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The Wedding - Episode 20


The Wedding - Episode 20

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


Nigel and Rose ate dinner and also left some for Cathy.

Angel has woken up.

Rose: He's so troublesome, at his age I didn't trouble my mom this much. Argh.

Nigel: Ummm... I'm sure the boy takes after you. I mean he looks like me but he...acts like you.
Rose: Huh? Are you saying I'm troublesome?

Nigel: That's not what I said. I mean...

Rose: Hmph! You feed him yourself.

She leaves the baby and walked into her room.

Nigel: Hmmm... What a temper.

Cathy: Looks like I'm gonna be a nanny for days. I'll feed him and take him to my room to sleep. You go talk to your hot headed whatever she is.

Nigel: Thanks a lot Cathy.
He walks into Rose's room. She didn't think he'd come inside so she was undressing.

Rose: Arrrrgh! Get out Nigel.
She grabs a towel to cover herself.

Nigel: What? It's not like I haven't seen it before. I mean you were married to me right.

Rose: What? That was before. My body has changed now.

Nigel: Yes, you look sexier.

Rose: You jerk! That's not what I meant.

Nigel: You look hotter.

Rose: Argh. You must not be here by the time I return.

She went inside the bathroom and stepped in the shower to have her bath.

Nigel: (From the room) Can I join you?

Rose: You dare not! I'll kill you.

Nigel: Really darling! Wow it's so cool you said yes. I'm coming.

He pulls of his clothes and goes into the bathroom and hugs her from behind.

Rose: (gasps) Nigel! I told you...

Nigel: I know.

He turned her and kissed her his hands pressing down her waist and hips....


Still at Fred's house.

Selena: But isn't she supposed to be your wife?

Fred: She was. Until she decided to betray me by leaving me for her daughter. After all I'm not her father.

Selena: What do you mean Fred? Rose is not your daughter?

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Fred: I don't have a child. I married her when she was pregnant with another man's child. Because I loved her, I didn't mind. I raised Rose as my own but now I can't. Theresa betrayed me alongside her daughter and they will both pay.

Theresa: Please Fred... Leave my daughter alone.... You can hurt me but leave her alone.

Fred: Shut up woman! You will both pay for everything. Especially Rose because she caused all this. Get me her address Selena, I'm going to pay her a visit.

Theresa: You animal! You deserve to die.

Fred: (To the guards) Take her away. Go and get the address immediately.

Theresa: (As they dragged her away) You're going to pay for this Fred!

Fred: Let's see who pays.


Harry sits in his room checking the CCTV he placed in Rose's house.

He sees Nigel in all the footages and even going to her room. He got so angry and jealous.

His sister Shirley comes in and stands behind him watching everything.

Shirley: What are you doing Harry?

Harry: (Startled) Shirley. Can't you knock before coming in?

He quickly closed the laptop.

Harry: What do you want Shirley?
Shirley: I came to call you for dinner but luckily you're busy. I saw it Harry. This is so wrong.

Harry: It's none of your business

Shirley: Putting a camera in someone's house without their consent is so wrong. You better go take that off or I'll be forced to report you.

Harry: I love her and I want her for myself. I just can't stand seeing that her ex husband that's why.

Shirley: If she's gonna love you it will be natural. Not the other way round, you can't force love. You have to remove that and confess to her sincerely.

Harry: Fine I will.

Shirley: I'll be waiting (Leaves)
Harry: I hate you Nigel Owens.
You're just so annoying.


The next day, Rose woke up in Nigel's arms. She slowly got up and perked him.

She wore a short nightie and went out. A sweet Aroma hit her nose as she got in the living room. She saw Cathy setting the table.

Cathy: (Smirking) Hmmm... Here comes Mrs Owens. Just wait for Angel to grow a little before you have another one.

Rose: (Blushes) Cathy!

Cathy: It's not Nigel anymore. It's Cathy.

Rose: What?

Cathy: I heard everything from my room.


Cathy: Stop screaming it's a joke.
Rose: Sorry you scared me.

Cathy: Go have your bath and wake Nigel up. You both have to be at work, and me too remember?

Rose:Oh yea. Where's angel?
Cathy: He's in his crib. He's ready, just you and his father.

Rose: You're a darling baby (Perks her and leaves)

She goes into the room and bathes, then wakes Nigel up to do the same.

After breakfast, Nigel left early, Cathy also left with Angel.

Rose was about to leave when a knock came to her door. She opened to behold her worst nightmare.

Rose: Dad?

Fred: Hello daughter.

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