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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter18


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter18

Theme: Heartless Love



Snap’s P.O.V
” north axis ” I muttered to myself as Ben repeated it twice as they’re been dragged off by whoever they’re, caught them.
North had nothing with what they’re saying and him repeating meant it was meant for someone else. Me, maybe he figured out I might still be online.
” stay on the north axis with a snail speed ” I commanded the van as it automatically reversed, then placed itself on the left axis, moving at a very slow speed.
I didn’t want to go close to the building and I don’t want to be far, I knew many forces vehicle will soon be driving in and I mustn’t be in view.
I was sure Ben also had a purpose of following them inside willingly, that’s to gain entrance inside and save Gina.
I parked the van few kilometers away from the building making sure that I’m on the right axis, even tho the van never mistake command.
I release one of my drone to survey the area but it didn’t get anything from the north axis. I released one more drone and alongside the first, I started surveying the whole jungle.
After some minute, I started hearing the sound of gun shots and I was sure it was between Timber and his crew against the security agents, one of my drones caught their vehicles earlier, driving towards the fortress.
I controlled one of my drones to the scene to get full footage of the action occurring there.
The action movie occurring there was worth paying high for to view as the kidnappers weren’t having it easy with the police and their cohorts.
It was a sloppy attack as Timber’s gang took cover on high scaffoldings, shooting downward, while the saviors had to take cover behind their vehicles.
But I was surprised not to see Timber among the ones shooting on the scaffolding, because as a leader, he should be the one leading the attack, but a look into the large building compound made me realize the reason he wasn’t there .
He’s already dead, a bullet must have dropped him from the scaffolding as blood was gushing out of his head.
A gunshot sound from a place closer to where I was brought my action movie viewing to an abrupt end as I swiftly control my drone over to where the sound came from with high speed.
I was late to get there as I witness Toy who I thought I’ve killed shot Ben and Gina who Ben seemed not to notice her moving towards him suddenly turned herself to a shield and received a bullet that would have lodge in Ben’s chest as he only had on a white singlet and a small bag pack which I knew contain the lite muscoon he’s supposed to use for his mission.
I watch from far distance as my hand suddenly became too heavy to control the drone closer, I couldn’t believe what happened.
Ben swiftly caught Gina in order to stop her from falling down as he release two bullets blindly at Toy who fell down due to the bullet force.
I was sure he was wearing bullet proof because he still had his head up when he fell down.
” if only Ben had listen to me and worn his when I suggested it for him earlier in the morning when he was getting ready for the journey/mission ” I thought to myself as I watch him staring at Gina with a somber face, while Gina seemed to be on the brink of death as she had her hand on Ben’s face.
Toy suddenly stood up, dusting his black leather cloth, took his gun that fell off his hand and moved closer to Ben aiming the gun at him and Ben seemed not to care about his presence as he held Gina tightly close to him.
I swiftly control the drone closer to them and used it as shield to save Ben as the bullet hit the drone and slight explosion occurred from it as I started accelerating toward them on the bike as I already have the van lifting itself up when I was controlling the drone to act as shield.
Ben’s p.o.v
“I love you “she said before she shut her eye .
” noooo ” I screamed holding her to me tightly.
I suddenly heard Toy pulled his gun trigger.
” good bye to you two ” he said as he shot me but I was surprised not to get hit but a mini explosion occurred instantly and I was what the cause was.
I swiftly drop Gina as I’ve gotten hope that Snap is on the way.
Toy had to avert his eye because of the explosion, I swiftly caught his right hand which got the gun in it, twisted it hard to the back to get the gun off it before I pushed him to the front.
I attacked him at once and he swiftly guard it with his elbow, then suddenly propelled himself upward with a front flip, as he tried to land a kick on my head, but I swiftly swerve to my right to dodge it and met the kick with a brutal punch which made him lose balance and he fell to the ground.
I tried to do a elbow drop on his chest but he was swift to roll to the other side, did a Chinese get up and made sure to apply pressure to the leg I hit him in order to get it merged to the ground.
I suddenly heard the sound of an oncoming bike and I knew at once that it was Snap.
I took off my small bag pack and open it as Toy watched me with curiosity written all over his face to what I might be aiming to do.
The bike sound was now closer and I was sure he could hear it as he withdrew a knife from its sheath fixed to his boot and decided to attack me, I swiftly open the muscoon cover without taking it out from my bag and threw it at him, he dodged it as I expected, I swiftly bent down, got a handful of earth and aimed it at his eye, he bent down to dodge it again and I met him with a flying kick to his chest which landed him beside my bag park.
Just then, Snap got to us, swiftly held the brake beside Gina and I swiftly ran to him, Toy swiftly got up and tried to ran towards us but the light muscoon exploded, and the explosion force pushed him hard against a tree and I presumed he passed out.
I place Gina on the bike and sat behind her as Snap sped off.
” Gina ” I called out as I laid her on one of the long chair inside the van as we got into it.
She opened her eye weakly before shutting it back.
” take us back into town ” Snap commanded the van before he came over to meet us.
” how is she ” he asked looking at her.
” terrible ” I replied turning her back to us.
The bullet hit her on her shoulder which look quite messy.
I ripped her cloth off from the part she was shot as Snap swiftly got me wool and disinfectant which I applied on the bullet wound and used the wool to clean it.
” we can’t withdraw the bullet now, she’s lose a lot of blood and she’s gonna lose more if we withdraw the bullet now which can result into casualty ” Snap informed me when I told him to give me the withdrawal.
” at this rate, she’s going to die ” I said frustratingly as the fear of losing her blasted my mind like an atomic bomb.
” but you’re o positive, you should be able to tranfuse her your blood ” Snap said swiftly opening one of the storage inside the van bringing out the blood transfusion machine.
” we’re gonna be able to withdraw the bullet after she’s got enough blood to replace the blood she lose ” Snap said powering the machine.
I unloaded the bunk bed at the side of the van , I placed her on the lower layer while Snap attached the necessary things on her arm while I climb to the upper part and he also attached the necessary things to my arm.
He had the machine attached to the bunk bed.
As the transfusion was ongoing, he withdrew the gun from her shoulder then roughly stitched it up.
” I think we’re a little passed the lethal stage ” Snap informed me as soon as he’s through.
” thank you ” I appreciated him
” funny ” he snorted
” let just hope she recovers from it because having the president daughter killed in our care is gonna turn disastrous ” he added with a worried countenance.
” she’s strong and I trust her ” I said confidently.
” I know that, only a strong person will take a bullet for another ” Snap said staring at her.
” where to now” Snap asked.
” we’re going to Lagos where we’re least expected now to meet my family ” I said to Snap
” do you think it’s the right move ” Snap asked with a shock countenance.
” yeah ” I replied confidently
” I’m gonna drop Gina off with them, I think my mom is a doctor, she needs proper treatment and that’s the only place I think she can get it since we can’t go to hospital ” I explicated to Snap.
” it’s worth a shot ” Snap said but still had a worried look on.
” trust me, Mask doesn’t know that I know anything about them and won’t expect me going there ” I assured Snap.
” you’re right, I’ve got to get you cloaked up for now because of checkpoints ” he said placing her palm on Gina’s head before he moved away pressing a key on a remote he took beside his laptop that was on a small desk.
” don’t bother about the transfusion machine , I’m gonna control it from here ” he said as a flat metal that had the same color as the van slid down, covering us.
” take us to Banana Island ” I heard him command the van before I slept off as the inside we’re suddenly started getting chilly.
I opened my eye to a white background, I was still laying on the bunk bed but it was in the middle of a vast room painted all white.
I stood up and was surprised to see myself wearing a fitted suit.
I got down from the bunk bed and was surprised not to find Gina on the lower layer.
The bunk bed suddenly disappear and the room suddenly rearrange itself forming a small hall with an alter, and I was standing in front of the alter.
” now bring the bride in ” I suddenly heard from behind me and I turned to find a priest standing behind me with a hearty smile clung unto his lip as he stare at me.
” Snap ” I muttered recognizing who the priest was.
Noise suddenly filled the room with clapping and I filled with utmost shock, I turned my head to found multitudes dressed in cooperate attires clapping as their head was turned to an exit I didn’t think was there earlier.
An aisle suddenly formed and a door opened.
Mr David was in view with Gina in a beautiful wedding gown.
Her arm entwined in her dad’s own as she carried on a beautiful smile as she saw me.
” you valid bro, it’s your day ” I suddenly heard someone said beside me and I was surprised to see the carrier of the voice to be Toy who was also dressed in suit and he happened to be my best man.
Mr David walked her to the alter and handed her over to the priest.
” do you take David Gina as your lawfully wedded wife “the priest suddenly asked me, startling me and I surprisingly find myself nodding my head.
” do you take P1 mask as your lawfully wedded husband “the priest asked Gina and instead of her to reply, what I heard was gunshot.
Everywhere suddenly became empty, only Gina was still there with blood oozing out of her chest, foiling her white gown as everything turned red.
I held her in my arm as she breath her last.
” you’re next ” I heard Toy’s voice said behind me.
I woke up sweating and I saw Snap adding force to Gina’s chest as he was also sweating.
” what’s happening ” I asked startling getting up from the bed.
” she’s dead ” Snap said with a somber tone as tears drop was visible on his face.
” noooo” I screamed.

To be continue…

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