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Just A Dream - Episode 3


Just A Dream - Episode 3

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.


"Omg!! You are really Fernando." I yelled again making him jump.

"Sorry do you know me?" He asked as he gave me the textbooks.
"I know you!! I saw you in my dream!!" I yelled jumping on him as we both fell to the ground.

All the students surrounded us and I began to hear loud murmurings.

"Can you please get off me!" He said feeling embarrassed.
"Wow. You are just as handsome as you were in my dream." I said touching his face happily.

"Get off me." He said pushing me aside and standing up.

"She is a gold digger,she isn't ashamed of herself." I began to hear people say and I began to feel bad.

He dusted his clothes in disgust and walked away without even taking a last look at me.

"hey B**ch, you really think he can fall for you? Hell no, he can't." Stephanie barked rolling her eyes.
She Is really a pain in my neck. But I really can't do anything to her, I don't have the power to.

I picked up my textbooks and walked away feeling great shame.
"You are not even ashamed, forcing yourself on a new student." She added and I felt tears gather in my eyes.

I ran to the Ladies gentiles in shame. I got in and I rested my back on the wall in tears.

"Rosslyn it is just a dream nothing more. Just come over it, you ain't a princess either." I mumbled as I nodded to myself cleaning my eyes.

I stood in front of the mirror examining myself before walking out. I headed straight to my classroom with my head bowed.

Same way, I entered the classroom and walked to my sit. I got to my seat only to see Fernando sitting very close to me.

I stared at him speechlessly without saying a word. I guess my prince charming is my seat mate.
I sat on my chair and arranged my books on my table.

"But how come is he sitting close to me, when there are other ladies wanting to sit close to him." I thought looking at the ladies who kept drooling over him.

Well that is not my business, I don't want to get more embarrassed.

I could feel his eyes on me but I ignored it. I placed my head on the table feeling so embarrassed. I can't wait for the lecturer to come in.

"Hi." I heard him say making me look up in bewilderment.
"Hi." I replied placing my head on the table. He sounded exactly like in the dream.

"I am sorry for the other time. I was so confused and embarrassed, I behaved like that knowing quite well I am new here and I haven't seen you anywhere before." He said.

"Okay. I was the fool actually, shouldn't have jumped on you like that. Was just so excited." I said looking at him and smiling.

"Fernando." He said giving me his hand.

"I know that very well. I am Rosslyn." I replied receiving his hand.

"Rosslyn? Wow, my mother bears that name." He said smiling.

"I think that is a plus for me then." I replied making me laugh. He had the same attractive white set of teeth and his ever cute dimple.

"How come you chose my seat instead?" I asked looking away.
"Actually, I was placed here my a teacher. We are arranged according to our first name, so I ended up here." He said grinning.
"Another plus for me." I said and he laughed again drawing the attention of the other girls to us.

And for the first Time, I felt free in the classroom. I didn't have any friends, either boy or girl. They all detests me.

Now here is Fernando, he seems to be free with me just like in my dream.

"But that is just a dream, ain't no princess and same as he. He isn't a Prince either."

"No guards, nor maids."

"Can you help me with your notes please. I need to see how far you have gone." He said jolting me out of mt thoughts.

"Sure." I replied stretching it to him.

"Thanks." He replied opening it, while I just couldn't stop staring at him.

"Wow, your handwriting is awesome. I need you to teach me how to write, my handwriting is bad." He said smiling.

"You can just get a Handwriting note to practise." I replied.

"It will be best having a coach." He said and I smiled.

"Okay, anytime you are ready seatmate." I said making him laugh again.

Oh God, he is so cute.


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