact with Diego alone." I muttered out loud despite the panic. "Are you okay? " he asked mortified. "Yes, Seth saved me, how are you guys? " I asked.

"I found another dead body." I heard Erwin's voice in the background. "Is Heloise alive? " I asked.

"She is but she's not in the right state of mind, it turned out Diego made all those transactions by selling the body parts of his victims after sexually harassing them, Heloise found out and he locked her up with some other women a few of them, three bodies so far are dead." I didn't know how to stomach the information. "I'm glad she's free I just hope she recovers." I said focusing on the positive side, I didn't hear from Darren again since the signal died, Some guy bumped into Seth and his mask came off.

We both got to the top deck as everyone scatter panicked. "What do we do now? " Seth looked down holding the bar with one hand and holding my hand with another.

"We have to jump." he said I shared him an odd look and broke from his grasp. "You're joking? " I asked.

"We don't have a choice do we? " he said holding his hands out to me. "Do you trust me? " I took his hand I didn't have a choice.

I took off the damn heels as we both stood at the thin edge of the yatch about to jump.

I turned around to see Manfred again but he was running. "Manfred.." I whispered wanting to get him but Seth held on to me. "Your two hours is up." we both turned to see Shane, the look he had on was like he's seen a ghost, a man in black stood behind him. "You..." he said looking over at Seth, I was confused. "Shoot him.." he ordered and suddenly a bullet was fired, like a movie everything was slow the bullet hit Seth he groaned in pain and started bleeding profusely.

He was shot the same place he got the scar.
"Shoot him again." he ordered

"No... " I pushed Seth out of the way but the bullet was fired, I felt cold, numb and empty and lost consciousness after making a big splash into the water.

To be continued

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