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Sovereign Alphas-Last Chapter


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 14

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I groaned at the aching in my head, did I fall and hit it on something? Shit! I forced my body up and opened my eyes... Where the fuck am I! The whole place was scattered, badly destroyed. 'Bechira,' I turned around sharply, a smile crawled up my lips. 'It's nice to see that you are okay,' he said walking to me.

'Is it over? The war? Did anyone get hurt?'

'None that should matter,' he took my hand and helped me up. 'You will always be beautiful, astounding in any situation.' I blushed at his compliment.

'Thank you,' I looked around again. 'Noriel, can we leave here?'
'You, yes, me, no.'

'Why? I'm not comfortable here....where's Aaron and why is your body so cold and pale?' I asked feeling his face. He grabbed my hands and squeezed it gently, a painful smile taking over his nonchalant look.

'I spent years dreaming about you, wishing I could hold you even if it was just ten minutes. I was lucky, I was able to have you for eight days, that's more than I could ever ask for. I treasure the moments we spent together, the spasm of good emotions you made me feel...' A single tear ran down his cheek. 'It was more than I ever wished for. You loved me back, didn't judge me with all my flaws and dark heart, you loved me nevertheless. Thank you Bechira, for making my last days very memorable, for loving me and fulfilling the only thing I wished for most. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to stay but I hope that you have a better life, you find someone that would treat you better than I did...'

'Is this a dictated suicide note?' I asked laughing out nervously as tears ran out. 'Are you breaking up with me?'

'I am so sorry Bechira,' he sobbed. Sliding his hands to my cheeks. 'I wish that after this, I could go far away with you and start allover but that isn't possible....'

'What did I do? Why are you leaving me? I didn't do anything wrong....' I cried. 'You can't just leave me like that, for what....'

'Listen to me Bechira, I beg you. It was either me, you or Aaron and I can't let either of you die...'

'What the hell are you saying! I'm talking about you dumping me, not you dying! If it's death, fine, you can dump me, just don't die.' I cried.

'I'm sorry, please live a good life, I wish you happiness after this.'
'What is going on? Why is your body turning to dust? Noriel were are you going?!' I shouted in tears as his body floated away in small dust. 'Noriel!!!!' I screamed, jumping up from the bed. I gasped for breath, my body was drenched with sweat.

'Bechira,' I turned and looked at Leslie. I budge up to the edge of the bed with butt movement.
'Where's he? Noriel?' I asked panickingly.

'I'm sorry I gave you to him....'
'I don't hold anything against you, I understand just tell me where my mate is?' I asked with serious panic and desperation. She looked at me sympathetically. 'Don't even give me that look, don't behave that way. Don't look at me as if he's dead or something....'


'No!' I cried. 'Why will he die?! Thy didn't tell me anyone would die! They only said Bechira should act like she's under captivity, not.....he can't die, why will he die?!' She sat on the bed and tried to hug me. 'No, leave me alone first,' I said pushing her away. 'I'll find him, he's probably hiding....' I tried to stand but she caged me with her hands around my shoulder and rested my head on hers. I burst into tears, this can't be happening to me, not when something so good was about to come my way. 'They didn't tell me he would die, they only said he had to give up his darkness, why did they let him die.'

'It's okay, everything is going to be alright,' she cried along. I hugged her tightly as I cried into her shoulder. If I knew he would die, I would have never helped. My heart was shattered, it felt like I would die any moment from now, like all that matters was me dying too so I could see him again. It didn't look like any ray of sunshine would ever come again.
'I want to die,' I cried and jumped away from her. 'I want to die, let me die!!!' I screamed as she tried to hold me down.

'Hira please calm down....'

'No!!!!! No!!!!' I kept screaming. 'Let me die!!!' The whole building was shaking.

'Just calm down,' I wasn't going to relax, I want to die too. I kept screaming, windows and glasses shattered but that didn't matter, I want to die too. 'If you die, what about your father!!!' She shouted. I slumped back into the bed and wailed, why me.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I stared at the door to Bechira's room anxiously, wondering if I should go in or not. She was in a coma for two weeks, higher than ours and when she finally woke up, she have been crying, sleeping and eating for nine straight days. I still hadn't seen her, I feel guilty for it was somehow my fault Noriel was dead. He was a better mate to her than I ever was, it's a good thing he isn't a wolf or the bond would have destroyed her completely.

'Still staring,' Leslie chuckled. She had walk pass three times and I was still staring. I came every night and did my staring for hours before returning to my room. 'You should just go in and say hi, she needs a friendly.... Sort of face.'
'I don't think she will want to see the man that murdered her mate,'
'You didn't murder him,'

'Then why does it feel like I did?' I sighed. She chuckled.

'I don't know how losing a mate feels like, I don't have one but I do know how getting dumped feels like and they are somehow the same thing. Remember the time you rejected my love? It changed me, made me drink and become psycho Leslie....'

'Why are we talking about this?'
'Losing him is doing the same to her, changing her. She talks to herself, rock herself every time and laugh. She's running mad Aaron and not even her father can help her. If I had someone with me then, maybe I wouldn't have changed, maybe what she needs is another shoulder to lean on.'

'If you are suggesting I be rebound, I can't. Do I still look like someone who wants to love? Especially now the bond is broken? I just want to rebuild my pride and live normal, love will follow later.'

'You really aren't build for love,' she scoffed. 'I spoke to your brother's most trusted men, they told me something. He built an empire in the human world and willed it to her, so she could move on,'


'Noriel knew he was going to die and he was hell prepared. The guards, all skilled supernatural to protect her. He has houses scattered everywhere, properties that will make her the richest woman on earth. The last order he gave them was to make sure she settles in fine. All she needs now is her senses and I already have the solution to that.'

'Which is?'

She sighed heavily and ran her fingers through her hair. 'You are going to be an uncle....'

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<<<<<<
Standing under the rain, watching his headstone with tears rushing down as fast as the rain itself. There wasn't anything to bury of him since he turned to dust and flew away, so she buried his chains, shirt and shoes. Her life was mending, coming together piece by piece but that didn't mean she wouldn't miss him.
'Hi,' she started between her tears. 'It's me, Bechira. I finally came to see you and guess what,' she whispered with painful playfulness. 'I'm pregnant. You were totally right, I got pregnant. I haven't gotten a bump yet but I can't wait to have one, I'm really excited. I just wish you were here to hold my hands when I bring out little you, to comfort me during my time of pain. It won't stop me from raising our child though, I will make sure he grows up well, to know the sacrifice you made for us.

Noriel, it's not easy waking up everyday to be greeted by the reality of your death, everyday it becomes more real than the other. I miss you so much, I miss you with everything but I will live, for our child...' She wiped her tears which was already being flushed away by the rain. 'I'm naming our child Frederick, your original name – if it's a boy – or Chelsea after your mother if it's a girl. Is that okay? It has to be. Leaf is helping me run the company well, at least until I can fully takeover.
Thank you Noriel, for healing me, showing me what true love is really about. To this I will always love you, no man will take your place in my heart, I promise.' She ended her speech and dropped the beautiful bouquet of flowers. She would certainly be back, the entire cemetery was made for only him, well, it was the island. She turned around and smiled at Aaron who was staring at her with his hands in his pockets. He removed his hand and stretched it out to her, she walked to him and took his hand.

Even if he never gets to be with her, she will always be the most important woman in his life.

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