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Sovereign Alphas-Epilogue


Sovereign Alphas-Epilogue

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I struggled with the heap of presents in one hand and a tray of cookies on the other, who the hell is helping me! It was my son's birthday, yup, got a son and he's turning six. He's very stubborn, fucking stubborn and reckless. Telling him to sit one place for three minutes is like telling him to contact AID and die. He super cute, like Noriel, the exact replicate. It wasn't easy raising a son on my own but I tried, Leaf was always there to assist me as well as dad and Leslie. Aaron did his part too, he was the perfect father figure for Frederick who always go gaga for him.

Leslie got her wish, she married Aaron and they have a beautiful little angel, Chelsea by name. She's three and really sweet. Leaf, getting married to my cousin, Audrey was the best thing that ever happened to him. She's a mad one but she loves him, they also have a son a year younger than Frederick, Pascal. I won't forget to mention my younger brother, remember dad's lover was heavily pregnant then. He's almost eight, really bossy but nice in his own kind of way, the one kid Frederick listens to.

'Hey mom look,' Frederick chirped happily. 'I grew fangs,' he said with his adorable girlish voice, showing me his growing fangs.

'Baby fangs,' Rico, my brother teased.

'At least I have one, do you?'
'Shut up,' I chuckled. Leaf came from behind and scooped him into his arms. He squealed.

'Happy birthday big man!'

'Hello uncle Leaf, where's Pascal?'
'I'm here,' Pascal chirped. 'Happy birthday best friend,' he said struggling with his wrapped gift. The birthday party was just for family but other people sent their presents and gift cards. Rico took the gift and threw it on top of the ones I'm struggling with.

'Thank you very much brother,' I huffed.

'Always welcome,'

'Where's the man of the day!!!' Here comes Leslie. She ran in and in a flash was hugging and squealing with Frederick. She's heavy again, can't wait for her baby to come out. 'I've missed you like crazy love,'

'I miss me too,' she rolled his eyes. Aaron walked into the kitchen with Chelsea in his arms, she was sucking her thumbs. 'Rat, you're here!'

'I'm not a rat,' Chelsea said softly. 'Happy birthday,'

'Yay for me!'

'Can somebody help the dying woman,' I cried. Leslie chuckled, good thing dad came and helped me. They all went to the sitting room to watch Frederick and Pascal dance, they are very good at dancing. Audrey was helping me dish the food while Leslie was eating it.

'Leslie, stop eating the meats,'
'Leave me alone, I'm pregnant,'
'Are you the first pregnant one?' I asked frowningly. She giggled. Audrey rolled her eyes and carried the served dish outside while Leslie followed to eat more. I carried the cake and walked out to join them, Aaron was on the floor laughing as the boys tried to pin his head down.

'Just go down already,' Rico commanded.
'Come on, try harder,' Aaron taunted. Frederick pulled up imaginary sleeves and blew air into his hands. With one powerful jump, he pinned Aaron's head to the floor for three seconds. We all cheered and clapped for him, he's getting stronger.

'That's right, uh huh, I'm strong,' he flexed his muscles. 'Watch this babies extend,' he purred and kissed his tiny muscles. 'Grandpa look, I grew fangs!'

'Yay,' Aaron grumbled.

'Jealous much,'

'I'm a grown up, I already have my lion.'

'I'm still better than you, yay me!'
'Can we cut this cake already? I wanna eat it,' Leslie said.

'Mommy, you're already eating it!' Chelsea cried.

'Leslie!' We shouted, I dropped the cake not long ago but she was done with a slice.

'My beautiful cake,' Frederick wailed dramatically. 'Oh why fairest maiden Leslie, why has thy betrayed me...'

'Leslie if you die during child birth, I'll bury you easily,' Aaron huffed.

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'I'm eating cake, not poison,' she retorted, picking up a chicken leg.
'Stop eating!'

'Is it your stomach! Leave me alone!' She shouted back pettishly.

Chelsea sighed and shook her head. 'This is what I have to deal with everyday,' we laughed, she's so cute. I walked to the kitchen to get the extra cake, I predicted Leslie's action. After lighting the magic candles, I wiped the sweat off my head. There are many timed when I wish Noriel was still with me but that wasn't possible.

'Mommy,' I looked over at Frederick. 'Can I ask you something?'


'Is daddy ever gonna come back? All I want for my birthday is him.' My shoulders sagged, that wasn't expected.


'I know you said he died saving us and he can never come back but I only wish he was here with me,' he sobbed. 'Just look,' he pointed to the sitting room. 'Chelsea, Rico and Pascal has their daddy, I don't. Even though Big A tries his best, I still miss my own daddy. Can you bring him back with your magic? Please?'

I smiled and walked to him, I squatted down to his size and held his arms. 'There are some things that aren't meant to happen, things don't always go our way – most times – and I know you want your father back, I do too but I know that can't happen. Your father is gone Frederick, never to come back but he is watching you, smiling down at you and if you grow up to be a greater man than he was, he will really be proud of you.'

'Even if he's dead?'

'Especially when he is dead,'

'If I go to school and do big things, I'll make him proud of me?'

'Yes, and even if he's not here with you, he will always be in here,' I tapped his heart. 'Forever,'

'And ever,' he smiled. 'But will you be okay mom? All alone?' I pinched his cheeks and ruffled his hair.

'I'm not alone, I have you.' He squeaked like a girl and threw his arms around my neck.

'My first love,'

'My little husband,' I teased. He giggled and kissed my cheek. 'I love you my little Noriel.'

'I love me too,' he giggled and ran back into the sitting room. 'Big A! I'm my mommy's first love!' He squealed. I chuckled and sighed, another day he will ask me another thing. What do I need a man for, I have money, family and a kid. I'm staying this way but one day, I'll meet him again.

'Someone's at the door!' Leslie shouted with mouth full. I sighed and walked out, none of them could get up. Aaron was busy with tackling the boys down again and Chelsea was brushing Twyla's daughter's fur. (Her cat)
'Audrey, get the cake please,' I said in annoyance. 'Do I always have to do everything around here myself!'

'Yes,' they all chorused. I glared at dad, he grinned and relaxed well.
 I sighed and stomped to the door to get it, I'm just 29, does anyone realise that? 29 and I'm old already because of the stress of life.

'What,' I snapped, yanking the door open. My breath got knocked out, I staggered back and let out a very frightened scream before slamming the door shut. I ran back into the living room, shuddering with fear.

'Bechira, what is it?' Dad asked. I pointed at the door still quivering.

'Mommy?' The door opened, he walked in looking as glorious as ever. Please tell me I'm dreaming. Leslie screamed and fell back on the chair, we all stepped back except the confuse children and Audrey who never knew him
. 'Who are you and why are you scaring my moth....you look like me, why? Why do you have my dad's hair?'

He smiled at Frederick and squatted, spreading his arms out for a hug. I pulled Frederick back. 'Stay away,' I warned, raising my hand.

'Don't you recognize me when y....'
'Daddy!' Frederick shrieked, he was out of my hold before I could stop him and hugging Noriel. I looked over at Aaron, he winked at me and mouthed "you can thank me later." He knows, everything was rushing in too fast. He's alive, he's..... I slumped to the ground unconsciously, my mind registered one thing though.

Everything was going to be okay.

The end.

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