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Katzy - Episode Fourteen


Katzy - Episode Fourteen

By Amah's Heart

As one month turns into two and then three, there was a better improvement with Mr Desmond.
He was also very happy at the way things were going.

The doctor said he is going to take a while before he can start making use of his full body again. he will first try and stand with the help of a walking cane before practicing how to take a step.

Doctor Silas still comes to do his normal ritual on Mr Desmond.
He still gives him that injection but I'm not worried about any of that.

The new intelligent doctor Robert that doctor Lan recommended is very smart.

He gives him some pills to swallow which neutralize every other negative medicine working against Mr Desmond body and well-being.

Natasha met me one day and said.
"I overheard Mrs Desmond speaking over the phone, I guess she's planning on traveling. I don't know when or where exactly but she will be traveling soon. Before she travels to wherever she plans to go to... I want to ask something of you. I need money. Yes, I really need money. My...my Mom...no, I mean my sister had a hand dislocation. She was asked to deposit some money first before treatment can commence. Can you lend me? After the big favor I rendered to you...is impossible for you to refuse giving me the amount of money that I needed. Even if is not that exact amount but something close.

I wasn't surprised at what Natasha was asking of me because a leopard can't hide it's skin.

Her lies about her sister dislocating her hand wasn't necessary. She could have come straight to me and say her mind.
My only problem was that I don't have the amount she was asking for.

I send money to my dad Everytime I collect my paycheck, I kept the remaining in my lockdown account which was fixed, tight and untouchable until the year I signed for is over.

That's my own little savings in case of a raining day but I had to break the rules and break it down.
 I collected all the money in it as part deposit for Mr Desmond treatment.

He can't make good use of his hands yet. He can't have access to his money, nor be able to write cheque due to his inactiveness.

Until then nothing can be done. Erin remains in charge.

The doctor was very understanding but Mr Desmond treatment could have delayed a little without fund, which was why I have to break down my lockdown account so that the treatment can be fast enough.

I don't want money to delay anything because it was risky enough that I'm trading on this road.

Mrs Desmond must not find out and even if she has to, let it be when Mr Desmond has recovered fully.

I try to manage with the little money that is left.

Which is why I can't give Natasha what she was asking for.

"I don't have such amount of money with me Natasha. There is just a little difference between my salary and yours... just little. Where do you expect me to get such amount.

"Ask Mrs Desmond to give it to you. Ask her now before she travels. She obviously likes you which was why she went out of her way to connect you to your modelling dream job. Mine is yet to be actualized. So... ask her and when she gives you then bring it to me so that i can save my sister's life. Is somebody's life that we are talking about here. I don't want you to lend me neither do I want part of the payment. I want all of it without excuse... do you understand? you should be concerned about my sister's health. Do whatever you can because if is one of your relatives that suffered a fracture....you will do anything possible to help the person. You are indebted to me remember. Doing all this cover up without payment is not really my thing but I'm doing it because of Mr Desmond's sake. If you can't ask Mrs Desmond then ask her husband. Even if he is disabled, his money isn't...he should still have access to it. That man is freaking rich. Do whatever you can from now till weekend or I may change my mind about this whole deal and tell Mrs Desmond. You wouldn't want that... do you? I may even gain Mrs Desmond likeness and she will decide to help my musical career. Kay-se is up-to you from now to the weekend is over.

She walks away and left me standing.

I should have seen this coming. Natasha is like the devil that gives with left hand but stylishly collects more from you with the right.

Mr Desmond is yet to walk. He was begining to make attempt of standing.

He is exercising his hands with the pressure ball just as the doctor recommended.

He can type on a laptop slowly, lift his arms, stand with a cane but is still difficult for him to take a step or handle things firmly.

Is been several months already and I'm very hopeful that soon enough he will start taking one step at a time.

With all this improvement I can't possibly stop now.

I quickly called Julie to lend me some money.

I also collected some money from my Dad

When I joined it all together it was just remaining small to complete the huge amount that Natasha was asking for.

I gave her what I was able to raise but she turned it down and said I must complete it within 24hours or Mrs Desmond will be her next bustop.

I had to run around again to make sure that the money is completed.

I can't risk Mr Desmond wellness now that I have already gone far.

She collected, counted it to make sure the amount was complete before flashing me a smile.

I'm glad my secret will remain safe and Mr Desmond treatment won't be interrupted.

If by any chance the news of Mr Desmond treatment and fast recovery gets into his wife's ear or Silas. I will be out of this house in no time and the treatment will be stopped.

There will be tight security around Mr Desmond to make sure no outside doctor visits him.

I can't risk it now. I have to do everything I can to save him.
Even if it means going broke and being indebted.

Mrs Desmond intention are not good.

She said once her husband is out of the way every investment and property of his will become hers.
Mr Desmond still act like a disabled man whenever Silas or his wife are around him.

They don't even come often like before. They are more busy with theirselves than checking a dying man on a wheelchair.

They never knew that just soon enough, everything will change.
Mrs Desmond met me as she was about to travel.

"What is going on, why have you refused to report to your runway job. You are beautiful and smart and should be living your dream out there not in here stuck with my husband who is not getting any better. The offer is closing in two weeks time, they are giving you another chance. Don't blow it because is a lifelong opportunity that many young girls will kill to have. You have only two weeks, don't let me regret recommending you.

I nodded with thanks as she walks away.

Silas also met me and said.
"Why are you toiling with your future. That disabled man will never get better. I'm not sure he's getting out of that wheel. You wanted to become a super model which was why I persuaded Erin to help you out. Now what exactly do you want?

He tried to hold my hands while speaking to me.

I took a step away from him.
"I think I just discovered another of my calling. I appreciate the fact that you are kind enough to speak to Mrs Desmond about my modeling dream but I just realized that I really don't want to wear clothes and walk down the runway just for people to cheer and admire...I don't want to wear clothes for a living. I love taking care of people. Caring for people is another of my calling which is the main reason why I'm still here. maybe I need to work on that more. But...I may change my mind before this week runs out... since Mrs Desmond said I still had a chance of two weeks to have a rethink.

I used this to dismiss him as i looked forward to Mrs Desmond traveling. It will give me quality peace of mind.

I hope Natasha will not come up with another blackmailing story.
Who knows what or who she will be using to lie next time just to get what she wants.

I hope she doesn't.

I don't know how to manage all of this but I'm already on it and I'm not stopping now.

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