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DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter17


DILUTED Bullet 2-Chapter17

Theme: Heartless Love



Ben’s pov
Everything was going well , it was like I and Wisdom had read a script about each of our roles and words ,the idiots did’nt suspect anything as they lead us back to their fortress ,an act I delighted at, they only made everything easy for me.
What I was delightest most at was the returning of my gift. I could hear everything they’re discussing and through this I came to know that Timber wasn’t going to release Gina after the delivery of the ransom which the president didn’t intend to give.
I almost applauded Wisdom’s acting coupled with mine when we made appearance into the large buiding and the furious barking of dogs filled the atmosphere.
” give us a f-----g Oscar award ” I wanted to scream out to them as I laughed inwardly at our act as we’re been dragged in by Scorpio and his gangs after we entertained them a bit with our act.
My heart skipped a beat and I could say the same for Wisdom as we’re been introduced to one of the numerous rooms inside the large building, as we saw Gina there with other people.
From my perspective I think the room is meant for their new catches ,where their family’s details is been gotten down before they’re transfered to one of the numerous rooms with closed doors I saw on our way into the room because I could hear the sounds and weeping of people inside those rooms.
In my mind I wished that she doesn’t look back as she sat on the marbled tiled floor of the room alone facing the opposite direction we’re standing at. Or if she did, she should just act cool and don’t give us out.
I found myself driftitng off the laid plan I planned in my head when a guy came to fetch Gina for Timber who had the intention of having sex with her . I was sure Gina doesn’t understand this because they’re communicating in Yoruba language.
Gina saw us first then when she’s been taken out and her eye almost dislocated from their sockets when she saw us but swiftly kept her cool but I presumed Kingkong noticed it as he swiftly exchange glance between the three of us and I had to swiftly release my fist which i got folded to ease my anger so that I won’t derail from my laid down plans in my head.
I knew Kingkong caught on as he wouldn’t stop staring at Gina till she was taken out of the room then at us as if trying to remember something he’s not suppose to have forgotten and he finally remember it with little aid from Scorpio.
” I thnik this a form of conspiracy’,we should eliminate them now ” kingkong said bringing out a pistol ,and pointed it at Wisdom with the aim of shooting him at once but I was swift to remove Wisdom’s gun which I picked from the forest earlier as they were bringing us in.
I shot King kong on his head and he droppeed to the floor dead at once.
Per my previous censor , I knew their was seven bad guys inside the room and all their positions has been instilled into my memory, I rolled on the floor shot two guys at once , Wisdom swiftly did a grasscutter crush to take Scorpio who was closer to him down, he swiftly got atop him and landed him a punch to his face to knock him out and took his gun and backed me.
One of the guy shot at me but I was swift to shoot back at him, making a swift calculation of the angle at which he held the gun and the force he must have added to get the bullet out ,thereby detecting the direction of the bullet which I shot to bounce it off from coming to me because there was no way i was gonna be able to dodge the bullet because of its closeness.
I knew that was the last bullet inside the gun I was holding because of its weight.
On shooting the bullet , i threw the gun at the guy with force and it hit him on the head.
I swiftly ran over to him with a flying kick which sent him on a swift adventure in the air and the adventure was brought to an end as he hit his back on the wall.
I ran to pick his gun which fell down as i kick him, and shot a guy who was about to shoot Wisdom as he was busy shooting another guy without taking note of his rear.
” thank you ” he appreciated as he noticed what happened as I knew he must has been scared for some seconds as i pointed the gun at him , thinking i was going to shoot him
” you’re welcome ” I replied him as i walked closer to their hostages inside the room.
They got their face buried into the marble tiled floor as they fidget cowardly on the floor . One of the guy’s trouser was already wet from urine.
” please don’t kill me ” the guy I tapped screamed fidgetting with his hands on his head without fully raising his head up.
” i’m not killing you so you all should get your wits together and know how you’re gonna escape from here by yourself ” I said leaving them to meet one of the deaceased and took his gun and shot Scorpio to finish him off.
” I think you should change your gun too , I’m going for Gina , you can be the hero by releasing everyone behind every closed door painted yellow and red , those are the rooms the remaining hostages are been held ” I said to wisdom as I head to the door.
” you won’t move a step from that place ” Wisdom said as I heard him pull the trigger of the gun in his hand , pointing it at me.
” I think it will be wise if you just put that gun away and find somewhere to hide now” I said as I swiftly hide beside the door as the door flung opened with a guy making appearance , Wisdom swiftly rolled on the floor to dodge his bullet as he started shooting sporadically as he stood at the entrance aiming at Wisdom without noticing me,
I kicked him on his ball and with his head bent down , I shot him and held him from falling down.
His gun had hit one of the two guys inside the room and he was on the floor soaked in his own blood. I could hear more footsteps coming towards us, using the dead guy in my hold as shield I was peeping out to see if they’re close and when I could see them in view , I pushed the dead guy out and release a shot towards the angle they’re coming from.
I knew they would have taken cover and would probably be on watch so as to see if anyone was gonna leave the room and have a clear shot. And that was done to buy me some time.
” heys ” I whispered to Wisdom and asked him to come closer and he did.
” I think we’ve to use this remaining hostages as bait if we’re going to get out of here ” I whispered to him as he moved closer to me.
” what ” he exclaimed stealing a glance at them like he didn’t know they’re there before.
” we’ve got to look for another way, we ain’t sacrificing them ” he added disagreeing with my plan.
” then we just wait here while they close in on us and Gina get herself filled up with Timber’s d--k wherever it’s they took her ” I said to Wisdom with a resigning tone.
” was he going to rape her ” Wisdom asked looking perplexed.
” bad you don’t understand Yoruba language ” I replied not giving him a direct answer.
” will they lose their lives” he asked stealing another glance at the five hostages.
” if they’re unlucky ” I replied.
” what’s the plan ” Wisdom asked and I smiled.
I knew I needed him but I also know that he isn’t going to let me off with Gina easily.
It was right about that time that we started hearing police siren sounding outside.
” we’ve got back up ” Wisdom said as he seemed to have also heard the siren
” you know it’s useless for now and we don’t ” I haven’t finish my statement when we heard a warning tone through a megaphone and the warning goes thus
” we’ve got you fully surrounded, just lay down your arms and surrender peacefully before we bust our way in”
” the plan is to lure them out of their cover and that can be possible if we can camouflage as been them ” I said staring at one of the kidnappers on the floor ignoring the shit going on outside .
I could heard people running helter skelter inside the building, it was like they’re ready for an all out war with the forces outside because of some of the conversation my ear caught on but there were still some people waiting for us in cover.
We took off our clothes and changed into the casual clothes two of the dead kidnappers were wearing.
” your hands on your head ” I commanded the girls and guy as I pointed my gun at them.
” please , my dad is going to pay you any amount you want , please don’t hurt me ” one of the girls pleaded not wanting to move but as I pulled the gun trigger without releasing it, she fidgeted forward leveling with her colleagues as their hands was on their head and Wisdom and I acted as the bad guy as we walked behind them till we are out of the room.
“Make una stop there ” a voice commanded behind a pillar and we all halted our movement .
The guy tried to peep out but before he could confirm us I was swift with my target as I shot him on his head and our hostages took to their heels at once as Wisdom and I took cover in different places.
I had three guns on me and I was determined to have at a least a bullet remaining to lodge into Timber’s skull.
I killed three more guys in the room with three bullets released from the gun in my hand while Wisdom killed one.
” let spread out so as to locate her faster ” I said to Wisdom as I took the stairs leading to the second floor while Wisdom is to look for her in the first floor.
I was sure she’s in the second floor while the rooms in the first floor which Wisdom is to cover is only filled with the kidnapped people.
A shoot out was already happening outside as sound of gun shots filled the atmosphere.
Been cautious with my steps I thread carefully on the well decorated stair case with my gun tightly held ready to shoot anyone that comes in view.
I suddenly heard sound of footsteps running towards the staircase, I held my stand waiting for them to come in view and I didn’t hesitate to shoot the two of them and they rolled down the staircase.
When I was finally on the second floor, I was amazed at the number of doors present there.
I tried to listen if I could hear her sobbing or screaming but none was coming forth.
I stood transfixed to the spot I was as I consulted with my brain to solve the puzzle.
I had listened to their footsteps as she was been taken out earlier, that I was how I knew she was taken to the second floor .
Creating a demo in my head, I started moving and stopped in front of a door, carefully, I wrapped my hand on its knob and twisted it gently.
I slightly open it, then with force, kicked it opened only to find Gina tied to a large bed with only her black trouser and only bra on.
Her shirt was ripped, on the floor beside the bed.
She wasn’t moving as she seemed to be knocked out from a crucial blow to the side of her neck, maybe Timber did this so as to tackle with the threat outside with his remaining gangs.
I untied her and wore on her the shirt I was wearing before I lifted her off the bed carrying her downstairs which was already rowdy due to the kidnapped people Wisdom had released, but he was nowhere to be found among them.
I was surprised at this because of the people inside there surpassed the number of digit, Snap had told me.
” maybe the rooms was built in a way to hide their heat map ” I said to myself to clarify Snap’s mistake.
I swiftly joined the mobs downstairs and, slipped outside backing Gina on my back as she still lay in deep slumber.
Earlier when we’re been brought in, I noticed a small pedestrian door at the side of the building, tho it has the same color with the wall which camouflage it well but that didn’t stop me from noticing it.
The furious barking of dogs and sporadic shooting of gun filled the atmosphere.
Team Timber were on three scaffolding inside the compound, the scaffolding were stationed there for such purpose as the three scaffolding possess blocks to guide and dodge bullets.
Two out of team Timber were already on the ground dead with there blood splattered on the ground and the rest were busy shooting downward from up.
They’re all indulge in their calamity to notice me as I sneak to the camouflage gate.
The gate had a code pad like the one on the main gate.
I smiled as I inserted its code into it, one which I was able to grab when Scorpio was inserting it earlier.
I’ve opened the gate before I noticed Timber’s position on one of the scaffolding.
Just then, I saw Wisdom came out trying to search for me, but he was backing me and I already promise myself to kill Timber myself but with Gina at my back, it wasn’t easy to target him.
He suddenly turned and saw me and I was also swift with my target as I shot Timber and the bullet lodge in his skull as he fell down from the scaffolding .
Wisdom started racing towards me but I was swift to shoot the code pad before going out and jammed the gate.
I did that because I didn’t know if he was also smart to grab the code as I did .
I think some of the gangs on the scaffolding saw Wisdom and started shooting at him.
With my wrist watch’s compass , I was able to decipher the north cardinal point and with Gina keenly backed on my back, I started threading towards it inside the thick jungle with the hope that Snap got my message and would be waiting for me.
He just have to stay anywhere on the north axis so that we can meet.
From far distance, I suddenly heard someone coming from and I suddenly had the feeling that it was trouble.
I dropped Gina and made her rest on one of the tree beside me.
I hid myself behind another branch as the footsteps kept getting closer.
” I know you’re out there ” I suddenly heard someone’s voice that sounded so familiar screamed as he stopped on his track.
” get me his definite heat map among the trees ” I heard the voice which I knew belong to Toy who’s supposed to be dead command who I supposed is Cyber ( Mr Dandy).
” wow, two people, then one is our immortal P1 and the second Gina, looks like I’m lucky today ” I heard Toy said and I knew at once that he’s found us out.
I didn’t want to shoot because there’s no silencer on the gun I was holding and that will be giving out my position to the enemies at the other side.
” I’m here ” I said coming out of hiding with my hands in the air.
I dropped my gun and kicked it to him.
” weakness ” he murmured quite loudly to hearing as he shook his head which surprisingly, possessed no mask.
“And I’ve taken interest to you but you’ve found yourself a weakness ” Toy added disgustingly as he stared at me while I kept mute watching him.
Gina was directly opposite to me but out of view to Toy and I saw as she snapped out of her slumber, glancing at her surrounding strangely, but I swiftly avert my gaze from her in order not to get her noticed.
” I think luck is gonna be against you today because I’m not taking my chances ” Toy said as he pulled his gun trigger, without hesitating any longer, I swiftly pulled out the gun in my pocket and shot at him as he shot at me to counter his bullet, because I was having no bullet proof on, not even a shirt was on my body except my white singlet .
I released another shot and this time he countered mine, swiftly releasing another one but was surprised not to get hit as something suddenly stood as shield.
” Ginaaaaaaaaaaaa” I screamed loudly as I saw her facing me with a somber face mixed with smile.
I released the two remaining bullets in my gun at Toy at once and swiftly caught Gina from falling down.
I held her in my arm as we both went down.
My white singlet got all red with her blood, she touched my cheek with her blood filled hand and let out a forced smile
“I love you “she said before she shut eye .
” noooo ” I screamed holding her to me tightly.
I suddenly heard Toy pulled his gun trigger.
” good bye to you two ” he said as shot me.

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