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The Land Of No Return-Chapter4


The Land Of No Return-Chapter4

Theme: (Lisa The Goddess of Monsters)

By Aderibigbe Ayomide (oko Adesewa)08105835201

In my years of combats, I only have  one common enemy, fear. But I was done with it, I was done being afraid to die. And that has been taking me and my team very far.  All of them has overcome the enemy, all of us are fearless.

" Bonner i want you to contact the HQ. Tell them we have a lead "

"Alright sir" he replied.

(Borner) speaking on Radio

Bravo. This is Bravo 5 do you read me?


Copy. Bravo 5 over

Mission report. Gen Holland do you copy over.

(Gen Holland)
Put your captain on

This is captain jack of the task force Dagger. Mission code pregnant bitch. Reporting mission over.

(Gen Holland)
Copy. What's your status.

We have a lead into a casino to obtain the floor plan to where we assume our scientist are being held captive.

(Gen Holland)
Very good.

We also have Al-malki in custody. He gave us the lead.

(Gen Holland)
You captured a General. The whole town gonna be after you by dawn.

No shit about that. We need him to get the coordinate.

(Gen Holland)
Any more info?

We are robbing a casino.

(Gen Holland)
do what's necessary

Roger that sir.

(Communication ended)

"Alright  soldiers, now we need to be more careful  with our moves. Every tangos out there probably searching  for us by now. But there's a place they can never search. Den's of criminal, A casino. That's why we are robbing A casino , but not with pointed Aks. Weden tell us what we need to know about this casino "

" out of law, it's a home for all criminals all over the world. Got numbers of hidden cameras, if we can hack into their system we should be able to get rid of the first threat. The security guards ain't the problem. Every motherfucker there owns a gun. Every one of them carry their piece along. I believe what we are looking for is kept in a secret vault beneath the engine room. If you guys can get me there, I can crack the vault opens. " she replied.

" great. Alright Morgan, what do you have? "

" I can go with Weden to obtain the map. There gonna be guards at some post, kicking ass is what I do. " he replied.

"Not bad, Tony how do we get out without being spotted? "

"That's an understatement, we don't rob a den of thieves without making some little noise. But it gonna be the noise a  BMW rotating at the center of the casino. There's a sport car waiting to be won at the middle of the casino. It's gonna be our way out. We'll drive the car out of the building once wedden is done obtaining the map" he replied.

"Nice plan but we gonna need a distraction for that to happen, we gonna need someone to distract everyone attention to... "

"I'll do that " Scott cut in. " Anything for the pregnant lady" he added.

"Very well then. Here is the plan. Derrick you and I gonna blend in like one of the gamblers. Grab some seats and make ourselves executives. Scott gonna create a distraction while Weden and Morgan will make run for the vault. Once we are done, we'll hit for our exfil. Our brand new BMW. In case of any complications, Derick and I gonna give you guys cover fire till we are all out of the casino. I don't expect any questions, we are all professionals. So get ready, we are set tonight "

*****Casino Bay Eastern Kabul 19:00*****

As expected, everywhere was crowded both in and out, varieties of bitches and strippers dancing all around, every attendant is a bitch.

Derrick and I moved in without creating attention to ourselves. We got into gambling and surprisedly,  we were winning. Derrick's actually a good gambler.

We surveyed everywhere before giving Morgan and Weden the go ahead  to come in.

Weden came in dress like a drugs lord while Morgan acted as her personal bodyguard.

 We awaited Scott distraction which came in just in time.
He looks a little bit drunk as he resqusted for the microphone from one the standing guards.

" hey motherfuckers!!! I wanna bet on my latest diamond watch. It worth one million u.s dollars.
But I say two million what do you say? "

" I say three million  dollars !!! " someone from the crowd shouted.

"  four millions ! " another added.

" I say six millions!!! "

" ten millions!!! "

(Jack)  speaking on comms.

Morgan, Weden. It's your call the distraction is on.

Roger that.

" Twenty millions... "

"Twenty millions we have a deal. let's bet. Whom do I own this honour? " Scott asked.

A middle age Man walked forward with a Russian mustache dress in a German suits"

" My name is hackhead. I eat human brain for lunch and I never lose"
scott looked a little bit terrified but he was able to get himself back online.

"Alright gentleman, so let begin. What should we play. The American Classic Texas Hold'em will be great... "

" No, we play Roulette the Russian verity " hackhead cut in.

oh shit!  he  gonna lose his head

Seems our lad went too far with his distraction

( jack)
It's a shooting game. the Russian  70s pistol, single bullet. I wouldn't bet that.

Casino croupier: ladies and Gentleman we have ourselves a game of the Russian Roulette featuring  undefeated champion Mr hackhead. Bets are open.

Weden we don't have time, how many minutes you got.

Give me ten, I should be able to crack it open before then.

Let hope Scott have ten.

A Russian gun was being brought and a table was being  set between the two of then. hackman was the first to talk

"I want the bets, 30 to 1 odds. 30 odds for him, one odds for me. any takers on 30 to one odds? "

Casino croupier : ladies and Gentleman 30 to one odds. Bets are open.

I gotta get in with the bets.

casino croupier : Mr hackhead, as the returning champion, you've earn the place to play as second. The British man goes first .

I signaled to Derick then I moved to one of the bookies.

" give me a cool millon on 30 to one odds. Bet on the British man. "

my eye met with Scott whom look more than terrified.

Weden we don't have ten minutes.

give me a seconds, almost there... Got it.

Great, now get out of there. Tony it's your call

Rogger that.

Scott, pick the goddamn gun and kill the motherfucker. The first always die.

Scott picked up the gun, pretending to shoot himself then all of a sudden he point the gun at Mr hackman then he pull the trigger.

A loud bang goes off and Mr hackhead fell dead.
Everywhere went silent for some seconds and when the noise came back on, it was the noise of a BMW. Our exfill.

"Kill those bastards!!!  One of the guards shouted and there where bullets flying all over the air.

We quickly make our way to the car and tony drove us all out.

" that was a close one, almost shoot myself to death "

" you say thanks to your mama , now get off the channel. Your radio is still on. you are right beside me in the car. You don't need a comms.

Fucks off man.

We drove back to the safe house where we began making plans for the extraction.

We studied the map overnight and by dawn, we've already have a mission plan.

 "So far here's what we have. The factory is located at the outskirt of Kabul. Guarded like a military base. I would call it a military base because no chemical factory  has 400 paid tangos with tanks and mortals as guards. we are up against a whole army.
This map indicate a tunnel that goes straight into the chemical factory. The tunnel is used to transport fluid materials into the factory but we gonna use it as our way in.
Once we are into the factory, we gonna head towards the east, take down every obstacle till we reach point B. And what's point B. That's where we believe the hostages are being kept. We take them, sneak back out and we call for air strike to blow the place up. At any cost, do not let them sound the alarm when we are still in. That put our plan B at a very high risk. We must not be seen. Any questions?... In absence of none, gentlemen, police your gears and be well prepared.
bonner you gonna make contact with the HQ two hours out before the extraction. We need the chopper to be waiting for us. Not us waiting for the chopper "

********** 21:00 Undisclosed location outskirts of Kabul ******

We made our way in through the tunnel, we made contact with two tangos and we take them down silently.

Eyes open stay sharp

Roger that.

We followed the map direction but it seems the factory has more sections than the ones denotted on the maps.

( jack)
Alright guys. We might have a little problem. The map is out of date. We need to search all the sections here for the Hostages.


Stagg and Morgan, you two come with me. Weden you go with the rest.

Roger that sir.

We splited into two and we began searching the room one by one for the hostages.

section one clear

Section two clear

Captain I'm in a chemical lab. I  have the  botanist.

Confirm identity

Identity confirmed. Carlos Edward. Born 1832.

Great, one out, two to go. Ask him where they are hiding the others

Section 45.The  Archeology section .

Copy that

That's a long way down.

We moved strategically to section 45, we forced our way in, shot three tangos on guards and we almost lose our balance by what we saw.

What the hell are they doing here.

"They want to resurrect Melissa. They call her Lisa The goddess of Monsters " that came a female voice from our six.

" I'm Ann Kiessling and this is  Robert Harvey my colleagues. We are being adopted four months ago. I believed you are here to rescue us"

" bonner confirm identity " I said as I survey my eye around.

"Identity confirmed sir" he replied.

" now let get out of here... "

 "not so fast" Ann cut in. " we need to destroy Melissa, she must not wake up"

" cool!  how do we do that. Put a bullet in her dead body skull? " bonner asked ridiculously.

Captain I think you need to hear this.

Copy.  what's your status.

The botanist said he was working on a biological weapon. A weapon of biological mutation. Capable of waking the dead. In his language what he call zombies "


Yes zombies. It's set to be launch in 3 minutes time to the U. S territory. Once it reach our territory. Everyone gonna get infected and it gonna be spreading. We need to stop them.

It's too late for that. The weapon has already be launched . Bonner contact HQ. We have a code red.

Bravo. This is Bravo 5 we have a code Red. I repeat Code Red


Base: we got a code red from task dagger.

General Holland: what do we have.?

Base: Nukes heading towards our territory. It's a biological weapon.

General Holland : shit! Get men in the air, that weapon must not enter our territory.

Base: copy that sir.

Two light jet took off immediately in pursuit of the launched weapon.


" 385 this is bastard one. I have visual contact on the nukes"

(Gen Holland)
Bastard one you are clear to fire.

Target locked. Ready to lunch missile in 3... 2..  Missile free. Two seconds to impact... Target destroyed.

(Gen Holland)
Great work bastard one. You are clear to return to base.

********** 21:00 Undisclosed location outskirts of Kabul ******

Target has been confirm destroyed.

Good now we need to move. They gonna know that we are here. Bonner lace up the room with C4. Let prepare to move.

We were on our way out when the alarm sounded.

" captain we got companies! Multiple hostile approaching at 6'o clock. " stagged reported.

"We need to get out of here now!!! "

" Shot fire!!! " Scott screamed as he push away Weden from the incoming fire down on the floor. a loud explosion followed after which set all of us out of balance to the ground.

"Take cove!!! " I screamed. "Where are the shots coming from. ? "

"Everywhere!!! Everywhere motherfuckers is shooting at us" Tony screamed back.

"Suppress fire"

Suppressive fire !!!

Bonner contact HQ. Tell them we need immediate back!

Copy that sir!!!.

All of us stood up as we return fire back at the shooting tangos. But there fire power was far more than ours. Tanks, Thenicals, mortals, all of them are firing at us. Even Morgan with the machine gun stand no chance to repel back the fire.

Bravo. This is bravo 5 we are under attack. I repeat we are under attack we need air support.

(Gen Holland)

Bravo one we read you. Air support on the way.

We kept shooting back at every little chance we got but they kept closing in with us.

" we need to destroy Melissa!!! " Ann shouted.

"Does it look like we are playing here. Tony put a bullet in the fucking Melissa head!!! "

"I can't get to the body! Wait... The fucking Melissa body is gone! " Tony alerted.

"Oh No. She has risen " Ann muttered.

To be continued...

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