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The Land Of No Return-Chapter2


The Land Of No Return-Chapter2

By Aderibigbe Ayomide (oko Adesewa)08105835201

(Who Got You Pregnant)

One trained soldier, worth a hundred tangos.

After shooting for twenty minutes, they ceased fire.

They came advancing towards us blindly, they knew not of our existence, but they were certain to search the whole desert just to kill Tom. Whom they assume responsible for killing one of them. And luckily for Tom, he have us.

“captain, how do we win this, they outnumber us with not just men, but armory vehicles ” Tom said with a trembling voice. I can see that he’s scared, it’s normal to be scared, he’s CIA, he knows nothing about the war Zone.

” Bonner I want you to light that tank with a rocket launcher, Morgan… Unleash hell on those technicals, Scott hold your position. Once the tank is on fire, Tony, Derick I want you to move out with me. The rest of you, hold your ground ” I made the laid down order and they responded positively.

” Fire in the Hole!!! ” Bonner screamed as he launched the rocket at the incoming tank. It went ablaze which caught the tangos by surprise, while they were still wondering, Morgan stood up bravely and triggered his machine gun (M134 MINIGUN) at the technical vehicles which destroyed all the crew on board. He’s firing rate was 700 bullets per 0.005 seconds, faster than the blink of an eye. No one could survive that not even with a bullet proof vest.

” Move out!!! ” I screamed as I advance forward with Tony and Derick beside me. We aim directly at the tangos and we were able to shoot down 11 tangos before they return the fire back at us. We took cover behind some rocks and we kept firing back at them.

” captain! Incoming tangos at 9 o’clock ” Tony alerted.

” I got it!!! ” staggs said as he lay them dead.

” all unit move out!!! ” I screamed. Then we all advanced towards them with heavy fire.

Most of the tangos didn’t undergo training, AK 47 is a recoiling spraying rifle. They miss most of their aims due to the recoiling velocity that pull them back, but my men never miss a shot. Every single shot count. Within a moment they began running, but Scott make sure non of them escape. They tried running but they were all under sniper range, he gave them all a head shot.

Our first encounter was quite cinch, we took down a tank, three technicals and 30 armed tangos with just 7 men. It gave Tom alot of surprises, Maybe next time he will join the army and not the CIA.

We reached the village before before night falls, we knew there will be more tangos coming for us, so we laid them a gift at the scene. A bomb. We heard the explosion 4 hours after we are gone, I was certain all of them will be a smoking meat.

The villagers was scared of taking us in, but while we were still thinking of were to spend the night, an Arabian lady came to our aid. She looks so innocent, But her eyes were filled with sorrow.

“captain, can we trust this woman? ” Mayor asked as he was uncertain about the lady unexpected help.

” No we can’t trust anyone, keep an eye on her ” I said as I move away from him.

We followed the lady to her little apartment and she offered us food and water. While my men are eating, Morgan approached the lady for some talk.

“can you speak English ” He asked.
” I was a teacher ” she replied back in English.

” why are you helping us” he threw directly at her.

“I’m only doing what is right ” she answered.

“Hmmm… What is right?, by going against your country rules ” he muttered. She was silent, she didn’t give a response.

” Tell me what you know ” Morgan said in a rather harsh voice. This got the lady scared as she began to tremble.

” I don’t know anything, I’m just a teacher..l… I.. ”

” you are lying” Morgan push more harder.

” I swear by Allah, I don’t know anything ” she replied.

” it’s okay Morgan, let the lady be. She’s just helping us ” I interrupted. I moved closer to her and sat opposite to her.

” what’s your name?” I asked slowly .

” Susan ” she replied slowly.
” what a sweet name you got… Tell me what happened, why are you living alone? ” I asked with a little tenderness.

“There was a raid…i lost my Family to it, they came as usual, taking the men and raping the women. I had a son, my husband died saving him, I lost both of them to a single raid. Ever since, I’ve been alone ” she said sorrowfully.

” Sorry about your lost, where do you think they are taking the Kidnapped men ” I asked
” No one knows, No one know where they are ” she replied.

” what can we do to help you? ” I asked her slowly .

” there will be another raid tonight, I want to kill that bastard that murdered my husband and son ” she said with her fist tight up against her desk.

“now I know the reason why you let us in. You want revenge on your son and husband death ” I said as I stand on my feet.

” yes” she replied swiftly. I moved away from her and signalled to Morgan to keep back an eye on her.

” Gentlemen, there will be a raid tonight, get your knives, if anything come through that door, I want them dead as a goat, Shoot when neccesary , understood! ” I said.

“Roger that ” they all echoed.
At 21:00 we heard some distant women scream. I peep out of the window and I saw some armed Men, raiding each house and raping the women.

” All men in position ” I said as my men all move into position. Scott was already on the roof with Bonner to give him Sniping bearing.

Tony and Derick were behind the door With their knives , while staggs got his already silenced pistol and aim directly at the door, in case Tony and Derick need a back up.

Four men banged in at a time, staggs shoot one of them, while Tony and Derick combated physically with the other three. Derick is good at hand combat and it was very easy for him to kill two of the men while Tony was still fighting with the last one. just as he was about killing him, Susan came forward to stop Tony.

” he’s mine. He was the one that shot my husband and son, please let me kill him ” she pleaded.

Tony let go of the man and she pounce on him with a dagger. We watched as she slowly cut off his throat, it was massacre as blood came rushing out from his lungs.

“captain, I got some fools raping some women here ” Scott communicated through the comms.

” kill them, and don’t draw attention to us ” I replied.

Being killed by a sniper is quite peaceful, they won’t see it coming, they will just get hit and die. Some sniper bullet are 9 mm long, no one could survive the head shot.

The women didn’t see where the shot came from, but they where happy that their enemy is dead.

We left the village by dawn, and head into the city where Tom will be relieved of his job. But I noticed some things along the way, so I decided to ask Tom about it.

“Why isn’t there a military check point at the city entrance?” I asked Tom.

” There was, but not anymore. The military has been breached, this terrorists are everywhere. They controls the army. I will advice you to lay low when you get to Kabul, or else, you will be fighting the whole city ” he replied.

“so where do we meet ouIntel? ” I asked.

” she works at a local restaurant not far from here, I hope you still remember the mission code ” he asked. I nodded in response as I follow him behind.

We stopped in front of a local restaurant and he went inside while my men took surveillance of the area. He came back with a middle age lady dressed like a maid.

I signalled to Scott and he approached the lady.

“Who got you pregnant? ” he said. The lady look at all of us then she muttered “follow me ”

“it’s seems we are late, the bitch has delivered ” Scott said as I reach his side.

“watch your mouth, she might be dangerous ” I said as I walk pass him.

” hi weden, I’m captain Jack of the task force dagger… ”

” I know who you are captain ” she cut in.

“very well then, where are you taking us ” I asked.

“safe house, we got six undisclosed safe house in the town” she replied swiftly.

“Good, how far are we from a safe house ” I asked cos i understands the danger involve in walking in an open street with a USA military uniform.

“we are there already ” she said as she led us into a deserted building with an underground.

“welcome to hell captain, make yourself at home ” she said as we all entered into the underground.
“Weden, you still haven’t answer my question, who got you pregnant and where’s your baby ” Scott said and everyone went laughing.

“with due respect Sergent Scott, I will advice you shut up or I wont have no option than to shut you up ” she said and we all echoed with another laugh.

“I’m backing off lady, perhaps after all this is over maybe you and I can have some fun together, what did you think ” Scott added and everyone look at weden for an answer.

“I think you are too garrulous ” she replied and there was another echos of laugh.

” OK weden, what did you have for us? ” I asked her just as we are all relaxed.

“good question, Rome wasn’t built in a day, to get those scientist out of that doom, it will takes some processes and stages… ”

“bring it on ” Tony cut in.

” They where being held captive in a big chemical factory, this factory is guided everyday like the president White House. Even the air needs permission to enter into the place, they made the factory more like a military base, with high sophisticated weapons to fight Off invaders. We can’t get in to that factory unless we have the ground plan which I don’t have. That will be our first step. Secondly We need to work on their guards, we need to know all the shifting periods each guards have. We can’t get into a terrorist base without having an insider. And speaking about insider, I got one and also…. ”

” you are an Intel young woman, you can’t teach us how to operate. captain tell her how we operate ” Morgan cut in.

” we only need the ground map, Bonner and Morgan are specialists in creating distraction, while this is going on, the rest will sneak secretly in and rescue our people.
 When we are out, we will call for air strike and everywhere will be blow down to pieces. Mission accomplished” I said.

” captain maybe you don’t understand me well, this Gen called Mazar got up to about 50,000 paid soldiers and an undetermined number of part time militia. 100 armours, rockets, mortals ,machine guns and even missile launcher….”

” wait a moment, did you just say missile launcher? ” I asked in a rather perplexed voice.

“Hell yeah, those two you call distraction will be blow away within a seconds ” she replied. I looked back at my team with a questioned face.

“are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked and they all nodded in response.

” Bonner… How bad is a missile launcher? ” I asked trying not to believe what I know.

“captain…it’s not bad, it’s gonna kick our asses ” he replied slowly.
“And where the hell that son of a bicth buy a missile launcher... Fucking black market. ” I asked.

To be continued….

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