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Only You - Chapter Twenty-Five


Only You - Chapter Twenty-Five

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"Another..." I desperately slammed the glass on the counter the bartender was a middle aged woman with a hint of grey in her beautiful red hair, I looked down feeling a bit tipsy and again thinking about Erwin's lips on mine. "Bad break up? " the woman kindly raised her voice while pouring another bottle of whatever brand of achohol I was drinking.
"Worse.." I squirmed quietly, after the sudden kiss with Erwin I quickly left the guys and head out to the hotels bar to drown myself of my ill luck. "I'm a good listener if you want to talk." she added passing me my drink, my cheeks heat up out of embarrassment.
I heard footsteps, I immediately turned with my seat to see Haven, he flashed me a charming smile. "I knew I'll find you here." he said not too distant from me, I quickly turned to look at the bartender who was reading my expression she smirked at me. "Oh I understand." she gave me a dirty sneer. "No it's not what you think." I spat, Haven sits down next to me ordering his drink, I didn't bother to spare him a glance all I could think was how stupid I look right now tipsy.
'Darn drink it made my face all red.' I thought to myself. 'Yeah let's blame the drink.' my thoughts mocked me.
The bartender got Haven's drink, the moment he wanted to pay she declined and winked at him. "It's on the house handsome." Haven chuckles while I had my head bent down my drink was almost empty I just stared at it hoping staring long enough will get me drunk.
The bartender started making a hell of noise, I looked up to see her making a cocktail, she smiled at me while she prepared it and finally served it in a glass with two straws.
"Special cocktail for the lovely couple." she left to attend to talk to another customer on purpose before I could tell her Haven isn't my boyfriend, I just stared at the cocktail weirdly.
"This should be promising." Haven said getting closer taking his end of his straw. "This cocktail is for couples." I muttered while he shrugged. "So? "
"We're not a couple." I pointed out. "Do you want us to be one? " he asked which threw me off guard. "What? " I yelled as red as I'll ever be. "It doesn't matter let's have a sip besides it's free." he says, I took my end of my straw and had a taste anyway, it was not as dull as I imagined. "I like it.." I mouth sipping more in delight, Haven stopped to look at me, I pulled away and sat down facing him.
"This place serve better drinks than the underground bar.." Haven muttered while I nodded. I took hold of my drink and finished the rest whole. "You're going to get drunk." Haven advised.
"It's better than being sober and remembering that Erwin fucking kissed me, like who the hell does that." I muttered. "You didn't over react when Seth was going to kiss you? " he blurted.
"Yeah cause I don't like Erwin, it's bad enough he kissed me." I spat.
"So you like Seth? " he questioned, I went mute for a second, my stomach felt weird and my throat went dry.
"Do you? " Haven added. My head started aching when I thought about it. "Yes, I mean no.. I don't know." I blurted. "Why are you asking? " I faced him fully flustered, he tried keeping his focus but lost when a smile crept up to his lips. He leaned closer I did nothing but stiffened and stared into his brown eyes they were focused only on my lips, his right hand reached out to support the my cheek, his thumb brushed my face the rest of his fingers massaged the side of my jawline.
In a deep husky tone he says "When your face is all red like this it's hard..." he stops finally looking into my eyes. "They are even redder now.." all I could make out was the loud thumping of my heart beating.
"What's stopping you both from getting a room? " we both averted our gaze to Seth who put on his intimidating glare. "Seth.." the way Haven called it out was bloody cold with no emotions. I went mute as the two shared each other cold glances. "Darren wants to show us something it's important." Seth says glaring at me.
What the hell did I do??
"We'll be there." Haven muttered under the icy cold atmosphere, Seth turns and walks away leaving me with Haven, we both greeted the bartender before leaving the bar.
We all got seated, there was a gift bag at the middle, I sat down by myself trying to look smart, I felt eyes glare at me and I could tell who without looking. Darren walked in with his tablet. "Good everyone is here, Quinn you see that gift bag..." I nodded. "We intercepted it from Diego he sent them to you under C.O.E name take a look at it." Darren said I nodded taking it up checking the bag, I took out a purple halter dress, diamond printed heels and some golden necklace and some emerald tiara.
"A rare emerald tiara damn that's 12.7 million worth..." Erwin voiced.
"Wait this tiny thing is 12.7 million dollars? " I almost choked. "Can't we still keep this Diego gig at this rate we can sell everything he gifts her." Erwin stated. "No we can't risk it the sooner we finish it the better." Seth says.
"You're expected to wear this at the ball which will be held at his yatch." Darren informs. "A yatch? " I half yelled.
"What? You're scared of boats Dory? " Erwin teased I rolled my eyes I didn't have time for his crap. "I thought the ball will be held at once fancy building with lots of people, if it's going to be in a yatch we are going to be in surfing in the water." I muttered. "What if something goes wrong? " I asked unsure about how far I'm risking my life.
"We'll be communicating as usual and if something goes wrong Seth and Haven will be there while me and Erwin will carefully break in Diego's place." Darren assures me I just nodded.
"I can't wait for tomorrow.." I slowly looked over at Erwin who shared me perverted stares, my nose push up in disgust. "Pervert." I yelled at him. "That's mean Dory.." he smirked.
"Mean? You are a perverted psycho.." I yelled at him. "What you think I'm talking about when you dress up, I was talking about the mission you know." he teases. I wanted to yell or scream but nothing came out. "Who's perverted now? " he puts on his smug grin.
"Shut up.." I managed to speak up. "It's still as messed up as you kissing me." I yelled.
"Why are you bringing it up is it that memorable? " I went red with anger. "Stop it both of you every one settle to your beds tommorow we have a lot to take care of." Seth says Erwin nodded taking Seth's words seriously he didn't even pay attention to me again after that. Seth leaves the room, I put the dress and gifts back in the gift bag heading to my room going past Erwin until he took hold of my hand. "I don't need to see you in a dress for you to tag me perverted I've already seen you naked." Erwin whispers and back away before I could punch him.
"Go to hell." I yelled at him he chuckled. "Dream of me tonight Dory." he stated walking away from me. "dickhead." I muttered under my breath heading to my room.
The next day I had breakfast outside the hotel with Darren he took me to a dinner where we were served breakfast and he paid. "Thanks Darren." I told him before picking up my fork to eat my pancakes he just smiled at me and nodded as we both silently ate.
I took a first bite, my tongue couldn't get enough of the taste, I quickly chugged in pieces of pancakes without chewing.
"Don't eat too fast you might..." too late I choked on the pancake trying to swallow it all, Darren got up to assist me but I declined coughing my lungs out, the waitress at the dinner gave me a glass of water to help.
I thanked her she gave me a smile looking at both me and Darren, I still went on putting pieces of pancakes in my mouth not minding the same incident almost cost me my life.
"Don't swallow it all." Darren warned but I couldn't care I've been eating snacks for the entire mission. "This is the best pancakes I've ever tasted how come you've never brought me here? " I munch down on the delicious goodness. "This is my first time here, if you like it so much we can always come here with the guys when you're less busy." Darren said.
I looked back at the waitress she looked 19, she got startled when I looked back at her.
"Sorry is there anything on my face ?" I asked looking back at Darren who came forward to check. "You have nothing on your face, she won't give you strange looks if you don't try to eat your food all at once, you'll choke." Darren warned getting back to eating his food I looked back at the waitress. "Don't mind me, you both remind me of my parents." she giggled, me and Darren went stiff staring oddly at each other. "She's not my girlfriend we're just friends." Darren explain while she just giggled. "That's what my parents said about each other and then they made me." me and Darren burned red looking at each other.
"We honestly don't feel that way about each other." I managed to laugh. "Oh you guys are in the friend zone but you guys looks so cute." she said, Darren avoided eye contact with me and I did the same. "Hey miss I need a refill." a customer called her attention for a cup of coffee. "I have to go, it's nice meeting you both." she said to both of us but stopped at Darren. "She's the rarest of her kind keep her." she giggled and left leaving me and Darren awkward, we ate slowly.
"She must really love her parents to adore us as same as them." I mumbled quietly. "She's responsible too working here." Darren stated.
"I hope she's lucky to find love as beautiful as her parents, I wasn't lucky." I said pushing my plate away. "Maybe you haven't connected with that special person." he said, my lips stretched into a smile feeding from pain.
"I don't think I ever want to love again not after what I've been through." I gritted my teeth and scoff throwing off the thought before I cry in front of Darren, I resumed eating he didn't bring it up.
We were both done eating, I went to the restroom to wash up, later I stepped out to see Darren talking to waitress, I walked towards them. "I'm done let's go." I told Darren he nodded and a flash of light twitched, Darren immediately put his arm over his face during the flash.
"Aww you hid your face..." she pouted, Darren shares her a stare. "Can I borrow your phone?" he asked, she gave him her phone and he just went through it and gave her back her phone.
"Let's go Quinn." Darren took my hand leading me out of the dinner I just followed him quickly without asking what's the problem, we both took the subway route to get a train, we both got tickets and took the train, we sat down next to each other I didn't bring up a word until he spoke up first. "Are you comfortable? " he asked, my head bobbing back and forth was my only reply, he smiled looking away. "Did you give that girl your number? " I asked curious.
"What? "
"The girl at the dinner you borrowed her phone right? " I asked while he nodded.
"Yes but I didn't give her my number, she took a pic of both of us I deleted it before anyone who is a threat sees you in it, she didn't know she could be endangering her life and ours so I deleted it." he explained while I nodded.
My mind bounced back to this morning I didn't see Haven, neither Seth or Erwin it was only me and Darren that's why he suggested we eat out this time, he reminds me a lot like Calvin. I gasped getting Darren's attention.
"Is something wrong? " he asked, I didn't see the face of Darren I saw Calvin's instead my eyes widened in shock as the smile on his face caught my attention. "Calvin? " I mumbled quietly.
"Who ?" Darren looked back at me for a reply, I just smiled realising my fault. "You just remind me of someone." I stated glancing round the train to end the conversation.
During the day I didn't see the rest of the guys Haven kissed me I didn't bother to ask Darren he looked busy so I kept myself entertained by eating snacks, I was down to my sixth bag until the door opens up revealing Haven in a mask and also a female, I stared at her before I had time to make out the second mask musketeer she pulled me in for a hug.
"Quinn, you've not been taking care of your hair." I knew it was Maria the moment she jumped at me, she looked excited as she takes off her mask. She looks over at Darren who only waved at her, she pulled me to a corner far away from the guys. "So you and Darren had the apartment to yourself." she sneers in a naughty tone.
I pushed her away gently. "What are you doing in New York? " I asked.
"I'm here to replace you duh.." she rolled her eyes, I went pale as a ghost until she cracks into a girlish laugh. "I'm joking the guys said something about helping you with your make over since they can't trust you with a contour kit, I was bored so I decided to say yes." she smirked taking me by my hand.
"I'll start dolling Quinn up you guys better not disturb." she warned. "Knock yourselves out." Darren insisted as she pulled me away to my room, she took out the same kind of blue color extension of my hair.
I took a bath first, I just wore a robe.
She sat me down and took her time to put on the extension until she she done, she chopped a bit of the extension to a satisfying length it was still long. "I'm so jealous of you queen you look really pretty." she band my hair to a high ponytail leaving out the front, she curled the two strand of hair making then look bouncy, she also curled the ponytail into a wave.
She applied only blush and an ombre color of pink and nude on my lips, the top was nude while the bottom was pink.
She put her hands on my shoulder. "If this doesn't make a guy go crazy for you he's crazy." I chuckled at her joke and we heard a knock from the door. "Maria are you almost done? " we heard Haven from outside.
"No peeking." she yelled. "Seth called it's almost time for the mission I have to drop Quinn off and I have to take you back to Denver." Haven mentioned, Maria sighed.
"Give us twenty five minutes." she yelled. "You heard me right? " Haven chorused. "Do you want me to say five? " Maria squirm applying hair spray on my hair we both heard Haven cussing under his breath as he left, I put on the purple halter dress, the heels and the tiara, Maria tried on the tiara and took a few selfies.
"Best day ever." she grinned excitedly until her eyes landed on the necklace I didn't put it on, I already wore mine. "You never take off the necklace is it special? " she asked.
"My dad willed it to me after he died a few months ago." she focused her eyes on my necklace deep in thought. "That's strange."
"What's strange ?" I asked.
"It's nothing I thought I looked familiar but it isn't." she brushed it off and I didn't think much about it, she took a shower too and changed to casual escorting me to meet the guys, the guys were there except Seth.
"Where is Seth " Maria asked.
"He said he'll be at the Yatch.... " Haven said his eyes drawl over to me, he almost went speechless. "Haven take Maria home." Darren instructed as he nodded.
"Wait isn't Seth supposed to be at ball too? " I asked. "He can't he has to take Maria back to Denver, he'll be dropping you off though." I went pale thinking I'll be alone with Seth, maybe not only Seth since there will be a lot of people. "Do you have any problem with that Dory? " Erwin said supplying his gun bullets.
"No." I calmly replied, he stared at me for a second. "You look nice." he commented, I smiled at his sudden maturity. "Thanks." I muttered. "Make sure you don't go fucking Diego in that outfit." I wanted to punch him but Maria beat me to it. "Be nice shithead." she growled all he did was rolled his eyes at us.
"You look beautiful, don't mind him." she took me by my hand leading me out of the hotel, we all went to the driveway, I was about to get into a car with Maria and Haven. "Hey Dory." Erwin yelled. "Don't die if you do you're stupid." he wished as his way of saying goodluck like I don't know what's at stake, I just nodded and got in the car.
Haven dropped me near the docks and left with Maria after wishing me goodluck, I slowly walked to the docks to where the yatch was, the Yatch was huge when I glanced up at it, I took the steps to the yatch all eyes landed on me and gasped, I heard them whispering asking who am I or what empire I belonged to, I just ignored all since a few people were at the top of the deck.
"Miss Tenn." I turned to see a man dressed in black and white attire. "Mr Vans request for your present please follow me." I followed behind him like a lost puppy as the mumurs thundered, I followed him down to another room in the Yatch, it was bigger inside than outside there were more people here, the man led me to Diego who was gloating with his friends, the moment he turned to look at me they all stared at me in awe.
I went over to Diego with a sweet smile."I'm sorry I'm this late Mr Vans I had trouble with work."
"No problem you're here now, the event may begin." he smile he was handed a glass with champagne and so was everyone else, he started giving a speech and I felt the yatch was moving, I peek through a window but I couldn't see, I squeezed myself to go back up since mostly everyone was here now, only a few people were up.
To my horror the Yatch was away from the docks I tried contacting the guys but I just remembered I didn't take my earpiece.
My heart skipped a beat as my hand clehch to the bar of the Yatch that prevented me from falling over.
I slowly turned trying to think of what next and then from a distance I saw Seth, he was staring at me I felt relived seeing him at first until I noticed the way he stared at me, he looked stunned my cheeks flushed as his eyes searched my figure. "Ambree what a surprise, care for a drink? " Shane Cunningham show up holding out his two glasses of champagne, I take the glass not taking a sip?
"Don't you drink ?" he asks I shake my head.
"Why don't you take a sip Quinn? " I froze when he mentioned my name. "What? " I asked.
"Are you shocked I know your identity ? " he spits while I backed up a bit in horror he did recognize me.
This is bad.

To be continued.

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