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The Land Of No Return-Chapter3


The Land Of No Return-Chapter3

Theme: (Quest for war)

By Aderibigbe Ayomide (oko Adesewa)08105835201

Day 6 September 19, 2003

Our enemies seems to have great alliance, penetrating such requires special intelligence. I got to rethink of weden plan, just that they are a little bit slow.
Getting the factory ground plan wasn’t as easy as we thought. The plan was also guided like a diamond museum.

” Weden, tell us how to get the ground plan to the chemical factory ” I asked her. She took a walk round the room and uncover a secret board in which she has been working on. She pinned alot of pictures and also there were maps and threads which shows positions of various places and people she has been  tracking.

” we can only find the map from one man. He name is Al-malkil. He’s not just nobody. He’s a General of the Afgnistan military, don’t be surprised, their military has been breached. We can only get the map from him, and he’s someone that is very difficult to locate, he’s movements  are unknown. I tried tracking him more than twice but I lost track on him…the last Intel told me he’s in town. So if we are quick, we might be able to grab him ” she said.

” Alright then, Tony, Scott and Derick, I want you to grab your gears, change your wears cos we are laying undercover. The rest of you, I want you to make this place a fucking war room. Weden you are coming with us, You are the only one that know the city. This is a two weeks Mission, I got no time to spare. Now everyone let get this work done. ” I ordered and they all obliged.

After everything was set, I ordered Stagg to contact the base.

****calling K2 Base Northern Afghanistan***

Stagg : Bravo. This is bravo 5 reporting over?

Base : Bravo 5. We can hear you, do your copy over?

Stagg : Copy over. put General Holland on the line over?

Base : copy that.

Holland : This is Gen Holland, Do you read me over?

Stagg: we do, this is task force dagger reporting mission over.

Holland : put the captain on the line.

Jack : I’m on sir

Holland : what’s your status?

Jack : we got the hit into the city, now we are about to deal with some shit here, we got no lead yet, but once we got one, I’m gonna let you know sir.

Holland : how do you find our Intel?

Jack : she’s a bit crazy sir.

Holland : you got any problems?

Jack : I was told the enemy got a missile launcher.

Holland : a missile launcher? Be specific.

weden  : BM-21 missile rocket sir

Holland : that’s a shit! Coordinate?

Jack : unstable  sir

Holland : alright then let me know of any development. Keeps your heads down and stay safe.

Jack : Roger that.

I dropped the call and faced to instruct my team.

” Gentlemen , listen up, weden, Tony, Scott and Derick. I need the four of you wired. Bonner I want you to connect all the computers here to the US satellite. And I want a good communication wired system. According to drew locations here, we have 4 point to track down Al-malkil. Tony, I want you at  point A. Weden will give you the location. Derick I want you at  point B. Scott, I want you in sniper position at point C, you gonna watch our heads. I’m gonna take  the last point with weden. Remember, we are going out there in tracking surveillance. No shooting, do not draw attention to yourself. Once we have the neccesary information… We strike at night”

“Roger that! ” they all echoed.

********13:00 central market Kabul *******

I sat with weden at a local restaurant, pretending to be having a tea with her on a couple date.

” Their tea taste so bad here ” I muttered as I maintain my surveillance.

” get use to it. What did you know about tea? ” she asked as she took a sip from her own tea.

“my wife do make me tea, so I know the ones that taste good from bad. The one we are drinking here taste like shit ” I replied.

” so you are married? ” she threw back.

“Yea, with a daughter” I replied.

“what about you, ain’t you married? ” I asked. She looked away and I sense she don’t want to tell me about it.

“we are at work, we shouldn’t be talking about family indifference ” she muttered.

“so no kids?” I asked ignoring her statement. I got her frustrated so she gave me a response.

“a son, born out of wedlock. Now I’m telling you no shit. ” she muttered and then cross her leg. I shrugged as I continue the tea I’m drinking.

” captain, I have eye on six convoys, coming at your six″ Derick communicated through the comms.

“copy that ” I replied.

“weden, it’s your call, move out ” I said to her and I watched as she moved out of the restaurant.

(Jack ) speaking on comms
" Scott, weden is out watch her back."

(Scott) speaking on comms
"copy that sir."

(Jack ) speaking on comms

"eye on Al-malkil?"

(Scott ) speaking on comms

" negative sir."

(Jack ) speaking on comms

"okay, keeps your eyes open."

(Scott) speaking on comms

" Roger that."

I moved out of the restaurant and slowly took the road ahead. The six vehicles were packed in front of a temple-like building. I stopped under a kiosk to observe the movement from the vehicles. In other not to create suspicious, I got myself a useless newspaper just to do some cover up.

(Weden )
Captain, I have  eye on Al-malkil

stay focus don’t lose him.

 he’s heading towards the building.

(Jack )
Anything I need to know about this building?

(Weden )
he got a whore in there.

"Meaning he’s spending the night there"

that’s what I think captain.

(Jack )
" very well then, Derick, Tony do you read me? here’s your call, the target is moving into the building by your west. Take  surveillance and prepare an exfil. Tony find a way for us to get in without being seen by the guards. Report back to the safe house when everything is done. We attack tonight."

(Derick and Tony )
" Rogger that."

   Back at the safe house, while waiting for Tony and Derick arrival, weden was busy sketching down the targeted building. I was surprised at her drawing skill, but her drawing seems to have no meaning to me, not until she showed me what I didn’t notice. At the edge of the building was a sensor camera that can detect body movement, from a mile away and also at the central top was a 4D security camera that can capture an approaching intruder from afar.

” Bonner, I need you to hack into the security system, I want those cameras off ” I ordered.

“copy that sir ” Bonner replied.
Tony and Derick returned after two hours and we were much happy to receive them back. They laid down the plans and we set to analyze our strategy.

” alright gentlemen, what do you have ?” I asked. Tony was the first to speak up.

” we go in through the east fence, only one guards is position there. The building got two towers, basically there will be guards at the two. The building got seven different rooms and alot of fun area. every door post is  guarded  ” he said.

” okay… Derick what’s our way out ” I asked.

” There’s a secret route not too far from the back way. If we can get our ass In there, we will be out on the main street. We gonna fixed a car here in this position  that will convey us back here ” he said as he point to the map on ground.

“alright gentlemen here is the plan. We go in through the east way just as Tony said, we sneak in on the guards and kill them without making a sound. Tony and I will search every room till we find our target, once we get him. Derick gonna lead us to our exfil. Weden you will be our exfil, I want you in position and once we are out of the building you drive us out. That’s plan A. And if plan A didn’t work, we got to use the plan B. Listen to the plan B. Morgan is going to wire both the main entrance and the back entrance with C-4( an explosive). Once they are on fire, we make our way out through the back way or the front . Bonner you stay here in the safe house, you’ll give us every neccesary support from here. Any questions? In absence of non, get your gears ready. We are wheel up at 20:00″ I said.

"Hey!!! That plan B doesn't sounds like a plan B"  Weden objected.

"Alright there's one thing about plan B. We don't get to say, you don't get to know "

*********20:00 Al-malkil building Kabul ********

20:00 at the targeted area, we lay low beside the eastern fence while staggs climb over to execute the patrolling guard. He threw down a rope in which we use to climb in.

” Alight guys what do you got ” I asked some minutes after we are in the building.

” I got two on towers ” Scott alerted.

“six on ground ” Staggs added.

” Scott, you see those two on the towers I will take the one by the right, you take the one by the left” I said.
“Roger that ” he replied.
Within a blink of an eye, we took down the two guards after aiming carefully at their head.
“All men move to position, Morgan prepare the way, Scott go high, Tony come with me” I said then they move strategically to different position.

I went into the building with Tony beside me. We came in contact with four guards but we shot them before they could fire an alarm.

We search each room for Al-malkil and luckily for us,  we found him at the lobby smoking Cuba.

“Put your hands behind your head!!! ” I shouted. And he slowly obliged.

“Tony go tie his hand ” I ordered. After his hands were tied,  We prepare him for interrogation.

” We need the fucking ground plan. Where the fuck Is it?” I asked.

” you won’t find it here, and if you kill me you won’t get it ” he replied.

(Jack) speaking on comms
” shit, Tony prepare him for extraction , Derick do you read me? Target acquired, cover our exfil”

” Roger that ”

We head out of the room with Al-malkil, but one of the guards caught sight of us. He fired his rifle before we could shoot him and that raise an alarm which expose us out.

“Move it! Move it!!” I said as we receive fire from the alerted gaurds. While I was still taking cover from the enemy fire, staggs radioed me.

(Staggs )
captain!!! They are shooting at us.

 If they are shooting at you, then fucking shoot back. All unit move to the exfil !! Morgan cover us, we are heading to your direction!!!

We head to the exfil, dragging Al-malkil along. We were closed to the exfil when we encounter a technical fire at our exfil.

” All men fall back!! Take cover!!! ” I screamed.

” our exfil is block, what do we do captain? ” staggs asked.

” that’s why we have  a plan B. Morgan blow this shit off ” I ordered.

“with pleasure ” he replied as he press the C-4 red button, which blew away both the main entrance and the back way with a Big Bang.

Just after the explosion, weden drive in with a van through the main door.

“our exfil is here, all men move in!!! ” I screamed out loud.

“go! go!! go!!! I’ll cover you ” Tony said as he kept firing at the guards.

“Tony get in here we gotta go” I said and he quickly jump into the van. Weden ignite the engine and she drove us out of the compound.

We returned to the safe house and were lucky not to have a tail.
We took Al-malkil in and then prepare him for an interrogation.

“Gen Al-malkil where is the ground plan to the chemical factory ” weden asked.

“Foolish Americans, even if I give you the map, there’s no way you can stop Mazar. He’s unstoppable, you all think he’s building a chemical weapon? Not anymore. But he’s building something more greater. He’s creating your greatest nightmares ” He said. I clapped my hands as I circle round him like a lion.

“well said, great speech. Listen to me motherfucker, I’m a soldier, believe me I’ve seen worst mares than you could ever imagine, now tell me where the fucking map is before I Feed the vultures with your eyes!!! ” I shouted.

“ I will gladly lead you to your death.  3-9-7-3-2-2-5-4” he replied  slowly.

“Bonner confirm coordinate ” I said as I move closer to the computers.

“coordinate confirmed Sir ” he replied swiftly.

“location? ”

” Green Bay casino ” he replied. I was heading for the door when I heard Al-malkil saying some words so I stopped to listen.

“When the death is out in the street, your firepower won’t be able to stop them. That’s what I meant by your nightmare. They will hunt you all down like a pry. Non of you will return back to your country. Mazar is unstoppable!!! ”

To be continued….

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