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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 44


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 44

Theme : The village Girl


Mr Philips
I stared at Stella's face. She has the expression of an unhappy whipped dog, hurt terribly. I sat on the edge of the bed.

"Stella.. ".

"Yeah". She answered softly.

"Whats the matter with you? ".

"It my son's marriage. How can I sleep peacefully when my son is in pain.

How could you just say, the girl should go ahead with the divorce? ".

"Stella... Listen, she's Alex's. I know what am saying. They will come back together".

"And what if they dont? ". I huffed. "Listen Philips, the reason I support you in sending that girl abroad to study is because of my son.

Yeah I know she really gone through alot but we've apologized. Why did she have to ask for a divorce? ".

"She needs time. Stella....

"No Philips. She's making me feel somehow already. Even though I have turn a new leaf, I can still go back to my old self because of son.

Alex is my only child, I know what I pass through while giving birth to him.

And I don't like to see him hurt. That why anything he wants, I support too.

All through the years. I always give him money because I can't bear to see him hurt.

Listen and listen good, I give that girl Atleast three weeks. Else! Else! You know me very well, Philips".
"Stella. They will come back.
Okay?. Let me go and prepare for the meeting". I said and stood up from the bed.

"Wait.... ". Stella said, she climb out of the bed and came to me.
"Thank you so much for being a good husband. Thank you so much for taking Alex back to the company".

I smiled at her. "Come on, Stella. Alex is our only child. He's a prodigal son but now he's back to me. You know how much I care about you two".

"Philips. You not just caring to only us, but to everybody around you. You are the best. Am so blessed to have you". She said and kissed me passionately.

I stood by the dressing mirror and checked myself for the up tenth time or let me just say more than ten times.

I straighten my tie and sprayed my perfume all over again.
I rubbed my hair lotion and brushed my hair. I moved to the closet and brought out my suit Jacket.

I did shopping few days ago. I wore the jacket and went back to the mirror again.

I huffed. Am so glad my dad accepted me back. He filled my account with money for anything at all.

He even add to my maids and brought some of his guards to my house.

Oh God. I hope I look very cute for Tiwa. Today is D day. I'll be resuming work.Back to my previous position in the company.

The managing director of P-Links.Dad wanted to put me in as the CEO but am not ready for that yet..

I need my wife first, being a CEO isn't east at all.

My Dad will be there to introduce me to everybody again.I already told him to invite some employees from the Factory.

Just to see Tiwa. Oh God, I really hope and pray she comes.

I proceeded downstairs to dinning room. I met my new workers in the living room doing one or two things.

"Good morning sir". They greeted and responded and even flashed them a smile.

Which was so unlike me. They all stare at me especially the ones from my Dad's place who knew me very well.

I got to the dinning room, brought out a chair for myself and settled in it. If it was before, i'll have a guard to do that for me.

The table had lots of delicious and yummy looking meals and drinks too. Just like I told the maids to.
"Good morning sir". Juliet saif and bowed a bit..

"Morning Juliet, I hope you had a blissful night? ". I replied smiling.
She has this surprise look on her face..

"Ye. Ye... Yes sir. Yes sir, thank you". She stuttered and started dishing out my meal.

"Umm please call the guards over".

She look up with wide eyes."Sir? ".
"Yeah. Call them to come over".
"Yea yes sir. Right away". She left and soon came back with the guards. They were six in number.
"Morning sir". They greeted.

"Yeah good morning. Please have your seats". I said gesturing them to the vacant chairs.

"Sir? ".

"Yeah.. You should eat something before we go". They stood transfixed. "Come on, have your seats".

They sat down slowly and we ate together. I even cracked jokes with them, even though they were uncomfortable, they kept laughing even at my dry jokes which I knew wasn't funny.

Soon we got out of the house and I approached my car.

A guard rush and opened the door for me.

"Come on, you don't have to do that. Close it back". I ordered and he did. I opened the door myself and got in.

Life is too short.

After Dad introduced me, he kept talking about P-Links and Bright Foods. But I wasn't intrested.
I just kept stealing glances at Tiwa's beautiful face.

The meeting finally came to end and I couldn't be more glad. I left Lewis and Rotimi and rushed to Tiwa and we both enter the elevator.


"Hello Mr Alex".

"Good Morning ".

"Morning". She answered. Whats wrong with her? She don't look fine.

"Are you okay, Mrs Laura? ".

I followed Alex to his office. He offered me a seat and I took it. It been three days since Ella's stuff.

Justin has changed totally in the house. It just as if we're strangers. He doesn't talk to me and even if I greet him. He'll ignore.

He told me the only thing that could bring us back is if I bring Ella back to his life and Ella has refuse to come to work.

She cared less about her job. Anyways, I heard her parent are rich, she doesn't just like to show off.

"Here have this". Alex said handling a glass to me.

"Thank you". I muttered as I collected the glass from him. I sipped the chill drink and discovered it a mango drink.

How did he know my favorite? Anyways, that's the least of my problem right now.

"Umm, Are you okay? You don't look fine to me". He said sitting,on his chair.

"Yeah am fine". I muttered.
"You still good at hiding your feelings. Mrs Laura, you can talk to me, seriously".

Why should I hide it anyways. I really need to talk to someone. "It Olamide".

"Olamide? ".

"Justin. My brother ".

"Oh Justin. What about him? ".

I drop the glass on his desk. "He's mad at me".

"Justin? Mad at you? The Justin I know, loves you alot. He can't be. So I don't understand".

"Actually I confronted my secretary".

"You mean Ella, Rotimi's cousin? ".
"Rotimi's cousin? ".

"Yeah. You don't know? Well she is".

I sighed. "I made bad comments about Justin being a flirt and other stuffs. To cut it short, Ella broke up with him".

"Why will you do that? ".

Because Samuel was ignoring me and I loved him. That's what I wanted to say but I found myself saying.

"Some personal reasons".

He sighed. "Thats not cool. Have you talked to the girl?".

"She's not coming to work again".
"Have you tried going her house? ".

"I just got her address this morning".

"Then you should go see her and make things right".

"I feel somehow. Am afraid and shamed. I can't face her. I don't wanna go alone and Justin won't follow me".

"If you don't mind, uhmm.. Should I follow you? ".

"Follow me? ".

"Yeah. We'll go in my car. I mean no harm".

"Sure". What!! Did I just said that? Geez...

"Okay then. We should go after work then".

"Huh? Today? ".

He nodded. "Yeah".

I smiled a little. "Thank you".
"Anything for you". He returned the smile.

A cute one though.
Wait.. Why is he acting so nice? And why he's looking so cute? .

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