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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter23


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter23

Theme: Heartless Love



Narrator’s p.o.v.

” he’s here but which house could it be ” P2 said to herself as she sat in a fast food restaurant with a meat pie and a coke pet in her front somewhere close to Banana island .

She was focus more on the tablet in her hand than the snacks and drink she bought, placed on her table .
When working, she love using public hotspot most as it makes her work untraceable by any hacker.

She has hacked into all the CCTV and blackbox in the neighborhood through the time frame she felt Ben stayed there.
She knew he was in Banana Island but wasn’t sure where, but she sure wasn’t going to give up as she was sure to derive his location by fishing him out in the neighborhood by series of hacking .


” make sure you go along with the plan Snap, no matter what happen out there, your ass should be sitted here and don’t think get all your brain occupy with Sandra because if this goes wrong, I’m gonna cut your d--k off ” Ben said to Snap humorously .

” your sister is gonna have to marry a dickless guy then, after all this is over ” Snap replied laughing.

” idiot ” Ben retorted as he took the helmet on the table and head to the transparent elevator inside the room.

He sighed as the elevator started lifting itself upward.

The upper floor opened as the elevator emerged into a another shut room.
Ben got out of it and it returned back into the ground while the floor shut back, looking all level with each other.
No one could know or have guessed that the floor is a door to the bunker underneath it.

Ben opened the gate from inside with the key in his hand and came out of the lone shop that everyone always wonder why the owner has never set it up for business.

He jammed it back as soon as he was out.
He was wearing a native dress which had his black leather cloth for mission hidden under it, a small bag pack fixed to his back while his helmet stayed in his hand.

” welcome oga ” Ben was greeted by one of the guards in the car park where they parked their bike .

Ben only nod to reply him as he head inside to get his bike.

He show the person stationed for releasing of parked vehicles the ticket in his hand, he was asked to sign out the bike before he was finally allowed to take the bike out.

His mind was wrapped around the dangerous mission he was going to undertake, taking out one of the core board of mask wasn’t supposed to be an easy task, especially with the level of security around him.

It was a blessing to Snap and Ben when they learnt that Mr Charles was going to be in Lagos for the opening of a hotel.

The incident of Timber had made them lose their first perfect plan which could have put Mask out of extinction and Ben suddenly waking out of slumber after four days had also added to their woes but luck suddenly shone on them when they learnt of Mr Charles schedule to be in Lagos the previous night when they got to Badagry and they swiftly draft out a plan .
The plan was a simple one, Ben was to get to Muritala Mohammed airport in Lagos where Mr Charles private jet was going to make its landing.
An helicopter that’s gonna convey him to the venue of the hotel which was built on the ocean await him there .

Ben was to make sure to be within the radius of the helicopter with the right gadget in his hand which was gonna give Snap control over it, all Ben had to do was just make sure he’s within the radius Snap had told him to be.

They’re gonna kidnap him in broad daylight and after that, the next plan is gonna follow.

” I’m already stationed outside waiting for his arrival ” Ben informed Snap after he has gotten to the airport.

” I know, he is going to be there in the next five minutes and his helicopter takes off five minutes later. ” Snap said to him .

” roger that ” he said dropping the call

Ben set his timer at once to ten minutes.
On the beep of his timer, he ignited the bike at once, ready to swing into action.
If it had been three years ago, the mission would have been impossible because of the high rate of traffic jam in Lagos then but everything has been sorted by the construction of more roads and overhead bridge for vehicles.

” you’ve to get more closer ” Snap said to Ben after fruitlessly trying to get control of the helicopter.

” I’m trying ” Ben said increasing the speed of the bike as he cornered to a local road at his right intersection, maneuvering between buildings and shops, procuring insults and abuse from people he almost ran into.
Finally, he’s within the radius, he reactivate the gadget, controlling the bike with his right hand while he use the left to raise the gadget up because the helicopter was flying a little above the range at which the gadget can connect with it.

” good ” Snap said as i heard him hitting at the keyboard in a swift manner.

” try to get it connect now ” Ben screamed to Snap

” I’m hitting a dead end soon ” Ben added as he stared at the building in front of him.

” trying ” Snap screamed back .

Ben was very close to the building but he didn’t reduce his speed, he was gonna ram into the wall of the building, he saw the wall but kept on accelerating towards it.

” done ” Snap said as Ben was only three feets away from the wall.
Ben swiftly drop the gadget on the bike tank as he returned his left hand to the clutch as he swiftly held the brake, change the gear, adding pressure to the turtle, placed his leg down and make a swift turn with the bike with the bike’s rare tire making slight contact with the wall.
The tyre inflicted it mark on the road due to the impact at which Ben made the swift turn.

” you’ve got the control ” Snap told Ben.

” cool ” Ben replied as he raised his head up to see the helicopter hanging in the air above his head.

He took the gadget off from the tank and returned it into his bag. The connection was already made so he need not bother about the signal.

” I’ve erased its frequency from the control board and all communication means has been jammed, you can bring that motherfucker home now ” Snap informed Ben.


” What’s happening ” Mr Charles asked the pilot that was anchoring the helicopter as the helicopter hung in the air without moving.

” don’t know ” the pilot replied pressing some keys on the control panel.

Suddenly the helicopter started moving but face the opposite direction it was.

” what’s wrong, why are we going towards this direction ” Mr Charles asked the pilot with a terrified countenance.

” I don’t know, I’m not the one controlling it again, it’s controlling itself ” The pilot replied also looking terrified.

” none of my phone is functioning, contact any safety port now ” Mr Charles screamed at the pilot.

” nothing is working here sir, even the telecom and safety patch button, nothing ” the pilot replied frustratingly.


” I’ve gotten the signal ” Cyber informed Toy who was also stationed somewhere in Ikeja.

” cool, but how did Mask know that he’s gonna go after the chopper and who’s also inside the helicopter that made him go after it ” Toy asked rhetorically.

” dunno for now buh I’m sending you the location now, already got one of my drones following the helicopter ” Cyber told Toy.

” okay, on my way now ” Toy said as he ignited the bike.
Ben’s coordinate was already appearing on the bike’s monitor.

Toy took another way contradicting the coordinate sent to him.


” yah, got him ” P2 said happily after finally solving the complicated assignment.
Snap made sure every records that could expose their stay in Banana island, cleared but after series of tough time and hacking and brain work , P2 was finally able to deduce Ben’s parent’s house.

” I f-----g love this ” P2 said as she place her tablet inside the small bag pack she had with her.

” coming for you a-----e ” She said standing up, backed her bag and made to leave.
A young handsome guy suddenly block her path with a cute smile as she’s already out of the restaurant .

” good afternoon pretty ” he said offering her his hand which she accepted reciprocating the kinda smile he offered.

” I’m Pascal but my friends call me P1 ” he said still smiling.

” P1 “,Gina repeated with a confused expression.

” okay ” she swiftly said making attempt to leave but Pascal swiftly intercepted her way again.

” you didn’t tell me your name or at least, let me have your digits ” Pascal said still smiling.

” trust me, you don’t wanna know it ” P2 retorted with a dreadful expression as she leave him to her bike.

The guy watched in awe as she started the bike and rode it out of the restaurant car park like a Formula 1 racer.

She’s few kilometers away from Ben’s parent place when her phone suddenly rang, she heard and picked it with the Bluetooth headset in her ear.

” your target has been spotted somewhere around Mushin now, you’ve got to head to a coordinate I’m gonna send you ” P2’s instructor informed her.

” what the f--k ” she exclaimed as she parked her bike.

” and when did you started doing my work for me, thought your work is to analyze my mission to Me and mine is to execute it in my own way ” P2 said angrily.

” I’m sorry girl, but the situation warrant for it so you’ve got to take it like that ” the instructor swiftly apologize.
The last thing anyone will do is get P2 mad, she’s the eye of Harmony and always get away with anything she do because she rarely do things unwarranted for.

” okay, send me his location she replied now with a calm tone.

” it’s already in on your mission pad, he’s on the move, so you’ve got to make it swift ” The instructor informed P2

” and you’ve got to be careful, heard he’s extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be underated ” the instructor added before she hung the call.

P2 took off her bag and brought out the tablet, swiftly log in to her mission board and transfer the GPS coordinate their to her bike’s GPS.

She revved the bike loudly as she made a swift turn and with the highest speed her bike could offer, she rode towards the coordinate.


” do you copy Ben ” Snap asked as he seemed to have an information he urgently wanted to pass to him.

” yeah, what’s it ” Ben asked as he led the helicopter to his desired location.

” I think we’ve fallen into a trap set by the Mask ” Snap replied.

” why ” Ben swift asked.

” I just detected that a slisp was attached to the helicopter and a drone following nearby ” Snap replied.

” what ” Ben exclaimed.

” how could you miss that ” Ben asked.

” it was perfectly clone, and right now, I’m trying to override it from here but it’s gonna take me more than five minutes because it’s in the air ” Snap informed Ben.

“I think it will be too late by then, just drop the gadget I gave to you, it’s gonna disconnect itself from the helicopter and they won’t be able to track your location without it ” Snap added .

” it’s already late, just override it ” Ben said as he saw almost seven bikes with their riders putting on a mask beneath their helmet behind him.

” I already have a full team behind me here ” he added before he increased his speed and his pursuer also did the same.
To be continue…
Next on diluted bullet.

” Precious ” Ben called out with a surprised expression,lowering his guard, she swiftly shot him on his chest and blood sputtered out of Ben’s mouth.

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