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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter19


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter19

Theme: Heartless Love



” nooo ” I screamed opening my eye sweating furiously inside the chilly place.
” are you awake ” I heard Gina’s voice asked from below
I swiftly peeped down to check if I heard it right and she’s there.
I couldn’t trust myself as I pinched myself hard if it’s another dream coupled into another like I’ve been having it.
Feeling the pain made me realize that I wasn’t dreaming nor hallucinating.
” so I’ve been dreaming since ” I said to myself facing the roof of the van.
” how are you feeling ” I asked her bringing my head down to look at her with a stern face.
” I don’t know but I think I’m okay ” she replied staring at me.
” why did you do that ” I asked her with a stern face.
” because you’re gonna die if you get shot ” she replied me.
” what about you ” I asked her immediately after her reply.
“Last I check, I’m not dead ” she replied with a smile trying to kick me outta my mood.
” no, you could have been dead and do you know what is going to happen if that happens ” I asked almost raising my voice.
” I’m gonna lose it all, I’m gonna become the worst version of me I hate most and I won’t ever be able to forgive myself nor you for that ” I added now raising my voice
” I did that because I love you and you would have also did the same if I was the one in your position then ” she replied with a breaking voice as tears started forming in her eye.
” f--k love, your live is f-----g important to me than that f-----g love and right now ” I couldn’t complete my sentence when the iron sheet used to hide us suddenly slid up revealing Snap standing in front of us.
” how are you feeling ” he asked Gina moving closer to her.
” I think I’m okay ” she replied using her left hand to wipe the tears on her cheek .
” good, you need a lot of rest, so will you please get down ” he said referring to me as he unbuckled the belt used in holding me to the bed so that I won’t fall down due to when the van get to imbalance area .
All the small pipes and needle he applied on my wrist had all been disconnected from it and surprisingly, I didn’t know when all this was done .
I jumped down from the bed averting eye contact with Gina as Snap hit a key on the remote in his hand and the iron sheet slid down to cloak her.
I took my sit on one of the seats inside the van.
” here ” Snap said throwing an apple at me which I caught.
I started devouring it at once because I was starving.
” why are you harsh to her ” Snap asked me staring at me.
” she saved your life ” he added
” which could have cost her her own ” I replied him.
” I know but you should have been nice to her now with her state of health and get angry at her when she’s fully okay ” Snap said to me but I didn’t reply him.
” can I get one more ” I said dropping the Apple remain in my hand.
” yeah ” he said dipping his hand into a small polythene bag beside him, pick another apple and threw it at me and I caught as I continued munching on it.
” where are we now ” I asked him relaxing on the arm of the chair I was sitting on.
” we’re in Onitsha ” he replied me.
” what “! I exclaimed.
” I slept that long ” I added with a shock countenance.
” yeah, didn’t want to disturb you because you need it ” he said as he grabbed his laptop and started working on it.
” when did she woke up ” I asked lowering my voice.
” almost two hours ago ” he replied me.
” did she lay any complain about feeling pain ” I asked him.
” yeah she did, but I’ve already given her painkiller and I’ve also given her an energy drink free of caffeine because she can’t take anything solid now ” he replied me.
” what about grafftic tablet ” I asked staring at him since he didn’t made mention of it.
” she won’t take it ” he replied me.
” why ” I asked with a surprised countenance.
” she said she want the scar to be there and she refused to tell me why tho I think I know the reason ” he replied as he buried his head into his system again.
” here ” he said turning the laptop monitor to me.
I collected it from him and started to scroll through the images on it.
I didn’t know when tears started strolling down my face as I surf through the pictures.
All the childhood memories I had with my family started returning as I surfed through the pictures, I was smiling but tears was still streaming down my cheek as the pictures they took in humorous manner came into view.
I knew where all my features came from as I saw my dad and mom, Sandra is also a damsel to behold, she’s gorgeous and pretty.
Her beauty is up to pal with Gina’s own.
From the pictures it was like she’s currently doing her national youth service but it looks like some games has been played and she’s doing it in Lagos with our parents.
” how are we gonna gain entrance without been fish out by the Mask ” I asked Snap returning his system to him.
” that’s already been sort out ” he said with a confident countenance.
” you know I hate been kept in the dark ” I said giving him a killer stare because I knew he’s about to go into one of his suspense adventure.
“I’m not scared of that eye again ” he said wheezing his face.
” but I’m just going to pity you because you’re my boy ” He said smiling as I shook my head with an awkward smile embedded on my lip.
” do you know Fiz pop house beautifying company ” He asked staring at me.
” no ” I replied him
” are you even living in this Nigeria ” he asked with an unbelievable tone like it’s an organization I was supposed to know.
” so what about them ” I asked him.
” a company that’s focused in beautifying house, rearranging it setting, and even introducing new background to it and many other things ” he explained like it he’s trying to remind me about the company.
” ehn ehn ” I said staring at him.
” well, your parents is one of the numerous client of this company and they do renovation to the interior setting of the house they’re staying in Banana Island weekly and their fixed date is tomorrow, Thursday ” he explicated to me but I was still confuse and my facial expression show it.
He understood as he continued with his talk.
” I’ve hacked into their system and dropped a message from your dad stating that the whole family including all their workers are all going on vacation and the day for this week renovation should be skipped ” he said with a smile.
” so we’re going in their place ” I asked him.
” yeah ” he said bringing out a green vest and threw it at me.
I caught it and { Fiz pop} was boldly inscrypted on its chest while On its back, Ben was boldly written on it.
I wanted to ask how he did this in just a few minutes that I was asleep but I kept quiet because I remember who he really is.
He can do the undo without shredding a sweat in a minute.
” check this out ” he said motioning to me me to come closer and I did.
On his system, on display was the external view of the van.
He clicked a key on the system and the van, still on motion, changed it background from the brown it was to green with the inscription of Fiz pop and 3d images of beautiful house on it.
He clicked another key on it and its changed back to its original background.
Its changing to brown made me remember that brown wasn’t its main background color when we left home to airport, it was maroon color that it had on.
I shook my head as I returned back to my position.
” I’ve got something to tell you ” Snap suddenly said with a serious tome which gat me curious what it could be .
” hearing ” I retorted .
” I’m getting Mk44 drones ” he said staring at me to read my reactions but I kept mute, no motion was made as I stared blankly at him.
“I feel useless here, if we’ve such drones with me, then what happened earlier, leading to Gina been shot wouldn’t have happened, I could have easily killed Toy ” he explicated still staring at me.
” it’s been years since I’ve banned it and we’re doing okay without it, I should get the blood on my hands and while you just sit behind systems and do what you know best ” I replied him
” and you know the bad memory it always spark up, so let forget anything and concentrate on the toys that stays in hand not in air ” I added as I noticed the change in his mood when I discarded his idea.
Two years ago, I don’t act only on mission but in pair with Snap, tho he’s always behind the computer but he’s also beside me with his mk44 drone that he trust so much, tho they’re many drones with guns but he specially love mk44 because it was created from his idea by one of his friend in Russia.
He’s always got my back with his drones as he got at least two following me, shooting anyone I can’t even see, and also have different kind of functions he use this drone for.
I had to ban the usage of this drone the day he mistakenly shot a cute kid in my mission and some innocent people also lost their life as the control of the mk44 was override by another hacker during our mission.
Next Day {Thursday}
” we’re 100 meters close to the location ” The van suddenly alerted us in robotic tone.
” wear the vest now ” Snap said as he pulled his own vest out.
” you’re going to be safe ” I said pecking Gina as she laid on the bunk bed staring at me.
Tho we haven’t talk after I’ve gotten mad with her the other day, we’ve only been staring at ourselves throughout, Snap has been the one attending to her while I feign not to care.
Snap clicked on the remote in his hand and the bunk bed was cloaked.
Snap moved to the driver’s seat of the van wearing a face cap that belong to the company.
I was sure the external background of the van would have changed.
I assumed we’re in front of the gate when he hit the horn of the van twice.
A security came out to meet him and they ensued in a brief chit chat before the gate of the house was opened.
He drove into the large compound of the house and as soon as he parked the van, he came down from the driver’s side door, moved to the rear of the van and opened it.
I came down from the van and he shut it back.
The house was a sight to behold as it was elegantly designed. Not too big but many big mansions ain’t up to pal with it.
I swiftly acted normal as I noticed one of the security at the guard stand , staring at me.
My heartbeat increased as we started heading to the main entrance of the building.
Snap had a small briefcase which had the logo of the company embedded on it.
We were scanned by the two security personnel stationed in front of the door with the scanner in their hand before they opened the door for for us.
I was awe at the interior design of the large living room we’re introduced into.
It was awesome.
On a sofa was a girl lying down it. she was wearing a dark blue bum short with a white top, pressing a laptop that was in front of in front of her on the sofa .
” welcome ” a maid who walked to us said, welcoming us and brought my focus back to reality.
The girl on hearing the maid voice turned to look at us.
” Fiz are here ” she mumbled frustratingly standing up but I could hear her audibly.
On seeing her face, I recognized her to be Sandra at once.
More beautiful in reality than in photo.
She carried her laptop and was about leaving but stopped on her track as she saw me.
She wasn’t the first girl to stop on her track when seeing me for the first time but I didn’t know if she stopped because of my cuteness, or because she recognized me as her older brother, or because she recognized me as the most wanted criminal in the country.
After brief seconds of staring at me, she left but I could sense in her walking steps that something is about to awfully go wrong.
She scamperd through the stair case as she head to God knows where but I was sure to escort her with me ear to know what’s going to go wrong.
” this way please ” the maid said but I was too focus on Sandra to follow up on what the maid is saying.
” he’s here dad ” I suddenly heard Sandra said after opening a door.
” who ” a feminine voice whom I presumed to be my mum asked.
” the kidnapper who kidnapped the president’s daughter ” Sandra replied.
” what ” my dad exclaimed.
” he’s here posing as a staff from Fiz ” Sandra said with fear visible in her tone.
” are you sure he’s the one ” my dad asked
” yes dad, I and my friends always stare at his picture every time trying to find a reason why one of the most or the most handsome guy in Nigeria could be a kidnapper, so I recognize him well ” Sandra replied.
” let me confirm it ” My dad said and suddenly went mute for few seconds.
” all the CCTV are inactive ” My dad said after some seconds.
” call the police now ” my mum said with a fidgeting tone.

To be continue…

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