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Katzy - Episode Thirteen


Katzy - Episode Thirteen

By Amah's Heart

Why do bad things happen to good people alot? Isn't this the question people usually ask but hardly get an answer.

I don't know if I should start regretting taking a job in the Desmonds home.

It was as if I'm in a farm filled with overgrown weeds but neither hoe nor knife is available to clear it.

I'm surrounded by thorns and over grown bushes that needs to be cut down but nothing to work with.

Erin is getting worst by the day. Ever since she found out that I knew about her secret affair she began to spread all her dirty linen to my face.

"I used to be careful not to be seen or get caught, I even prefer going over to meet Silas at his place instead of here but not again, especially not with you. Is a good thing you know... now you will save me from all the troubles. Knowing you're not going to do anything because I have your future right in my hands. I will do as I please because you are incapable of stoping me...

She boldly said this to my face without any worries or fear of any kind.

Natasha met me up one day and said.

"This days I'm very confused of what is going on in this household. Which one of you is dating doctor Silas... you or madam. Recently you seem very quiet and mischievous which makes me wonder if is because of Silas you are troubled. he seems to be taken by madam or there's more to it all. I'm your friend and I really want you to see me as one...

She was talking her usual trash and all I did was to ignore until she mention the part that she was my friend.

Natasha maybe useful to me at this difficult time, all I need to do is to act nice and pretend to be her friend.

"Natasha, you are my friend but I have alot on my mind that I really don't want to discuss. Even if I say it you won't be able to help me.

"Tell me what's on your mind, I maybe able to help you. Try me first Kay-se.

It was a good opportunity for me and I grabbed it without wasting time.

"I need to help Mr Desmond. He's at the verge of dying. Doctor Silas doesn't have all it takes and his wife can't do much as of now. I'm not dating him as you maybe thinking, I was only asking for his help to save Mr Desmond but his hands are obviously full. he seems to be kinda occupy with many other things....

She began to laugh all of a sudden.
"You mean " kinda occupy" with Mrs Desmond? Anyway, what exactly do you want me to do for you?

"I'm planning on sneaking in a physiotherapist doctor to check Mr Desmond when Erin and Silas are away. Erin will fire me if she dares finds out. That's why I want it to be when she and Silas are not around. I can't do it alone... that's why i need your help Natasha. If Mr Desmond is no more you and I and every household staff will be sent out because Mrs Desmond will sell the property and move to a far away city. I have done you many favor in the past, maybe giving me a helping hand won't hurt you. Will it?

"Certainly not but I hate to lie and now you are going to make me do exactly what I hate. But just to prove how much of a nice person that I am I will be glad to lie, cover up and even steal for you Kay-se. And secondly this job is very important to me. Mrs Desmond said she will help my musical dream but up till now she never did, this will be my own way to get back at her. Tell me what you want....

And that was how I brought in a physiotherapist for Mr Desmond.
He was very angry with me for risking my job and for going against his wife's orders.

The doctor persuaded him and that was how his first treatment at home went.

Erin was not around with Silas. By the time she returns the doctor was gone.

I was going to call him again soon. But i will wait for a perfect time especially when Erin is not around..

I'm glad that the doctor understand our predicament and he is ready to help us.

Mr Desmond was begining to corporate with the treatment which Erin is still not aware of.
Within a month the doctor visited three times and I can see improvement.

weeks later, it was time to resume my modeling but I have loose interest already.

Erin came to ask why I haven't gone to pursue my runaway job after she connected me.

I told her that I will but my Dad is not feeling too well so I need to make sure he's alright before doing anything.

She said okay, that I need to hurry with whatever I'm doing before the offer closes.

I told her I will.

Things are going on fine with the treatment for Mr Desmond.

But my fear is that Natasha shouldn't change her mind and exposed our secret someday.

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