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Just A Dream - Episode 2


Just A Dream - Episode 2

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.

We ran after the butterfly laughing and screaming. I have never felt this free with anyone in my life. She looked really beautiful and innocent.

Your smile alone could melt a stony heart. She kept running ahead of me making sure she caught up with the beautiful rainbow butterfly.

Soon I started getting tired and I began to slow down.

"Aren't you tired already?" I asked stopping and gasping for air.

"Not yet." She said when she stopped abruptly and faced me. Then I saw the butterfly fly to where I was standing.

"Don't move Fernando." She said as the butterfly perched on my golden hair.

"Okay." I whispered as she walked back to me slowly trying not to alert the butterfly on my hair.

She got very close to me and stretched her hands to get it, but then it dawned to her I was way taller than her.

She jumped on me suddenly to get it but unfortunately the butterfly flew away. We both ended up falling to the ground with her on top of me.

Our faces became so close and we couldn't stop staring at each other.

"You look beautiful." I whispered moving my face closer to hers. She was still staring into my eyes paying attention like she was watching a movie.

I was at the edge of kissing her when we had somebody yell in the garden.

"Prince Fernando!!!! Your father needs you now!" The person yelled making her rolled away from me.

"Why now?"

"I will be there in a minute." I yelled back looking at Rosslyn.

"You can go now, thanks for making my day." She said shyly.

"I wish I could take a little longer, but it can't be today anymore. I will come visiting another time." I said grinning.

"Okay, bye." She said waving.

We both stood up from the ground and I moved very close to her kissing her smooth and soft cheeks.

"Bye." I said before walking away.
That person actually came to interrupt us and it is so annoying.

I walked back to the Palace feeling a little sad. I was actually enjoying myself with Fernando before that person came.

I walked into our ever gorgeous looking living room when I saw the maids rush to me.

"Princess your dinner is set." They said bowing.

"Okay, I will have it now." I said walking to the dinning table feeling hungry already due to the aroma that kept penetrating my nose.

I met all my family seated happily waiting for my arrival, and suddenly I began to hear some noise in my head.

"Wake up sleepy head!!" I heard a familiar voice yell close to me, but I couldn't reply.

Immediately I felt water pour on me.

I jumped up from my bed in shock seeing my angry looking mother in front of me.

"Will you get up now and dress up for school before I pounce on you!" She yelled and all I did was just blink blankly.

"So it was all a dream." I mumbled sadly after looking around to meet myself in my small room.

"You and your dreams again? This is 8am! And you ain't even prepared!" She yelled again.

I quickly jumped up from my bed and rushed to the bathroom leaving mother standing. If I was there another minute she would
have actually pounced on me.

I really wish this my everyday day dream come true, because my life is the exact opposite of whatever i saw in that dream.

I am a poor girl which hardly eats a square meal, I am not even related my street to a Royal person, I don't even have such expensive clothing's and lastly I don't think I will ever see someone handsome as Fernando till I die.

I rushed out of bathroom and I couldn't find mother there anymore. I quickly cleaned my body and wore my uniform which mother had already placed on the bed for me before i came out.

I packed my hair in a neat ponytail before heading for the living room. I saw Dad coming out from his bedroom.

"Good morning Dad." I said smiling.

"Good morning sleepy head." He replied making me giggle.
"Rosslyn!" My sweet younger brother called running to jump on me.

"Hey Tutu!" I called carrying him and swaying him in the air making him laugh out loud.
"Rosslyn will you get down here for breakfast, or rather go to school without one." I heard mother say and I quickly placed Tutu down before rushing to her.

"Good morning mother." I said kissing her cheek as she served the food.

"Morning. Eat up soon and head to school, you know much I detest late coming." She said and I nodded smiling.

That is mother for you, she is a very disciplined woman. Even in my dream, she had that character and that is why I loved her so much.

I pounced on my breakfast and in few minutes i was done.

"Mother I am off." I said backing my old school backpack and carrying my textbooks in my hand.

"Okay. Stay safe and be back soon." She said and i nodded walking out of the house.

I walked down the street to school with my head bowed, because many children from my school is very rich and go looking.

But I seemed to be the only odd one. My uniform looked old, though it wasn't torn or looking tattered I wanted a new one.

Coming to the aspect of relationship, virtually everyone was in one in my class. I felt feeling jealous and intimidated when they start to sing or kiss in the class.

But, what can I do, no one has ever liked me.

I got to the school compound as usual and walked to my class keeping my head low. I was still on my way when I felt someone hit me making all my textbooks scatter on the floor.

"Oh no, these can't get torn." I said not bothering to look at the person, it had always happened to me.

I bent to pick them up when I heard the sweetest and familiar voice in front of me.

"I am so sorry." It said. I was lost and I had no choice than to look at him.

"Fernando!" I yelled in shock.


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