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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 41


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 41

Theme : The village Girl


Mrs Philips
"Honey". I called my husband whose attention was on the newspaper in his hands. We have TV but still he loves Newspapers alot.

"Yes Dear".

"Let's talk about Tiwa's marriage to Alex".

He dropped the newspaper and removed his glasses then face me. "Okay... What is it? ".

"You know quite well the reason, I agreed on us sending Tiwa to study abroad is because of my son".

"Yes... ".

I took a deep breathe. "But she's not making a move like she's gonna move in back to her matrimonial home anytime soon".
"Maybe because she needs time".

"You shouldn't have gotten them an apartment in the first place".

"Darling. You know quite well, they were not comfortable living with us especially Justin".

"Then you should've just allow her go stay in her matrimonial home".
"Honey. Justin might not like the idea".

"You not even sure about that".
"Stella honey, common. You just giving yourself headache over nothing".

"Honey seriously, i don't think things are right with them".
"Okay, so what do you want me to do now? ".

"First of all, I want you to allow Alex start work again".

"Are you tired of giving him money, already? ".

I know Philips is just trying to get on my nerves but am changed.
"Philips please".

"He needs to work for it, he has to prove he's worth it".

"What do you want him to do? ".

"Get back to Tiwa and that's the key".

"That's more of the reason I said we should look into their relationship ".

"What's the second? ".

"I want you to invite them over, so we can know whats going on between the two".

"Okay ma, as your lordship pleases".

I smiled and went over to him then gave him a peck.

I watch my son eating and I smiled. It so good to see him healthy again and it all thanks to Tiwa.

"Here, have some more". I said and serve him more pasta. "Eat up, so you can talk to your father and before Tiwa comes".

He look up from his food. "She's coming? ".

"Yeah, we invited her over. I don't think things are right between you two"..

"Mom". He called softly with a sad face.

"What is it, son? ".

"Tiwa wants to divorce me".

"What?!! ". My husband who was coming downstairs and I chorused at the same time.

"What do you mean, Alex? ". Philips asked.

"Yes father. She wants a divorce". Alex said to Philips who has now gotten to us.

"Are you being serious here? ". Philips asked.

Alex nodded. "Yes Dad".

The doorbell rang and soon Tiwa walked in looking very beautiful.

"You're looking beautiful as ever, mom". I said to Mrs Philips as i pecked her and kneeled to greet Mr Philips.

"Hi Alex". I waved at him, giving him a small smile.

"Hello". He replied softly. Everybody seem odd.

"Anything the problem? ". I asked looking from one person to the other.

Mrs Philips was about to talk when Mr Philips spoke up. "No daughter, let's go to the sitting room".

"Upstairs or here?". I asked.
"The one here. Alex can you come over? ". His dad asked.

"Yeah". Alex replied and we proceeded to the sitting room where we settled on separate seats.

Why do I feel like they're hiding something from me?

"Tiwalade? ". Mr Philips called.
"Sir". I answered as I tuck my braid behind my ear.

"Whats up with your marriage with Alex? ".

"Am getting a divorce, sir". I replied.

Mrs Philips was shocked, her eyes grew wide. But I just have to be sincere.

"Why is it because of the past? ".
"Actually ma. It was a forcible wedlock right from the beginning. Alex doesn't love me".

"I do now and am sorry for everything sincerely, please". Alex begged.

"You're not Alex, you want to force yourself and....

"No Tiwa please".

"Tiwalade, I understand how you feel and am a woman too.. But please, just let go of the past". Mrs Philips said.

"I've forgotten the past and forgiven Alex along time ago. Just that it what I want. Marrying Alex was not my dad decision.

I want to make a decision for myself now. On my own". I said and I heard Alex sniff. I look at his direction and notice he was crying already.

Mr Philips cleared his throat. "Is that what you want? ".

"Yes sir".

"Dad". Alex called.

"I guess you were busy at work. You can go back now". Mr Philips said.

"Thank you sir, Alright ma. Take care. Alex... I'll take my leave now". With that I stood up, carried my bag and proceeded to the door.
I heard Mrs Philips saying. "Why did you do that, Philips?".

"I have a strong believe, she'll come back. They're met to be. Don't worry". Mr Philips replied.

Met to be indeed. I got out of the car and entered my car then zoom off to work.

I need to talk to Ella. Samuel no longer pick my calls and even on social media, it just hi and hello from him.

He doesn't reply at times. It been a week now. I know it Justin's doing and that why I have to pay him back now.

I stared at the envelope in my hands. I couldn't help but smile. I've been feeling sick this days, so I went to the clinic for test and the result came out.

Am pregnant. I can't wait to tell Justin tonight.

Justin is a very nice person and am glad to have him in my life. He made me believe in love again.

I've gone through alot in my past relationships and that why I resent men alot
That was the reason I spoke rudely to Mr Alex.

But it different with Justin. He changed my life. At first, I saw him like a player but he proved me wrong. I love him so much.

The landline broke into my thought. I pick it up and place it on my ear.

"Hello, Ella Leslie. EL".

"I need you to come to my office now". I heard Mrs Laura say and she hung up.

I drop the envelope in my bag, adjusted my skirt and proceeded to her door. I knocked on it softly.
"Come in".

I opened the door gently and entered. My sister inlaw was looking gorgeous as usual. I so much love her. I swear.

They're all cute in their family. Justin had show me all the family members picture.

"Mrs Laura". I called softly.
"Have your sit". She gestured me to the two chairs in front of her desk and I settled in one.

"How you doing, Ella? ".

"Am fine ma". I replied smiling.
"I see Justin has been taking care of you". I blushed. "But do you think he loves you? ".

My jaw dropped. "Ma? ".

"Yeah. Do you think he loves you? ".

"Yes ma. He loves me".

"Wow really? Because he spends money on you? Because he's giving you attention? ". She smirked.

"There's nothing a playboy won't do to get into your skirt".

I stared at her. I was already
feeling uneasy. My heart was beating fast.

"Justin loves me, ma"

She took a deep breathe and smiled again. "You see, Ella. A playboy will do anything to convince you, just to get into your skirt or am I wrong? Tell me, he hasn't slept with you.... ".

I felt my heart shatter. I felt like I was gonna pass out anytime soon.
Because my eyelids was becoming heavy and my head was hurting real bad.

"He has". I muttered.

"You see". She said and rest back in her chair.

"But why are you telling me, all this? ".

"Let say because I see you like a sister. I know Justin very well, Ella".

Everything was going into circles already. I couldn't feel my body again

"Miss Ella, are you okay? ".
"Yes yes ma. Can.. Can.. Can I return back to my post, please". I manage to say.

"Sure, Ella".

"Thank you, ma". I don't know how I got out of her office. All I know is am back in my post. I manage to sit.

Justin can't hurt me, right? No... It not possible.. I mean......

Not after everything. The love, the.. No.. No... But Mrs Laura is his sister. I felt hot tears pour down my cheeks and I couldn't
help it.

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