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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 42


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 42

Theme : The village Girl


I laughed at Alex joke. He's so lively and fun to be with.I've come to love him and am glad he's my brother inlaw. I can't still believe we can be this close though.

"It so great, that you'll start work on Monday. Mehn.. I've missed you so much". Rotimi said.

"Yeah. I seriously can't wait. It been five years plus. Mehn. Damn". Alex said whist smiling.
"So hmm, Justin. I guess we have some unfinish business together". Rotimi said facing me.

I arched an eyebrow. "Huh? ".
"I'll be right back. Need to make use of the sitting room". Rotimi said and left the sitting room.

Alex stood up and went to the bar in the sitting room. I watch him carry a cocktail wine and came back.

He opened it and filled each glass. This the second bottle of wine we're taking.

I pick my phone from the table. It almost time for my date with Ella. I hope she's prepared already. Cos ladies and their 16 hours in dressing up.

I dialed her number. First, second, third, fourth ring. No answer. May be she's in the bathroom. I still have 30 minutes before going to her.

"Yeah am back". Rotimi said and and settled back in the sofa. He pick his glass to his mouth, almost about to sip when he suddenly turn to Alex. "May you grow old".

Alex stared at him. "This sudden prayer of yours".

"Oh yeah. I learnt it from my wife. Anytime she wants to do something and I do it for her. She'll be like.

'Honey pie, may we grow old together". Rotimi said grinning then he sip his wine.

I sipped my wine and then sent Ella a message.

"Don't try to escape the date you're going. We ready made the deal. I'll take you out on the date and you'll go get yourself test in the clinic tomorrow, so be fast. I love you"
"You and your wife". Alex said before sipping from his glass.

"Oh yeah. It true. It me and my wife o. I can never trade her for anything. I mean anything at all". Rotimi smiled.

Alex rolled his eyes. "So we should go and dive in the ocean because we don't have someone who care about us right? ".

"Wait... Did I hear you say we? ".
"Yeah. Me and Justin".

Rotimi laughed and I joined him too. "Please... Which of the Justins? Cos it can't be the one dating my cousin sister".

Alex face me and I couldn't help but laugh. "But wait. Which of your cousin is that? ".

"Her Name is Ella Leslie.My Uncle who stays in United states in Cincinnati is her father.

They stay together there untill she relocated to this place and moreover she works with Tiwa". Rotimi replied.

"Works with Tiwa? Do I know her? ".

I nodded. "Yeah, you should. She's Tiwa's secretary".

"What? ". Alex shouted and drop his glass.

Rotimi and I exchange looks. "Anything the problem? ".

"Yeah. Rotimi, dont tell me that rude girl is your cousin". Alex said.
"She's not a rude girl". I defended. Well I don't joke with Ella. She's my life.

"Of course she is, she really insulted me the day I went to see Tiwa".

"Oh yeah. It has a reason".

"A reason for being rude? ".

"Common Alex please. I said she has. Okay I apologize on her behalf". I said then took a gulp from my glass.

Rotimi laughed out. Wait. Whats with this guy? Does he have a laughing issue?. "Alex thats the truth, it coming from the lover boy".

We all chuckled. I glance at my wristwatch. 8:30PM.

"Alright. I have to go now. Am going somewhere". I said then gulp everything in my glass, pick my phone and car key.

Just as I stood up, Someone cleared his throat and it turn out to be Rotimi.

Somewhere like my cousin's place,right?". He winked.

"Yeah you got it right". I replied
"You love her, don't you? ". Alex asked.

"Yeah I really do. She's my life".

"Stick to that please, she's an only girl child of my uncle. My favorite cousin as a matter of fact. Else am gonna cut off your balls, if you dare ditch her".

"O-o-o-ops". I immediately held my balls.

" I can't ditch Ella. She's my life. Just like I said".

I kept dialing Ella's number in the car but she's not picking. It so unlike of her. She can't possibly still be in the bathroom, right?.
I sighted a flower shop ahead. I pulled up infront of the shop, got out of my car then went in to get her a fine bouquet.

I so much love giving my girl a flower. Maybe because I've lived in the states.

Though this our date tonight is a bribe to take her to the clinic cos she's been sick this days. We already made the deal.

I got to her house, the gateman opened the gate, I gave him some money then drove in.Everyone in her compound knows me very well.

She lives in an apartment building with lots of people. Rich people though. The house rent is very expensive so only the rich can afford it.

I park my car, pick the flower, got out and shut the car door.

I bounce as I entered the building. She stays in the fourth floor. I entered the elevator, press the 4 button and soon I landed in the fourth floor.

I headed straight to her room. Room 5.The last one at the left end.

I got to her door and press the doorbell. No reply. I tried her number again. No answer.

I've given her like 20 calls already. Maybe she's out but to where? I'll just wait.

I click her password on the door since I knew it. It unlock and I opened the door. I proceeded to the sitting room and my mouth went agape.

Her office shoes, handbag, files and some other stuffs were all scattered. It so unlike her. The Ella I know is a very neat girl. Her room is always in apple pie.

I drop the bouquet on the glass table. "Ella". I called but no response. I went to the kitchen, she wasn't there.

I got to her room and it even worst than the living room. All the dress in her closet were laying on the floor. What's going on?

"Ella? ".

The only place I haven't check is the bathroom, so I headed there.
Getting close, I heard the shower running. Naughty girl. I chuckled. So she was bathing but why is her room upside down like this?.
I opened the bathroom door and my eyes grew wide.she was sitting under the shower crying and her clothes were still on.

She's fucking wet including her hair which was plaited in Twisting.


I called as I rush to her, I was almost at her place when she suddenly brought out a knife and pointed it at me.

"Ella, what the hell are you doing? You're sick and you know that". I said softly and tried to get closer.
"Stop!!! ". She screamed startling me.

"Don't you dare come close to me, else am gonna stab you or myself. One of us will die,i swear.

I was shocked. "Ella, whats wrong with you? Why the hell are you doing this? ".

"Shut the hell up and leave me Alone". She screamed.

"Ella, you know quite well. I can never leave you. I love you".

"No!!!! ". She screamed out loud. "You don't love me, all you want is my body. You manwhore! Beast!! ".

I was gobsmacked. "Ella. Why will you say such? I love you and you..... Ella. I dont want your body. It you, I love. Please".

"I said shut up!!! ".

"Babe please. Let's talk amicably. I beg of you. You're getting something wrong here, I know. And thats why I need you to talk to me.Please, Ella".

"Save your shits. Your game is up. I've heard everything. All you want is my body, you fool! ".
"Babe, why will you say that? And what do you mean, you heard everything? What did you heard? Tell me, please ".

"I don't have anything to say to you, just get the hell outta my house".

"I can never leave you Ella and you know that. You're my Breathe.. My joy. My happiness. Ella..... ".

She burst into fresh tears. Maybe this the perfect time to go close. Just as I took a step.

She put the knife on her wrist. I stopped in my track immediately. My mouth was wide open.

"Ella, you're hurting yourself". I said cos blood was coming from her wrist already due to how she held the knife tightly.

She look down to her wrist then look up again. "This is nothing compare to how you broke my heart. Just stop the pretence.
Your sister has told me the flirt you are. All you want is my body and you've got it already".

I was stunned. "My sister? ".

"Yes. So get the hell out or am gonna stab myself". She screamed then move the knife down to her stomach making it face her tummy.

I gasped. "Ella please, i'll leave. Please". I said and turned.

"Dont come back into my house or my life". I heard her scream after me.

I got out of her house and shut the door behind. I sat on the floor leaning my back on her door.

Wait.. What did Tiwa tell her?
 Tiwa can't hurt me, right? No.. Not when am trying to help her.
 Just the thought of Ella crying and hurting inside makes my heart shatter.

I buried my face in my palm. Crying hard. The last time, I cried like this was when Joyce left me. I don't wanna lose Ella.

I love her so much. I couldn't stop crying, not minding the people passing.

My Ella..... My Everything. Ella!!!!!!!!!!!!

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