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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter21/22


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter21

Theme: Heartless Love



” how was the meal ” momma asked me as we finished the sumptuous meal of Semo and pumpkin leave with different types of assorted meat and dried fish inside it.

” it’s delicious mom, I enjoyed it ” I replied using a napkin to clean my hand after I’ve finished washing it.

No space was left empty in my stomach as my mom was keen on over feeding me.
She purposely sat beside me at the dining table for this as it seemed like she was the one really feeding.
A hand at my mouth will by followed by five of hers. She’s like she wanted to catch up on every care she’s supposed to give to me during the years we’re apart.

” mom this is cheating ” Sandra had one time lamented but we all laugh it off with dad promising to do hers for her.

Gina was nowhere to be found on the table as she’s sleeping upstairs due to the drug she used.

” you inherited your mum cooking skill ” Snap complimented and we all laughed.

” not Miss best hacker ” Momma chipped in to pick at Sandra.

” she had once added curry and thyme inside boiled yam when she tried to cook it ” Dad added.

” dad ” Sandra called out frustratingly.

” that was then, now I can cook it without adding curry and thyme ” she added proudly.

” yeah, she can cook it well now, the last time we even allowed her to prepare yam as breakfast for us, the garbage can ate it all to satisfaction ” momma said laughing.

” I was wondering that day if a part Lot’s wife had mistakenly fallen into the yam ” dad added as we all laughed.

” even the egg she fried for the yam wasn’t different from a burnt offering ” momma added humorously.

” I said it, you two made mistake in your career choices , both of you should have been comedian ” Sandra said standing up from the dining table.

” let’s continue with what we’re doing ” she said as she dragged Snap up.

” what are you doing ooo ” My dad asked humorously.

” dirty mind ” Sandra snorted without replying dad as she held Snap out of the dining room.

” they both look good together ” momma said staring at the two of them as they exited the room.

” I think my sugar plum has fallen for him ” Dad said as he sipped from the glass cup he filled with juice.

” he’s a nice guy I think ” my mom replied,
” I’ve got no problem with the two of them dating if that will even make her move on from that useless guy ” momma added with a hiss.

A maid came in to clear the table but left the juice my dad was drinking and the variety of fruits we had firstly feast upon before we started eating, on the table.

” we’re leaving tomorrow mom ” I swiftly said like it was gonna stuck to my throat if I refuse to let it out fast.
Silent suddenly overshadowed the dining room.
It was like a life never existed in it before , the dropping of a pin inside the room would have had an high pitch echo at that time.
My dad was about to sip from the glass cup in his hand but I was sure he didn’t return the cup back to the table but his hand did so on its own accord.
My mom stared at me like a eye that had a lot of hidden messages and questions.

” who’s leaving ” mom asked, finally locating her speech box after losing it for almost two minutes.

” Snap and I but Gina is staying ” I replied her with a somber tone.

” where are you leaving to and why ” Dad asked looking at me with a confused countenance.

” don’t know where we’re leaving to for now but I’ve got to go if I want to stay with you for long ” I replied him.

” I can’t understand you ” Dad retorted.

” I’ve been blacklisted by the mask and till I’m dead, they’re not going to back down which might also pose you and my sis in trouble if I stay long ” I explicated to them but the confuse expression wouldn’t vacate my dad’s face.

” I’ve got to set things right dad, and make sure no kid or family suffer what we suffered and your safety is also paramount to me, so I’ve to leave ” I explicated further to make them understand what I’m driving at.

” you don’t need to set anything right, we can all leave this country and relocate to another country where they’re not going to find us, we’re all going to live happily forever ” mom said holding my hand.

” no mom, for this organization, no place is safe, I’ve pissed them off to be safe with anyone, please you’ve to let me go mom, I promise you that I’m going to come back ” I told her staring into her eye as tears was already rolling down from it.
I used my hand to wipe the tears off her face as she wouldn’t stop crying.

” I understand you my little champ but you just got back to us, how do you expect us to swiftly accept the fact that you’re leaving soon, at least stay for a week before you leave ” dad said almost pleading.

” it’s not safe for you dad, I can vouch for my safety when they attack because it’s what I’ve been doing but not for you and mom, including Sandra, you don’t know how dreadful they’re and I’m sure they’re gonna discover soon that I’m here if I don’t leave ” I explicated to my dad, he kept mute staring at me and mum wouldn’t stop crying.

” I promise to make it back here and soon your tears is gonna turn to laughter again ” I said to mom releasing my hand from hers as I use my hand to clean the tears on her face.

I got up to leave when I couldn’t take it again, it’s either I join her in her tears as I was also getting emotional, and start having second thought about the mission which is terrible.
I understand why Mask had to erase all our memory when they kidnapped us.
Family is one’s greatest weakness.

I pecked mom on her forehead and turn to leave.

I was about to get to the door when my eye suddenly got blurry and I felt dizzy, a high pitch tone sounded in my head as I felt a lot of pain in it.

I was staggering as I fought myself from falling down but I couldn’t hold it as I finally felt myself going down. Dad was swift to come to my support as he swiftly held me as I was about to reach the floor.

He was shaking me vigorously as he was uttering some words but I couldn’t hear him as I only saw his lip moving.

Mom held my head as her lip was also moving but I couldn’t hear her as her head was multiplying itself in my eye.
Her face was what I saw last before I black out.

” he’s awake ” I heard a girl scream happily as I open my eye.

I was lying on a bed with drips attached to my wrist.
I tried to glance through where I was and it was a strange place, beside me was another strange guy and he also seemed to be happy seeing me as he asked me different kind of questions pertaining to health but I was too distracted to reply him as I tried hard to remember what I was doing there or what happened to me.
My head was awkwardly clear like I have no memory of anything or anyone in it.

The door suddenly flung opened and a woman ran to me while a man walked behind her.

” Junior ” she said emotionally as she knelt down beside me and massaged my hair.

” little champ ” the man said but it was awkward as they all seemed to know me but I don’t know myself nor them.

To be continue…

DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter22

Theme: Heartless Love



” Junior ” she said emotionally as she knelt down beside me and massaged my hair.

” little champ ” the man said but it was awkward as they all seemed to know me but I don’t know myself nor them.

” Ben ” the girl who had first raised the alarm that I was awake called emotionally with tears in her eye as she stared at me.

” I’m Gina ” she added trying to hold her tears.

” Gina ” I repeated after her as the name sounded familiar.
A loud high pitch suddenly detonated inside my head as a tremendous pain followed.
I swiftly placed my hands on it as I tried to contain the pain without screaming.
My action of moving my hand dragged the drip stand, erected beside me to lose its balance, it was gonna fall on the girl beside me but no one noticed it as they all look worried, staring at me with their lips moving at once but I couldn’t hear a word.

It had almost hit her head when I swiftly held it from falling with my right hand.
The pain and the tone in my head subsided at once as I felt like my eye was shut earlier but open now as I could remember everyone inside the room with me.

Snap, Gina, momma and dad, only Sandra wasn’t in.

” Gina ” I muttered still holding the drip hanger.

” yes ” she answered excitedly.

” I’m Gina, do you remember me ” she asked staring at me with an emotion reeking stare.

” yeah ” I replied.
She hugged me at once but had to swiftly release me as she winced in pain.
I knew it was because of the wound on her shoulder, she must have stressed it with her act.

I looked up to see momma crying.

” dad, mom ” I called and mom fell into my embrace at once while dad massaged my hair roughly as he tried hard to hide his emotion.

” what happened I asked after mom has freed me.

” you lost consciousness and have been on bed for the past four days ” Snap replied.

” four f-----g days ” I exclaimed as I sprang up from the bed like Undertaker { a retired wwe fighter}

” you should have gotten me out of here Snap, how’s everyone, where is Sandra ” I asked at once.

” everyone is safe, Sandra is safe, she’s gone to the school she’s offering her service to ” Dad replied.

” and right now, I’ve bought us some time from the mask raider as they thought we’re in Portharcout right now ” Snap added as I resigned back to the bed with a huge sigh.

” but why did I slept for so long ” I asked remembering I’ve been stuck to the bed for four days.

A long stare started going around in the room as they all stare at themselves with a look that carried the question ” should we tell him”?

” what’s wrong ” I asked.

” do you remember the last accident you had that left you in coma for some weeks instead of years ” Snap finally voiced out

” yeah ” I replied

” one of your dad’s friend who’s a neurologist came here to examine you ” Snap said taking a brief pause.

” he said you should have lose your memory then and probably still be in coma ” he added.

” was that the reason I slept for so long ” I asked.

” nope ” he replied

” you slept long because of the transfusion of your blood you did to Gina when she needed blood, he said it affected your brain and you’re gonna lose your memory completely but if you’re strong enough, it’s gonna be lapses till you completely lose all ” Snap finally drop the bomb as I felt blank at once.
It wasn’t the right time for me to lose my memory, it’s gonna be a disaster at the time frame, I wouldn’t be able to save anyone and right in front of me, everyone is gonna be murder while I probably won’t even remember them.

” that means I’ve got limited time to undertake my mission ” I said trying hard to sound manly.
I was completely confused and sad, I didn’t want Gina to feel it’s her fault and I didn’t want my parents depressed.
I talked as if it was a normal occurrence.

” why the somber face ” I asked as everyone carried a mourning look.

” I’m strong enough to overcome this, I’m sure of that ” I said with a smile.

” Snap, get ready, we’re leaving in the next thirty minutes ” I informed Snap and he exited the room to probably get his gadgets.

” dad, please take mom to her room, I’ll be there with you shortly ” I told dad as momma was busy crying and dad embraced her out of my room.
Finally, I was left with Gina, her cute marble eyeballs has been smeared by tears, she looked horribly beautiful.
she was now sitted on the elegantly designed floor beside my bed with her eye facing down as she tried to block a direct stare between us.

I sat on the bed and lifted her up to sit beside me. I used my middle finger to raise her head up as she won’t stop staring down.

” I know what’s going on in your head. ” I said to her as I stared directly into her tears filled eye.

” it’s not your fault and if not for you, I would have been long dead, so don’t blame yourself inwardly for it ” I said as she started sobbing out loud as she hugged me.

” but you’re gonna forget me, my existence to you will be gone, you won’t remember having feeling for me ” she said amidst tears as her head rested on my shoulder.

” no, I’m not gonna forget you, no matter what, I’ll always remember you I said to her as I gently massage her hair.

” is that a promise “? She asked

” yes, it’s a promise ” I replied her.

” just make sure you’re safe for me till I get back, tho it might get stuffy been in everyday but I promise you, everything is gonna be alright soon and you’re gonna return to your place ” I added with a calm tone.

” do you still remember Snap emergency digits ” I asked her.

” yeah, 213*****6 ” she replied.

” good, make sure to dial it whenever you’re in trouble or you smell trouble coming, I’ll be here to rescue you ” I assured her.

” okay, stay safe for me and I’ll be here waiting for you ” she said, now freeing herself from me as she stared into my eye.
Her eye has gotten a little bit of life back as their was no traces of tears in it.
She brought her head closer to kiss me but I held her head few inches before it met mine.

” I haven’t brush for four days now ” I said with a smile embedded on my lip.

” who cares ” she said as she freed her head from my hand and kissed me passionately.

” I love you ” she said after five minutes of intense kissing.

” I love you more ” I replied her as I got up and head to the bathroom to take my bath.

I felt dizzy as I stood up but acted normal in order not to get Gina who was watching me with a lively smile on her lip , worried.

” you should rest a day more, you just woke up ” dad said to me as I went into their room.
Mum was feigning to be asleep on the bed with her back facing me.

” I’m alright dad, I’ve got to take care of things quickly with the situation on ground, every minutes is very special to me now ” I replied him.

” it’s okay son but your mom want your company for at least a day, she really wish you will grant her such request ” dad said staring back at mom.

“I’m sorry dad, but I can’t risk it, tell her I love her when she wakes up ” I said to dad.

” we’re going to see soon, and thanks for the safety bunker ” I said to dad before I exitted their room.


” we’re here ” Snap said as he finally parked the mini van.
We’ve been driving for many hours without getting to our destination .
Snap had already informed me about my dad’s secret bunker located in Badagry, precisely in Ajara.
I’ve heard more about Badagry, filled with the Egun tribe and unique culture but I haven’t been there before.
Snap was very happy about the bunker’s location as he said he will he able to perform his work freely without getting fished out or worrying about security .

I yawned as I opened my eye to view where we are.
I opened the van’s door and saw it standing in the midst of broke down vehicles.
We’re in some sort of mechanic workshop.

” what are we doing here ” I asked Snap staring at him with a confused countenance.

” according to your dad, he’s the anonymous owner of this place and he said we can drop our van here while the workers are going to pretend as if they’re working on it while we’re going to take another vehicle to the location of the bunker ” Snap explicated to me.

” good ” I said getting down, dragging my bag pack off the seat I was sitting on inside the van.

The van suddenly propelled itself upward and I knew Snap was about to withdraw the bike from it.

I was right as he drove the bike out and the van lowered itself down.
He’s also got a bag pack but he backed it on his chest.

I joined him on the bike and he rode off.

If I’m not exaggerating, the sand in Badagry is capable of drowning a kid.


Harmony’s Headquarter


” Agent P2 reporting to mission live in Lagos ” Agent P2,informed the Harmony Direct room on webcam.
She’s just withdrawn from a mission in Chicago as someone else was sent to replace her.

” good, we’ve got strong reason to believe he’s in Lagos tho we think he’s trying to make us believe he’s somewhere else, you’ve got the details of the mission on your mission pad and it’s to be launch immediately this call drop ” the instructor told P2

” okay, I’m going to be real quick with it, got other things to take care off ” agent P2 said to her instructors.

” off record girl, this mission should also be base on revenge and make personal to you, he’s the guy who betrayed you and almost got you killed by betraying your trust ” the instructor informed P2 and she fold her fist in fury.

” is that so ” P2 said with a wicked smile lurking around on her lip.

” I’ll be done with it soon, see you when I’m through with this mission ” she said before she hung the call.

Details about agent p2

P2 is a one man agent, she hack and eliminate people herself without any help.
All her missions are always base out of the country and she has never failed any. She kill without mercy and is also known as the stone heart seductive killer because her beauty is compared to none.
Currently, she’s the best agents in Harmony.

She filled a tumbler with her favorite wine as she started operating the mini notepad in her front.

” looks like I’ve got to pay a visit to Banana island ” she said with a smirk as she drank the remaining liquid inside the tumbler she’s drinking from.


” has Lagos not gotten much prettier since our last visit ? ” Toy asked Cyber as they arrived their apartment in Ikeja.

” don’t make me recollect the memory of our last visit, it ain’t a memory worth remembering ” Cyber replied with a smile.

” looks like we’re gonna have a recap of such memory ” Toy said sinking into one of the sofa inside the room.


” we’ve to be swift with our mission before Mask knows what’s gonna hit them ” Snap said to Ben as they deliberate on their plan.

” I have a feeling it’s gonna get messy ” Ben replied him with a somber countenance.
To be continue…
Next on diluted bullet.

” Precious ” Ben called out with a surprised expression,lowering his guard, she swiftly shot him on his chest and blood sputtered out of Ben’s mouth.

Next Chapter

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