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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 43


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 43

Theme : The village Girl


"Umm Alex". Rotimi called and i face him.


"May I ask you a question? ".
"Sure, why not".

"Do you love Tiwa or because Nora left you? ".

I took a deep breathe. "Listen Rotimi, as odd as it might sound now. I swear with my life, am inlove with Tiwa and I do so much. I've regretted everything ".
He took a deep breathe. "If you say so then I have to believe you".

"Yeah am serious. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Am sure of my feelings. I just realise we're met to be. I just hope she accept me back".

"Alex. If according to everything you've said, it shows you love her and regret what you did to her.

I promise you, i'll stand by you. She'll be yours again". Rotimi assured.

"Thank you so much, Taiwo's hubby". I smiled.

Rotimi blushed. He so much love it when someone address him like that.

"Anything from Lewis? ". I asked cos it been long I heard from him.
"Yeah he was at the court last week".

"Oh oh. Fiona is still bent in keeping their son away from him? ".

"Yeah. Lewis has been refrained to maintain 100meters from Fiona because of what she said in the court. Something like Lewis stalking her".

"Oh God. I feel so sorry for him. He must really regret it".

"Yeah same but everything was his fault".

"Thats just too bad".

Rotimi's phone beeped, he click on it then place it on his ear.

"Hey Love.... Yeah... Am still at Alex... No... Just tell Ryan, am on my way... Come on... It just 9pm... Please.... ". He chuckled. "Missing me? I miss you more.... Love you... Ha haha... Well catch all. Muah Muah".

I rolled my eyes. "Love birds. If anybody else should here you, they had think you guys are not staying together".

He laughed. "Let me start going.. She's craving for chicken Barbeque "..

"Oh right then. My regards to her and Ryan".

"Yeah sure, don't forget to make the call".

"Sure, I won't. Thanks".

Rotimi left and I dialed Tiwa's mom number. Rotimi had advice me to make the woman like and accept me. So it'll be easy to get Tiwa. So Justin gave me her number.

"Hello, who's on the line o? ".
I cleared my throat."hmm good evening ma, It Alex".

"Which one? I dont remember knowing any".

"Tiwa's husband, ma".

"Point of correction, ex husband".
"Mummy. Am sorry for everything".

"So you can call me, Mummy ehn? "..
"Am sorry ma".

"I don't have any business with you o".

"Mummy. How you doing? ".

"So you now care? Okay am fine o".

"Have you eaten, ma? ".

"I have and moreover if I haven't. Do you plan to give me through the phone? ". Man. This woman is tough."Why did you call anyways? ".

"Nothing ma, just call to say hi".

"Okay I hope I can hang up now, ehn? ".

"Yes ma. My regards t.......... ".
I was cut off by the beep sound. She has aborted the call. Geez..

I flinched at the loud bang from my door. I sat up immediately to see a bloodshot eye Justin glaring at me.

"Why the fuck did you barge into my room that way? ". I yelled angrily.

I was sleeping when he barge in disrupting my sleep. Why the fuck did I forget to lock the door, anyways?

"What the fuck did you tell Ella? ". He growled.

I hissed and rubbed my eyes tiredly. "Is that why you barge into my room without knocking? ".

He scoffed. "Knock? Did I hear you say knock, huh? ".

"Olamide. What exactly is your problem? It past 11 already. I don't want to get to work late".

"Tiwalade or whatever your name is. I said what the fuck, did you said to Ella? ". He yelled angrily.
I was gobsmacked. He just called me by my name. Just like that.
"Did you just call me by name, no iora of respect again, huh? ".

He smirked. "Really? Respect? Why will I respect a backstabber like you? Are you worthy of being my sister at all? ".

"Olamide. You're.....

"Shut the fuck up and tell me what you said to Ella!! ". He yelled, making me flinch.

His veins were visible on his neck while his fists balled into knots. I've never seen him this angry before in my life.

"I only told her the truth that you're a flirt. That all you want is to get into her skirts and thats how you sleep around with girls". I explained and shrugged.

His face dropped."What?!! Why will you say that? ". His voice was low.

"Because you're a flirt. Jumping at every girl you meet".

"I use to be, not anymore". His voice was soft now. He was weak already.

I scoffed. "Use to? You fucking ditch Joyce despite the love you shared".

"I did not ditch Joyce. She did to me".

"Now you're making up another lie".

"Am not. A week before we came to Nigeria. Joyce was getting married and we still met and had sex, the night to her wedding. I went to her and confirmed it. She said it to my face.

She said she dated me because of a bet between she and her friends,on who will date me and have something with me.

She said it to my face that all we shared was fake! That she used me to quench her sex thirst. That why I turned to a flirt".

I couldn't say a word. Whats he saying?

"I was hiding it from you. That why everytime you ask of her, I act like we were still dating and played along.

Defending my love for her. It all lies. I never wanted to tell you how she broke my heart. I was burning inside. I promise to play girls.

But when I met Ella. Do you know what happened?I discover she's gone through alot in men's hands. I couldn't bring myself to hurt her.

I fell Inlove with her, I became attach to her. I became addicted. I don't want to ever see her hurt.

Anytime she's feeling pain, I swear to God. I feel it too. It made me realise she's my soulmate.

Her family members has approve of my relationship with her already. Am planning to engage her soon because I can't do without her.

But what did you do after all the love I have for you? You went to spoil her mind against me.

Just so you know, she don't wanna see again. She hates me so much right now. She sees me like a beast. Like I used and played her.

And it all your fault. Tell me, Are you happy now? Are you? You should have hurt me instead of touching Ella.

You could have face me, I won't mind you stabbing me instead of her. She's all I have. She's my everything". Tears were gushing out of his eyes.

"Tell me, what reason do you have, to even do such in the first place? ". He yelled in pain.

My body was already weak. "It because of Samuel. He's avoiding me and I know it your handwork".
He put his hands on his head. "Why? Why? Just because of Samuel? ".

"It not just. I love Samuel".

"Samuel is fucking married and blessed with two kids already. I fucking saved your ass!! ".

"No I dont believe you. That's a lie". I said and reached for my phone then dial Feyi's number.

"Tiwalade mi. My one and only bestie. You're lucky you called by this time. I was breasting my baby that why I haven't slept o and....
"Feyi wait... Is Samuel married?.... The prince".

"Of course na. He got married two month after your wedding. I thought you heard about it. Wait... Why are you asking? ".

My phone fell on the bed. My Jaw dropped and my eyes was wide open.

Justin shook his head before leaving the room.

What have you done? Tiwa, what have you done!!! What you done!!! Oh my God.

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